St. Thomas Updates
January 13, 2021
Calling All Girlfriends!

Invitations will go out next week
Family Ministry Town Hall Meeting Report
Sara Gorby

We had a wonderful town hall meeting on Monday evening via Zoom. We talked about Family Ministries and what we desire.

Out of the meeting, Kim Tenold and Cait Nielsen agreed to organize and coordinate a Family Ministries Snowshoe day at Galena on Sunday, March 6. More details are to follow.

Jonah and Sara will put together a potential Family Ministries Calendar of Events. The hope will be that families team up to host an event during the year.

We look forward to continuing this vibrant ministry!

The St. Thomas office will be closed this Monday, January 17 for Martin Luther King Jr. day.

Evensong continues on January 16, 5:30 p.m. Jonah Kendall officiates. We will observe Harriet Bedell. She was Harriet an Episcopal deaconess and missionary to the Cheyenne in Oklahoma, Alaska Natives, and the Seminole of Florida. As always, the choir will sing wonderful music throughout the service.
Principal Brad Henson and students from Alturas Elementary
Outreach Committee will be helping Alturas Elementary by collecting the following list of needed clothing. 

Please put in the big blue bin in the Narthex from Jan. 9th- Jan. 25th.
Boys Sweatpants-(5-12yrs.)
2 pairs-Size 4- age 5yrs. 
2 pairs- Size 6- ages 6&7 yrs.
2 pairs- Size 8- ages 8&9 yrs.
2pairs- Size 10- ages 10&11 yrs.
2pairs- Size12- age 12 yrs.

Girls Sweatpants-(5-12yrs.)
2 pairs-Size 4- age5 yrs.
2 pairs- Size 6- ages 6&7 yrs.
2 pairs- Size 8- ages 8&9 yrs.
2 pairs- Size 10- ages 10&11 yrs.
2 pairs- Size12- age 12

Boys Underwear- 5-12yrs.
I pack size 4
1 pack size 6
1 pack size 8
1 pack size 10
1 pack size 12

Boys socks-
1 pack size small
1 pack size medium 

Girls socks-
1 pack size small
1 pack size medium 

Snow boots boys-
Size 3,4,5,6

Snow boots girls-
Size 3,4,5,6

For questions, contact DyDy Cleven: 208-720-6219 or
The St. Thomas Annual Meeting will take place on January 30 @ 11:00 a.m., directly after the 9:30 service. The meeting will happen in the St. Thomas Sanctuary, and there will be a virtual option as well!

*The 9:30 a.m. service will be livestreamed on January 30.

This year, there will be no brunch following the meeting.
Coffee Hour

In light of the recent spike in COVID cases, there will be no coffee hour after the 9:30 a.m. services until further notice.
January 2022 Adult Ed Schedule

January 16- The Theodicy Problem - Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?: Don Liebich will lead a discussion of the Theodicy Problem, namely, how can an all-powerful and benevolent deity allow innocent people to suffer while success and happiness often seem to come to those who are evil? All world religions have attempted to deal with this dilemma. While this discussion will primarily focus on Christian answers to this question, we will also examine answers provided by other world religions and scriptures.

January 23- Christian Mysticism: Rev. Kathleen Bean will lead a discussion of Christian Mysticism. Christian Mysticism can be defined as “that part, or element, of Christian belief and practice that concerns the preparation for, the consciousness of, and the effect of a direct and transformative presence of God”. It can be seen as a practice rather than a belief and has been an important part of Christian practice since the early days of the church.

January 27-February 4
Joel Bejot