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May 25, 2023

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Pentecost Reminder- Wear Red

Sunday Photos

Pilgrimage Location Revealed

Dreaming Sessions

Highway Cleanup Thank You

Appreciation Sunday

Wisdom Walks

Children Youth and Family

Prayer List

This Sunday is Pentecost. Remember to wear red!

Festive coffee hour to follow the 9:30 am service.

Due to the holiday weekend, there will be no Godly Play this Sunday.

Photos from Sunday

Becky Smith


Five young people are headed on a pilgrimage spring of 2024.

Sunday, May 21, they presented to the Parish their destination and plan to accomplish this goal.

So, where are they headed?

San Juan, Puerto Rico!

There will be more information coming about how you can help them fundraise and prepare for this incredible journey!

Carter, Ida Belle, Eavan & Scout ~ Pilgrims invite parishioners to the presentation.

Not pictured Freya Colvill

Dreaming Sessions

Get ready to come Dream with us as we begin a Visioning Process to discern how we can best serve one another and the larger community. As part of this process, it will be important to hear from as many of you as possible as to what your hopes and dreams are for St. Thomas in the years ahead. Below are dates for Listening Sessions throughout the summer.

There will be three sessions during the Adult Education hour after church on the following Sundays:

June 11

July 16

August 20

Three more listening sessions will take place in private homes. Interested participants will be asked to sign up in advance. Sign-ups will start next week.

Hailey – June 28 – 5:30-7:00

Ketchum – July 20 – 5:30-7:00

North Valley – August 13 – 5:30-7:00

This is an exciting time for all of us at St. Thomas as we dream about the future. No dream is too large or too small!!

Please reach out to me with any questions.

Rebecca Waycott, Chair of the Dream Committee


Chair: Rebecca Waycott

Members: Paul Ahern, Clyde Holt, Arthur Scully, Margot Shuford, Suzy Orb

Clergy: Kathleen Bean, Jonah Kendall

Highway Cleanup- Thank You!

This mighty group got our section of Highway 75 cleaned up. It was HARD WORK!!! Many thanks to Jonah, Chris, Dave, Ann, Daisy, Betsy, Lynne, Stephen, Mary, Mary and Wheeler. Job well done!

Appreciation Sunday | June 4th

On Sunday June 4 during the 9:30 am service, we will honor all of our Godly Play storytellers, Shepherds and Youth Mentors with a special thank you!

Please attend and show our awesome

volunteers some love.

Women of St. Thomas: 

Join us for “Wisdom Walks”

What is this? 

Women of different ages and backgrounds gathering to walk and talk.  Kathleen will join us weekly on our walk and pose a question at the start of the walk, and we can chew on it for as little or long as we like.


Every Wednesday morning at 9 am starting on June 7, 2023.

How far will we be walking?

Three to four miles, but our heart rates will be charged by the conversation, not the speed of the walk. This isn’t about burning calories but rather forming connections.


Meet in front of the Sun Valley resort post office at 9 am and we will walk the bike trail east towards Hemingway Memorial. Those who wish might grab coffee at Konditorei afterward.


Yay! Bring a friend. Or two. Or three. And if you can come once a week or once a month, you are welcome any time. No pressure and no sense of obligation.  


Email Mary Pat Gunderson at

Children, Youth and Family

Questions? Contact

Prayer List

Amanda, Loring, Tara, Bob, Tyler, Patrick, Laurie, Terry, Patty, Aly, Annie, Joan, Lisa, Evelyn, Mike, Stephen, Tayt, Peter, Sandra, Midge, Cindy, Anita, Judy, Sarah, Sam, Luella, Holden, Dani, Priscilla, Kris, Lois, Molly, Blake, Myrna, Mary, Sally, Robert, Reuben, Sandie, Brendan, Carolyn, Rachel, Sarah, Greet, Diana, Betty, Jane, Rick, Alexandra, Aimee, Julia, Amy, Margery, Connie, Betty, Gunner, Anne, Jane, Anne, Barbara, Alyson, Leigh, Dylan, Carolyn, Marilyn, Marsha, Teresa, Mary Anne, Susan, Mitch, Sarah, and David.

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