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May 19, 2022

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Bishop's Farewell Photos

This Sunday Virtual Service on Facebook

Sunday Adult Ed.

Chorister and Cherub Choir Honors + Choir Rehearsal Resumes

Father's Day Save the Date

KCDC Sign-Up

NAGS (No Agenda Men's Group)

Rector's Discussion Group Returns

Highway Cleanup

Staff Vacations

Parishioner Database- REALM Update

Education for Ministry Testimonial

Prayer Requests

Bishop's Farewell Photos

Sara Gorby & Laurie Ahern


Sunday Virtual Service

Brett Moellenberg

I will be out of town this Sunday, May 22. In lieu of the recorded service, St. Thomas will be livestreaming the service on Facebook at 9:30 am, and it will be available to view on our Facebook page as a recorded service after 10:45 am if you don't catch the stream.

An automated email will go out at 9:25 am on Sunday morning as a reminder with a link to our Facebook page.

St. Thomas Facebook Page

Adult Education

May 22, 2022

Sermon Talk-Back

Discussion with the Rev. Kathleen Bean about Sunday's sermon.

May 29, 2022

Stewards of Creation

Part I: The sacred call to care for Creation as described in scripture.

How do the scriptures describe our relationship to the created world, and what exactly is our Christian response to the challenges facing the flourishing of all life on Earth?

We begin a monthly series on Sunday, May 22nd after coffee hour, led this week by the Rev. Kathleen. Join us!

joel headshot.jpg

Chorister and Cherub Choir Honors

On May 22, the children and youth who participated in the Cherub and Choristers choirs will be acknowledged during the service.

Parents: Please let me know if you can make the service. I'd like to see as many as possible there!

Adult Choir Rehearsal Resumes

St. Thomas Choir rehearsals resume on Wednesday May 25th at 5:00 pm. The choir will return for services on Sunday, June 5th for Pentecost.


On Saturday June 18 at 1 p.m., St. Thomas will be hosting a Fathers Day event in collaboration with our Latinx/Hispanic neighbors. The Latinx Outreach Task Force would welcome volunteers to help set up tables/chairs, monitor the kitchen and assist in serving food, cleanup, etc. If you are able to help, please contact Dydy Cleven (


KCDC Sign-Ups


Ketchum Community Dinners Curbside has provided thousands of free meals over the last two years, and we are looking for volunteers!

Want to sign up for KCDC this summer? Click the button below for instructions or go straight for the sign-up button!

Instruction Sheet
Sign-Up Now

Happy May and I guess Spring is here!  

We have a wonderful NAGS* event planned for Thursday May 26th at 4pm at the Sun Valley Culinary Institute. Fellow parishioner, Karl Uri, who is Executive Director will give us a tour and tell us about all of the incredible things going on at the Culinary Institute. We will have cold beverages afterwards at 5:30 in the upstairs in case you cannot make the tour.  Please RSVP just to me- Robert Shuford - if you are planning to make this event. Need to give Karl a head count. Thank You Karl!

Robert Shuford

404-293-2742 |

*NAGS is the No Agenda Group for Men - New Members Welcome!

Rector's Discussion Group Returns


The next installment of the Rector's Discussion Group will focus on Bart Ehrman's book The Triumph of Christianity. 

Join us as we consider how a 20 or so illiterate day-laborers in a remote part of the Roman Empire developed the dominant religion of the western world.

Wednesdays at 12:00 pm

May 25 - Chapters 1&2

June 1 - Chapters 3&4

June 8 - Chapter 8

Zoom Link
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Time to sign up to clean our section of the Highway!

(It’s looking pretty dirty)


FROM 10-12

Sign up in the narthex


Staff Vacations

Sara Gorby | May 17-20

Brett Moellenberg | May 20-23

Jonah Kendall | May 29

OFFICE CLOSED | May 30 (Memorial Day)

download _2_.png

Church Database Update

Over the past several months, the database of all church members has been slowly migrated from an older program to a new online platform called REALM.

If you have received an “invitation” email to join Realm, I hope you will respond to this email and create an account for yourself online. If you have NOT received such an email, it would indicate that we do not have membership paperwork for you in the office. A membership form can be emailed to you and you can return it to the church after you fill it out.

You can now access REALM directly from our website ( On the lower taskbar there is a selection called “member login” Just click on that and you will be directed to the St. Thomas REALM site.

As each parishioner joins REALM, there is one setting that will need to be set in order for your contact information to be shared with other people. In your own profile you will see a small icon that looks like a lock next to the word “Privacy.” if you click on that lock icon, a second screen will open. Scroll down a little bit and you will see a list of choices about who will be able to see your contact information. Most likely, the second choice has been selected which is called “Leaders & group/serving team members.” Please change that to “Anyone in the church.” This will allow others to view your contact information. And don’t forget to scroll down further to SAVE this setting. Thanks.

We hope that this new system will prove useful to you.

If you have any questions about Realm, please contact Judi in the office. 208-726-5349 or



“When I retired and we moved to the Wood River Valley I unknowingly started a on a journey from not-at -all-religious to religious. That first summer I decided to thoughtfully read the Bible beginning with the New Testament because it was shorter and the stories were familiar. The second summer I tried the Old Testament and realized immediately before even finishing Genesis that I was in way over my head and needed help. So I enrolled in Education for Ministry (EFM). It turned out to be a deeply fulfilling and spiritual experience. And importantly it was in community with others I liked it so much I did it twice serving as a mentor helping Linda Bergerson the second time around. EFM is as rich and illuminating as a good graduate seminar but with no exams or papers.”

Linda Bergerson or Judi Fuller can answer your questions; EfM Sunday coming soon


You can now submit prayer list requests online!

Online Prayer Request