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Ergonomics Gap Analysis
B.J. Chang, PhD

* Pain and injury results from out-of-balance working postures
* Many loupes sold as "ergonomic" cause unhealthy posture and dangerous head/neck tilt
* Clinicians can determine if their pain is caused by neck tilt using photographs
"Ergonomics Gap Analysis" is used to estimate a gap between current posture and safe working posture
* SurgiTel offers free "Ergonomics Gap Analysis" services to clinicians and their team members

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Testimonials from Clinicians We've Helped

"Shortly after school and residency training, I started getting neck pain and headaches... One of my colleagues said that it might be the loupes I'm using ... My friend told me to check out SurgiTel ... I contacted [SurgiTel] and my life has never been the same!"
-Dr. Katherine Staniek, DMD
"... when I first started my surgical career during training, I bought my first pair of loupes from Designs for Vision.  Over the years, I began to feel significant pain in the lower cervical spine particularly on long cases.  I generally accepted the mediocrity of my loupes as the standard since everyone around me had the same brand.  Once I started practice, I discovered SurgiTel.  I was hooked due to the superior ergonomics, but I came back to buy a second pair (3.5x) because of the excellent customer service. ... My neck pain has vastly improved and I find myself going longer on cases without fatigue due to the fit and ergonomics. ... I highly recommend SurgiTel. "

-Dr. Tejas R Shah, MD
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