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ASF Hosts Telehealth Tutorial for ASD families

In this new world of social distancing, our autism families need their medical teams more than ever. Not wanting to risk unnecessary exposure by visiting a doctors office, many families are relying on telehealth. But what exactly IS telehealth, and how can autism families be best prepared to take advantage of these virtual appointments?

The Autism Science Foundation and the Autism Treatment Network's Dr. Kristin Thomas Sohl will be co-hosting a Telehealth Tutorial webinar on Thursday, April 10th at 2:30pm EST.

Join us as we provide an introduction to telehealth and share best practices, including how to prepare for your appointment, what you should expect, who should be involved and how to follow up.  Click here to register for free.
Four Undergraduates Receive Summer Fellowships

Four grants have been awarded to promising undergraduates to support autism research this summer. These students will investigate the relationship between autism and ADHD in young children, search for biomarkers of anxiety in adults with autism, search for new early signs of autism in infants, and examine access to medical care barriers in adults with profound autism. 
"Our undergraduate summer awards are truly one of our most important funding mechanisms and are at the heart of our mission to fund promising, young scientists and help them launch a career in autism research" said Alison Singer, president of the Autism Science Foundation. " We have worked closely with all of our undergraduate grantees to modify their projects so that they can be done using telehealth approaches if universities remain closed over the summer.  All of these projects will yield valuable information for families."

This year's recipients are:

Alana Eiland, 
Yale College (Mentor, Dr. James McPartland)

Nat Finnegan, 
University of California at Davis (Mentor, Dr. Meghan Miller)

Joshua Glauser
Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University (Mentor, Dr. Charles Nelson)

Kyra Rosen, UCLA (Mentor, Dr. Shafali Jeste)

Read about their summer projects here.
Learn More about Brain Tissue Research

Families may be home, universities may be shuttered, but autism research continues. This is a great time to read about the important brain-based autism research being spearheaded by the Autism BrainNet.  Scientists are relying on our families to donate post-mortem tissue to support this research. Have questions? Subscribe to the ABN newsletter and learn more about how brain tissue research is teaching us about the causes of autism, and how it's helping us develop new treatments.  

To learn more and sign-up to help click here.