Shelves of books
We are excited to share with you that we will hold our annual book sale during Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming.

People interested in volunteering and/or donating books may contact Tom Pagel at or (978)790-0853.
Volunteers needed:
  • To pick up donations from people who are not able to bring items to church.

  • Tuesday, August 4 to move books and set up tables in Parish Hall.

  • Wednesday, August 5 to organize books, post signage and posters. 

  • Thursday, August 6, Friday, August 7, and Saturday, August 8 to sell and box up remainders on last day of sale.

Set up and break down times are flexible.

Selling is typically scheduled in 2 hour blocks from 10AM-4PM on Thursday and Friday, with Saturday 10AM-1PM.

Artists who would like to add their creative talents in making signage, such as advertising posters and promotional eye catching gimmicks for book sale (ex., chalk drawings on walkway leading to sale door). Also signage that identifies book categories & pricing lists. 

Great opportunity for high school students who are required to complete community service hours!