Bugle Calls
Issue No. 1011
April 2014
The essence of the free market economic system is that fair and healthy Bob Bugle-B-1001 competition between companies and organizations results in the consumer being afforded the opportunity to purchase the highest quality products  and services at the lowest costs.

While opinions certainly vary as to what constitutes "fair and healthy" competition, suffice it to say that unless you work for the Government, you and your organization are competing for customers every day. Even industries that were previously considered monopolies like the Phone Company, Cable Television companies, Airlines and Utilities to name just a few have been substantially or completely deregulated and now have to compete with other companies and organizations to retain their current customers or gain new ones.

How does the customer decide which company's products or services to purchase? How do companies separate themselves from others in the same product or service sector? What makes the Catholic press different that will cause Catholic and non-Catholic readers, listeners and viewers to consume the information we provide?

Our main topic for the April edition of "Bugle Calls" will focus on our "Unique Value Proposition" and why understanding it is so important in successfully marketing ourselves and the organizations we represent in a highly competitive environment.

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What is Our Unique Value Proposition?
By Bob Bugle, Editor

I grew up in Pittsburgh during an era when manufacturing in America was robust and the steel industry in Western Pennsylvania was booming. Manufacturing jobs were plentiful and paid well. My Dad worked for J&L Steel for 32 years and earned enough so that we, like most of our friends, neighbors and relatives considered ourselves "middle class." My parents owned the home my two sisters and I grew up in, and my mother stayed at home to raise us while Dad worked, rotating all three shifts.

Bob Bugle HeadshotThen things changed. The American steel industry couldn't compete with products imported from countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany and others that were manufactured in state of the art factories and at lower labor costs.  The economy in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and much of the upper Midwest (the "Rust Belt") virtually collapsed.   


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Positioning: Setting Your Business Apart
This article was excerpted from MadScam.

What you have to impress on prospective customers is the added value they  can expect when they establish a relationship with you. It may be a single specific feature so unique to your company that it can stand alone as a persuasive reason to deal with you. But the odds on finding and isolating that single 24-carat nugget of information that makes you so special are pretty small. More than likely it's a combination of less spectacular reasons that when added up give you a definite perceived advantage over your competition.

3 Core Principles That Make You and Your Business Unique!
By Carrie Wilkerson
Whatever your business model I think there are three core principles that help your business be uniquely you.

I don't get really worked up about competition in the marketplace and I'm in some very crowded niches! Why? Because others can copy my content, my teaching points and even my methods, but I don't stress out about it because they can't BE me!

There are three things of mine (& yours) that no one else has!

How to Craft a Unique Value Proposition for your Non-profit Organization
By Cintia Miranda, President, Pulse Marketing Agency
 Few donors are willing to invest time, energy, or money in any cause unless they have a clear understanding of how far their efforts will go.  Developing a strong, convincing Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for your organization or cause is the first step to mapping out a successful development campaign.

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

A UVP does exactly what its name suggests: it describes the exclusive, continuous value your donors will gain by supporting your cause. More specifically, it must answer two questions:

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