St. Thomas Updates - July 30th, 2020
Dear Friends,

We are so touched by the kind emails and letters we’ve received offering us a warm welcome to St. Thomas. Thank you! We can feel the love and support. Please know you are all in our prayers. 

See you soon! 

God Bless,
The Kendalls
Service Information From Rob

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have made our services both in the field and at the church so meaningful. It is time to make a few adjustments, and I hope you will bear with us as we do so. 

The first adjustment has to do with the number of services. As it turns out, we do not need to hold three services in the church nave on non-field Sundays, so we (on the advice of your vestry) are reducing the number to two. Beginning August 16 (the day of Bishop Brian Thom’s annual visit), only two services will be held in the church nave, at the usual times: 8am and 9:30am. Both services will be identical with music, so my request to you is to remember the sacrifice we’re all making during this tough time and please consider attending the 8am service to help even attendance between the two services. And, remember to sign-up online HERE !

The second adjustment has to do with the longer term implications of the coronavirus and St. Thomas’ inability to maintain strong airflow inside the church, except with doors and windows open. At its vestry meeting on Tuesday, the vestry acknowledged the possibility that, come colder weather, we may have to stop offering in-person services again. This eventuality will depend upon variable factors, such as the status of the pandemic in October, creative solutions any of you might have, and so on. Mostly, we just wanted you to have a little advance information regarding the possibility.

Thank you for your patience and prayers.
*We will ask you to remove your shoes at the open house. Please outfit your feet accordingly :)
Gardening at the Rectory!
Would you like to do some manual labor? Would you like to send someone you love to do some manual labor? Well, you are in luck! Join the staff at the rectory from 9:00-11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 5th to do some planting and spreading of mulch!

A family-only service for Richard "Dick" Brooks will be held Friday, August 7th at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Click here for the obituary.