Know your rights and obligations as an employer before hiring!
When hiring employees, an employment contract is an essential requirement for your startup/company. These contracts are generally developed in written form and should be formulated in Arabic, although they could be translated to a foreign language when needed.
Employment contracts should comply with the provisions of the Labor Law and usually feature terms on the following items ( Lebanese Terms of Employment ): 
  •  Salaries & Wages
  •  Working Hours
  •  Breaks & Leaves
Additional internal regulations are mandatory when the number of employees exceeds 15, which include setting the company’s common policies on vacation, conflicts of interest, and internet usage among others. They must be ratified by the Minister of Labor.
Within 10 days from the start of employment, employers are required to register their employees at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and to pay social security contributions on their behalf ( NSSF Contributions and Exemptions ).
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