Your Support is Making an Impact
We can't tell you how grateful we are for the generous outpour of support we have seen from our community, over the last few months. It means so much to us, but most of all, it means so much to the hundreds of families from Artsakh who have already begun receiving aid from the Armenian Relief Society.

We are proud to announce that thanks to your support, the ARS of Eastern USA is donating $100,000, which will be distributed to 100 families from Artsakh ($250 a month for the next 4 months) through the "Stand With an Artsakh Family" Program. We are also donating $22,000 to the ARS "Amanor Program. The donation will help distribute Christmas gifts to 1,500 children (valued at $15,000) from Artsakh and 700 gifts (valued at $7,000) to children and elders in different countries during the holiday season, in hopes of cheering them up.

While we don't yet know what kind of challenges the coming months will bring, we know that we'll be ready to support our compatriots - and that is all thanks to supporters like you, who believe in our mission. 

P.S. - End of the year is near and you can still make a year end tax deductible donation on our website. And check with your employer to see if they match donations—so, you can make your contribution go even further!
Every donation you make brings a meaningful impact to so many people.
Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA