June 2019 Newsletter
This Summer, Boost Your Media Engagement: 5 Tips To Get (More) Press

Everything slows down in the summer, including for reporters. That makes it a great time for you to get to know more of them and get (more) stories covered. So enjoy these 5 tips to connect and build relationships with reporters this season:

Say "I liked your story!"

Did you enjoy reading a reporter's article or do you feel the reporter is covering a topic that's often overlooked? Email reporters to let them know you appreciate their reporting. If you have additional thoughts or insight, tell them.
Turn to Twitter

Find the Twitter accounts of reporters covering your issues and follow them. Then, set aside five minutes during your daily commute to look at what they're posting and retweet/comment.
Take a Coffee Break

Invite a reporter who covers your issues to grab an iced coffee and talk about what kinds of stories they're working on and what kinds of stories they'd like to be writing (and how you/your organization can help). You also can talk about the work your organization is doing, interesting programs happening over the summer, and the issues that are important to you. 

Show and Tell

If you have a very visual program happening over the summer, take photos and use them in your pitch. Visuals, particularly for television, are very important. So, let reporters see what they will get if they cover your story.
Tug at Heartstrings

If you have a "wonkier" story you've wanted to tell - about policies that need to change or about difficult living conditions/challenges for a particular group, bring together a group of people who are directly impacted to share their stories with a reporter.  Invite reporters to your office (give them flexibility in scheduling) to hear participants stories and your proposed solutions (or how your programs help).

Welcome Karin Venegas

Karin Venegas is the newest member of our team, starting Monday.

A native New Yorker, she has worked in the City's nonprofit sector for 15 years. Most recently, she served as Director of Development & Communications at Exploring the Arts, an arts education nonprofit founded by legendary singer Tony Bennett.  

At Exploring the Arts, Karin was charged with creating and executing the external communications strategy, was the organization's chief writer, managed and grew the organization's social media networks, well-surpassing industry standards, and produced videos for multiple platforms and audiences. She also collaborated with Mr. Bennett's PR team on strategy and content creation for key campaigns and events. 

In her last year, Karin helped secure one million dollars in new grant funding to launch two new programmatic initiatives. She previously wrote for a variety of nonprofit clients with Hudson Heights Partners and directed an award-winning documentary film on the groundbreaking work of the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center's Crime Victims Treatment Center. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and currently lives in Astoria with her husband and daughter.
Welcome Our Newest Client: Monumental Women

We are excited to have begun work with Monumental Women, the organization behind bringing the first statue of real women to Central Park. You can learn more about them here.

We're Hiring! Do great work for great nonprofits!

Anat Gerstein, Inc.,  recognized as one of the top communications firms  specializing in serving nonprofits, is seeking a communications and public relations professional with seven to ten years of experience to work with some of New York City's top nonprofit organizations.
We seek a creative, high-energy individual with a track record of creating and executing winning communications campaigns that help organizations achieve their goals. Candidates must be excellent writers, big thinkers, ideas generators, news junkies, skilled presenters, good people managers, and have extensive experience with traditional media, including wide contacts and a track record of placing stories.

Check out the full job post here - and we invite you to share with anyone who may be interested in applying.

Pitching Notes:
Marina Stanley
Lead News Producer
TicToc by Bloomberg

Marina Stanley is lead news producer during the day at TicToc by Bloomberg.

What is TicToc?
TicToc by Bloomberg is a global news network built native to the digital, social world. We provide 24/7 video news content, live breaking news coverage, and in-depth analysis of global news stories.
TicToc caters to a younger and diverse news audience we refer to as the "new guard," those in their 20s and 30s who are intellectually curious, but busy, and more and more mobile-first in their news consumption. TicToc's goal is to make it easier for this audience to understand the biggest stories shaping their world by meeting them on the social media and digital platforms they already dip in and out of for info throughout their day.
TicToc has a startup vibe, and commonly breaks from traditional broadcast conventions, but we also have the trusted global resources and reliability of Bloomberg News' journalists in more than 120 countries.
What are the elements that make a good TicToc story?
As a visually driven news brand designed for mobile and social audiences, TicToc stories need to be smart and engaging from the first second to grab you as you're scrolling, so we're not only thinking about what stories to tell but how to best suit the story for the platforms we're on.
Perhaps a story makes a wonderful 30-second catch-up video on Twitter. Sometimes it's a longer look at a character that needs to unfold a little bit longer in a video. Other times a breaking story goes out as a tweet or graph to be quickly on top of the news. We really respect our viewers and followers and their time and attention, so we craft each moment of our segments accordingly.
What type of stories interest you? Which ones don't?
I love microcosms of big issues. Making news human, making it relatable. I've always loved human interest stories. I also really love breaking news at my core. I feel so privileged to be at the forefront of major stories, reporting updates as they unfold.

I don't like when a story becomes a commercial for someone or something. Almost everyone has an agenda or a point of view they are trying to get across, and that's natural. As a reporter and producer, I always want to ask the questions that will uncover the story our audiences need to hear -- not just the story someone wants to tell. I need to know what and why someone wants me to cover their story if it isn't abundantly obvious and newsworthy.
Where do you get your ideas?
I'm reading and listening to podcasts all the time, but some my best stories come from relationships I have with people. I talk to people and am extremely curious. Mostly I'm nosy, but I think that openness helps me get good ideas. I have no problem talking to strangers or making cold calls.

I'm also truly obsessed with social media. I wake up, open one eye, not two, and I'm on Twitter first thing. I've also learned to absolutely love the Bloomberg Terminal; it's a fountain of information, research and analysis. Bloomberg journalists and reporters are some of the best around, so I pick their brains and read Bloomberg articles and data all the time.
How can people get in touch with you to pitch a story?
Hit me in my DMs (that's what the kids say :) )
Social is totally fine but emails are just as great.
T witter:  @marinastanley
You can read Marina's full story - learn more about her career and pet peeves - by clicking here.

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