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Hello Once Again TAP Members and Friends,

   Since our last newsletter in December, TAP has pushed the envelope with our new TAP the App as well holding our largest and best ever Rally in the Valley at the Super Billiard Expo with a sold out event of 240 teams!! Since the first of the year, TAP has added approximately 10,000 new members. And the growth continues as the word spreads about us. TAP keeps trying to give our members a better league experience. We believe that listening to our licensees who in turn relay what the players would like to see is a winning formula. In pool parlance, a 1-9 combo....TAP On!

                                                                                  Celeste Schonter
         A Historic Rally in the Valley.....SOLD OUT!!


    A total of 240 teams (208 eight ball and another 32 nine ball teams) plus full fields of singles in all handicap groups of TAP members converged at the Super Billiard Expo for TAP's 21st annual Rally in the Valley event on March 30 thru April 2. The event ran smoothly and as one long time TAP member testified...
Carol Vischansky Clark ... "Probably the BEST run TAP Rally in history and I've been playing many,many years !" 
The only real problem TAP is having is the growing team counts and size of this event, which is a good thing and which TAP will be addressing so we can try and leave no team wanting to get into this extravaganza.
   To check out pics of all of this years winners go to the link at TAP Facebook
 or go to Pool Net at the " Rally in the Valley 2017" link to see pay outs and results of all of the teams and boards.
TAP Rocks the 
Billiard Industry

January 25, 2017 will go down as a day TAP raised the bar and set a new standard for others to try and follow. On this date, TAP rele a sed our new "TAP the App" scorekeeping application. Our app is not only a scorekeeping application but a data base for our players to view their own lifetimes stats complete with colored pie charts and bar graphs as well as having the ability to view other TAP members life time records. What does this mean to the players? It means that teams can do a quick search of a opponent's history to better match up team mates to compete with them. If you are a TAP member and have not downloaded the new app, please go to the Google or Apple stores and search "taptheapp" Once you download it, contact your TAP licensee for your password.

   And there is more to come. Programmer Russ Brown is eager to start on the "fun" parts of the app with many bells and whistles to be added so keep an eye out for these upgrades. TAP licensees have been suggesting ideas to Russ and he is chomping at the bit to try to get these ideas implemented into the app. All of this info is right at our members fingertips on their phones and tablets and it's free. So watch out for these upgrades and....TAP THE APP!

                 So TAP would like to ask you......What's on your phone?


                                  Look for this logo on the app stores
                     and download the power of Pool Net into your hands.

Welcome to the TAP Family

We keep adding new licensees at a rapid pace to our ever growing family as players want to try something different and geared more to the player and their needs. And the result is close to 10,000 new members since the first of the year! Unlike most leagues, TAP listens to the players and as we continue to try and meet their needs it seems this trend will continue and showing that our formula is working. With that being said, here is a list of our newest family members since January 1, 2017.

Chris Soto....Fresno/Clovis, California

Lee Simon....Sonoma, California
Check out Lee's room which was featured in Pool and Billiard mag in December 2016.. Pool and Billiard

Calvin Preston....Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina

Monk Denton....Spartanburg, South Carolina

Jake and Brandi Waymire...Memphis,Tennessee 

Moe Nouhaili.....Western Ohio

Tina Moden.....Las Vegas, Nevada

Keith Henderson......Missouri

Gene Bruce....Bell county,Texas

William Chevalier, Paul Pryor and Wren Fetterhoff.....Greater Orlando, Florida

To see if a TAP league is in your area go to our TAP Locator

If you want to bring TAP to your area, call the sales office at  1-800-984-7665 ext 2 and Sam will be more then happy to bring TAP to your area.
Licensee Q & A

   New for this issue is our licensee profile where we will spotlight a TAP licensee and pick their brain and see what they like and their challenges and goals are with TAP.
   First up in the hot seat is one of our newer licensees, Robert Richmond, from North Central Ohio TAP. We put a few questions to Robert and here is what he has to say.

1. What made you pick TAP over other leagues and why did you want to become a league operator for TAP?

    (a) I have been shooting in leagues since the early 80's. Over the years I have noticed that the payouts, trophies etc. seem to be getting smaller. I have listened over the years to other shooters about disappointments with the  league they were shooting in. Of course a lot of the complaints have to be taken with a grain of salt but I figured the only  way to address some of these issues would to become a league operator myself.  Plus it would be a dream job to do what I  love to do "Shoot Pool".
   (b) The reason I chose TAP was the FREEDOM that is given to the licensees. Very few restrictions imposed on the  operators. And the fact that TAP is up with technology in score keeping which the players love. The players are part of a  family, "The TAP Family". The players like the idea that someone cares. Unlike other leagues they get that with "TAP". 
2. What has been the overall response by the players?

    The response has been great. I came onboard TAP in August of 2016. I started with 6 eight ball and 4 nine ball teams. I now have added 8 Scotch Doubles teams. I am getting calls on a weekly basis from players wanting  more info on TAP or how to get on a team. 

3. What do you like and enjoy about your experience with TAP?

    First it would have to be the support from the national office. If I have an issue it gets resolved quickly. Plus with the live chat box  on the TAP website, I or the players have a direct link to someone at corporate. It's a great set up at the corporate office. Second  is I know with a little elbow grease, a lot of meetings with pool players, building teams, as they don't build themselves,yet with all that being said being a TAP l eague operator at some point will be a fulltime job. I couldn't ask for anything better. 

4. What did you and your players think of their first Rally in the Valley?

    The Rally was an experience for me because I was a first time league operator with teams and singles competing. I have been to many nationals with other leagues either as a player or referee. It was truly a great experience. As for the players, they can't  wait till next year. They are already planning for their teams to attend.

5. What are your future plans for TAP in Central Ohio?
    My plans are to have 200 teams by the end of 2019. The word about TAP is getting out there. With the teams I already  have that are advertising for TAP that should help me reach my goal of 200+ teams. 

Inside TAP

Larry Schonter

   Although Larry has been a member of the Schonter family for a few years, we at TAP would like to officially welcome Larry into the TAP family. As of May 1, 2017, Larry will take over the membership department duties from Wai Cho Yee. We at TAP would like to thank Wai Cho for all he has done for TAP and wish him all the best for the future. The transition is expected to be smooth and licensees are to order memberships the same as they always have at memberships@tapleague.com

                     Welcome to the TAP family, Larry!
Looking Back with Loyd

Back in 2009, Inside Pool magazine interviewed Loyd at the Super Billiards Expo. Around the 2:20 minute mark, Loyd starts to talk about giving the players stats. In his words, "Pool players are statistic nuts." On January 25th of this year, his dream came true with the new "TAP the App" which is built directly into TAP's Pool Net system. TAP members now have all of the power of Pool Net stats available in their hands. Loyd was a visionary and we are now seeing the results of his ideas and visions. We titled this section, Looking back with Loyd, but in reality Loyd was looking ahead into the future.                                                   
      Enjoy and TAP On,

        Loyd's Interview

Lady TAP Members to Compete in the WPBA Rivers Casino Open!

If you're in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area from April 20 to the 23rd, you owe it to yourself to stop in at the Rivers Casino to check out the WPBA Rivers Casino Open as two of our lady TAP members will be competing in this prestigious event. Denise Hill from Louisiana won a spot thru a national qualifier held at TAP's nationals in South Carolina last November, The other spot was won by Tina Riggar thru a qualifier in the Three Rivers TAP league. The Rivers casino requested to sponsor a local player and we would like to thank them as well as the WPBA.  


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