St. Thomas Updates - July 9th, 2020

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Last Week's Outdoor Service
Hello from the HaRT (Haiti Relief Team) at St. Thomas.
COVID-19 is in Haiti, so the food program and vocational school are closed at this time. The SAES home is housing and taking care of 23 orphans. They are all well and doing their best to assure everyone is safe and healthy. HMP has sent a shipment to Mirebalais including nonperishable foods, medical supplies and protective gear, as well as games and other things to occupy the children. The best way to help is simply to donate money to HMP, and you can do this directly at
Doug and Dydy Cleven will be hosting a Zoom meeting with Fr. Joseph Constant on Saturday July 25 at 9AM MDT. All are welcome! We will send out an email invite soon, if you do not receive the invite feel free to email .
This will be our last event for the HaRT ministry at St. Thomas. Please join us to find out how you can continue supporting the Haiti Micah Project.
Dydy Cleven
Doug Cleven

Work at the Rectory continues to advance towards completion! The photos below demonstrate some of the newest additions to the kitchen, front door and deck.

A huge thanks to ClearRock Capital for their generous donation of FOUR beautiful rugs to our office. They are a nice addition to our new office space. Thank you ClearRock Capital! 

July 12-16 @ St. Thomas

Artists Wanted!
July 8-11, 2020 (Wednesday-Saturday)
Create a sidewalk work of art on the
St. Thomas side walk.

1- Chalk will be available outside the front door or bring your own.

2- Select your section of sidewalk, make sure to sign your artwork.  Please social distance and wear a mask.

3- Email an artist statement or about the artist  (optional)

4- Join us for the artwalk July 12-16 at your leisure.

We will create a video of the artwork to send out
Parish wide to enjoy.
Happy Summer!