Since the arrival of spring, countless visitors have found respite in the gardens, along the trails, and across the wide expanse of the front lawn. My hope is that you’ve been among the many enjoying Reynolda’s distinctive landscape. While so much has changed since we gathered together last November to celebrate Reynolda Gardens, it is my pleasure to share an update on projects that were made possible by your generous support of our inaugural fundraiser.

With the funds raised by the Luncheon for Reynolda Gardens, we’ve been able to address a host of issues in the upper gardens. First and foremost was the removal of the original drain lines, which were clogged with the old pathway material. Once this work was completed, improvements were made to the irrigation in the formal gardens. Throughout this process, we kept an eye on future needs and added electric conduit so as not to disrupt the path to add additional power at a later date. Finally, the pathways were reestablished according to the original plans. As turf crept into the paths, some of the passages had become too narrow. Edging is now in place to ensure paths remain laid out properly and a new pathway material has been chosen that visually resembles the old bluestone grit but locks in place, reducing erosion and movement into the drains. We are now focused on re-establishing the turf along the pathways.