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November 17, 2022

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The office will be closed next Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving.

Diocesan Convention

Last Friday and Saturday, delegates from around the Diocese gathered in Boise for the 55th Convention of the Diocese of Idaho.

The following is our delegate Art Dahl's report on the convention:



November 11-12, 2022

Red Lion Inn, Boise, Idaho

Perhaps the most important thing to say regarding this convention is that it was the first one in three years that was face-to-face, not online.  That’s a huge difference.  An opportunity to greet old friends and make new ones while doing the important work for the Diocese of Idaho.  And this under leadership of our new energetic charismatic Bishop.  What a treat!!  And he seems to remember everyone’s name!!!

Privileged to attend the convention from St. Thomas were Kathleen Bean, Bev Boas, Bobbie Dahl, Art Dahl, Judi Fuller, Jonah Kendall, Don Liebich, Marcia Liebich, Mary Malkmus and Rebecca Waycott.

Many folks were elected, appointed or affirmed for various Diocesan offices and committees noteworthy among them:  Kathleen Bean serving on the Commission on Ministry; Jonah Kendall Regional Missioner, Diocesan Council, General Convention Deputy and with three others advising Bishop on small parish growth.

The Diocesan budget for 2023 was presented in detail and approved by the delegates.

The spiritual theme of the Convention and of the Diocese is:


It’s all about growth.   The Rt. Rev. Jos Tharakan, XIV Bishop of Idaho, opened the discussion with a statistics-based presentation of the community population, parish membership and attendance of each church in the Diocese, illustrating the opportunity for growth.

With that focus on growth, three further presentations were made with much discussion regarding possibilities.

The Very Rev. Lea Caldwell spoke on the idea that hospitality brings strangers into our midst.

The Very Rev. Shawn Wall spoke of the base of our faith being “Love God, Love People” and how that can be the basis for growth.

The Rev. Karen Hunter shared ideas on collaboration taking the Gospel into the community.

And finally, Bishop Jos spoke about a more balanced approach between inward and outward parish focus. Jos again used newly developed statistics regarding that focus.

Art Dahl

Click here for the Bishop's address which Jonah read this past Sunday at church

Jonah's Title Change

At the convention, Bishop Jos appointed Jonah as the Bishop's Missioner for the Central Deanery. In this role, Jonah's primary responsibility will be to serve as a liaison between the Diocese and the small parishes of our region. This appointment includes a change to Jonah's title.

His title therefore has changed from “The Rev.” to “The Very Rev.”

Adult Education - Sundays at 11:00 am

Faith in Today’s World with Don Liebich - Have you ever had something happen in the world or in your life that has made you ask, “Where is God in this situation?”. At some point in our faith journey, most of us have probably been there. There is probably no completely satisfying answer. Our goal in this session is to provide a space to help reconcile this dilemma. Please join us as we process this together.


The season of gracious giving is upon us.

St. Thomas will have 6 families Christmas wishes to shop for this holiday season.

Wishes will be available through an online sign-up starting

Sunday, December 4.

How It Works:

1) Sign up online for gift(s)

2) Shop for gift(s)

3) Wrap and label gift(s)

4) Return to the Christmas Tree in the Narthex by Thursday, Dec. 15

If you don't wrap the gift, no sweat. Youth will be wrapping some gifts along with sorting and bagging on

December 18 during Sunday morning Youth Group!

Nominating Committee

To all members of St. Thomas:

 Nominating season for new Vestry members and 2023 Diocesan Convention Delegates is open! 

Visit our page on the website to nominate and learn more!

Click Here for Webpage

Green Team Inspiration

Small actions spark big changes. Subscribe to Catalog Choice, a free service that lets you reduce the number of unwanted catalogues in your mail box. 

Staff Vacations

 November 14-18       Kathleen Bean

November 18-26 Joel Bejot

November 19-26       Sara Gorby

 November 20-27       Jonah Kendall

  November 21-22       Joanna Sattler

Prayer List

Amanda, Loring, Betty, Tara, Bob, Tyler, Patrick, Laurie, Dick, Patty, Lindy, Terry, Eric, Aly, Annie, Joan, Lisa, Marcia, Susan, Evelyn, Lexi, CeCe, Mike, Stephen, Tayt, Marilyn, Peter, Sandra, Midge, Cindy, Anita, Nancy, Judy, Alison, Sarah, Sam, Luella, Janet, Kevin, Sue, Marilyn, Holden, Elsa, Abbot, Dani, Priscilla, Kris, Lois, Nick, Molly, Blake, Myrna, Finn, Frances, Margery, Heather, Mary, Nils, Penny, Sally, Robert, Tricia, Jasper, Sandie, Mike, Dawn, Brendan, Lorraine, Janice, the Hamilton family, and Carolyn.

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