June 7, 2018
Dan's Blog
This year through parent surveys, meetings of teachers, meetings of the school's Policy Committee, and discussions with our 7th grade students, the school's uniform policy and guidelines have been evaluated and slightly revised. It's interesting to note that in the parent survey you completed in the fall about evaluating the various sections of our uniform policy and guidelines, the overwhelming majority of the current wording was considered fine and not worthy of changing by the overwhelming majority of parents. Thus, although it was a long process to come to our revisions, it wasn't too strenuous in that we could leave large parts of our policy as is. The end result are a policy and guidelines that are slightly more understandable, slightly more flexible, and much more uniform (pardon the pun).

These uniform policy and guidelines will be implemented beginning with the coming 2018-19 school year. Enclosed in today's red-colored Family Envelope is the complete uniform policy and guidelines with the few new updates included. 
I'd like to highlight those few changes...but remember, still no highlights are allowed in your children's hair.  
  • Shirts/Blouses - Students only in grades 7 and 8 will now have the option of wearing a red or navy-blue polo shirt, blouse, or turtleneck. They may choose to continue to wear the traditional white-
      Dennis Uniforms now shows online three color choices for polo shirts for St. Louise 7th and 8th graders only. For purchases through the Dennis Uniform Store this summer, their website lists their location and provides online orders.
    colored shirt, but now we've added two new color choices. This gives our junior high students special status as our student body leaders. It also may help some developing girls for whom the darker-colored shirts may provide better veiling, and they don't have to wear their sweaters when the temperature rises.
  • Hosiery/Socks - Along with the option of wearing tights, girls of all grade levels may also wear leggings - provided they are worn under the skirts, skort, or jumper, are full-length to the ankle, and are in one solid color of either white, navy-blue, red, gray, or black. Patterns, lace, and other embellishments are not permitted on tights or leggings.          
  • Non-Uniform Day - As you know, some school days are designated as "non-uniform" days, also called "free dress" days. Next year, we'll also name a more specific type of non-uniform day - a "fun dress" day. These infrequent, unique school days of "fun dress" will include more relaxed days such as Halloween, the Walk-A-Thon, and some themed dances. Families will be notified ahead of time if the school day or event will lift some of the usual restrictions of a "free dress" day and allow lenient, fun dress alternatives. Furthermore, for the "free dress" days which occur approximately once or twice a month, a girl may now choose to wear a type of tight-fitting pants or shorts that used to be banned - those with a high percentage of stretch material (e.g. yoga-style or jegging-style). The condition on allowing these tight pants or shorts is provided the girl is also wearing a top, dress, or skirt that covers the buttocks.
Please talk to me if you have any questions about the above changes to our uniform policy and guidelines, or to the entire set of guidelines that you'll find in today's red-colored Family Envelope. You may want to refer to an expert who is more closely associated with a specific section of the policy:
  • For specific questions on Charger Gear, contact parent Joy Tran;
  • For specific questions on yoga-style or jegging-style pants for Free Dress Days, contact Policy Committee member Dave Charles;
  • For specific questions on hair, contact vice-principal Mike Fuerte.
Don't forget. We will be selling our Used Uniforms and Charger Gear on August 16, from 4:00-6:00PM, in the St. Louise Room of the original school building.

I'm excited to announce we've hired our new PreK instructional assistant, replacing Colleen Lowell who is leaving. Donna Neil will be assisting Wendy Blank in PreK next year, every Monday through Thursday morning. Donna will also help head playground supervisor Lisa McKenna in co-supervising the first lunch recess at noon. She previously was a preschool assistant at Holy Family School for 14 years, so she'll have great ideas to bring from Kirkland to Bellevue.


You are most likely aware that our development office has been staffed by two part-time staff, splitting the position's responsibilities and hours in half. For the past two years, Laura Leach and Cindy Wagner have been our two development directors. The development office oversees financial endeavors such as our Annual School Gift Campaign and marketing endeavors such as our Open Houses and admissions promotions. We have been blessed over the years to have this administrative help, but unfortunately our declining enrollment necessitates a need to cut expenses. I have made the decision, with the advice from our School Commission's Finance Committee and consultation with Father Gary, to reduce the number of instructional assistants (as previously announced) and to reduce our development office staffing by 50%. This reduction in force will result in having only Cindy on staff next year to staff the development office half time. We are sad to have to part ways with Laura at the end of this month, and want to thank her for her two years in her role with us. If you go to our website now, you'll see one of the legacies with which Laura will leave us - a newly designed look. She also has helped revamp our school brochure, among other accomplishments. Sacred Heart School will be lucky to have her; she has just been hired to work their next year as their director of admissions.
Thanks for reading, 
Mr. Fitz
Today is a bittersweet day, as we will graduating our 8th graders, and these outstanding students will be leaving us. The teachers and I will hate to see them leave, but we also feel good in knowing that we have assisted their parents for these past nine years in our two fundamental goals - helping them get to college and helping them get to heaven.

The entire St. Louise community is welcome to attend the 8th graders' Commencement Ceremony in the church tonight at 7PM. It's a wonderful event full of applause, surprise awards, touching speeches by 8th grade students, and finally, the handing out of diplomas by Father Gary and me.

If you want a visual proof of how special this Class of 2018 is, take a look at the article below about the newest addition to our campus, compliments of the 8th graders and their parents. This is truly an amazing, memorable, inspirational physical-legacy they'll be leaving us!

Upcoming Calendar of Events  
  • Graduation Day for our 8th Graders, the Class of 2018 - Mass at 9am; Commencement at 7pm

  • Seventh graders' launch their own created rockets on the soccer field from 1:10-2:30; parents welcome to come watch

 Sunday, June 10
  • Mother/Son Event at Waterhouse Center in Snohomish

Monday, June 11
  • Orientation for Newly-Enrolling Parents at 6:30PM in the library; Mentors invited to contact their assigned families to suggest meeting in the lobby at 5:45-6:15PM; Charger Gear on sale in lobby during this timeframe.

Tuesday, June 12
  • Field Day for K-7; students allowed Free Dress of athletic/outdoor wear
  • Campus Security presentation from Homeland Security expert in the parish hall; adults only invited from 6:30-8:30PM

Wednesday, June 13
  • Final day for daily milk and hot lunch
  • Final session of after-school Kids' Club

Thursday, June 14
  • Charger Cards will be selling out of their sales-window for an extra sales day this morning from 8:15-8:45
  • Final session of before-school Kids' Club
  • No extended day Pre-K; final day of Pre-K
  • NOON DISMISSAL for all

Friday, June 15
  • End-of-Year Liturgy at 10:30AM; all parents encouraged to attend
  • Family Picnic at 11:30AM; parents to pick up children from homerooms
  • NOON DISMISSAL for all
  • Charger Cards will be selling out of their sales-window for one last day this morning from 8:15-8:45
  •  Yearbooks distributed
  • Volunteer Hours must be logged in by today (minimum 40 hrs.) and Auction, Charger Cards, and ASGC Commitments completed by today - in order for your child to be mailed his/her report card and/or to have transcripts forwarded to new school; thank you!
Saturday, June 16
  • "Safe Environment" class in parish hall from 8-11AM; go HERE to register
The Class of 2018 Gifts Us with a Unique Legacy

          Thanks to the vision and leadership of parent Zandra Galindo-Navarro, a permanent special place has been installed just outside the east end of the school building! The new Rosary Walk Garden was created by the hard work of 8th grade parents and students, along with other supporters, and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! 
         We want to thank the 8th grade students who each completed at least one, uniquely decorated walking stone for the Rosary Walk Garden, and the following who put in extra efforts all spring:
Father Gary blessed the Rosary Walk Garden last week with the help of the 8th grade students, teachers, and parents.
8th Grade Parents and Other Parents/Adults/Siblings in the St. Louise Community Who Assisted
Cesar & Zandra Galindo-Navarro, Benjamín Galindo, Mika Walker, Jeffrey Hummer, Emilena Heinitz, Michelle Bomberger, Maria Baquero, Julianne & Julianne Read, Renee Craddock, Megan Kirk, Rigoberto Armenta, Juan Zayas, Miguel De :a Torre, Joe Kosiara, Julian Maney, Martha Ayala, Elwell  Baradi, Maria Golden, Shawna Shaules, Carmen Castillo, Susie Goett, Itzel Lopez Ayala.
8th Grade Students Who Did Extra Help
Alice Vimal, Max Bange, Daniela Castillo, Ellie Read, Joaquin Galindo, Hayden Kosiara, Alex Rotar, Angelina Maney, Katie Goett.
Zandra (second from left) with her family and the blessing team.
     Families are welcome to go out to the Garden before or after school, or on weekends, and pray the Rosary. Please keep your children from "playing" in the Garden and on the Rosary stones. This will help keep the area clean and in one piece, as well as preserve the area as a holy place to pray.

Recommended Summer Math for Your Kids

          Earlier this spring, Mr. Fitzpatrick sent parents information on the summer math assignments our grade 1-8 teachers recommend their upcoming students complete this summer. This same information is coming home today in a hard copy for you to post on your refrigerator.
         By the way, last week, parents of upcoming 3rd-8th graders were given their children's MAP Growth test scores, and on the cover letter for those scores, Mr. Fitz noted you can your child's MAP math scores to generate personalized study recommendations using Khan Academy. Khan is the free online math tutoring program, and MAP and Khan have teamed up so you can simply insert into Khan your child's scores on the math portion of MAP, and voila! - automatic summer assignments created! Go here to get started:
Come Join the Mentor Team

           While we are busy ensuring all of this school year's commitments are completed, let's take a moment to think of new families preparing to join St. Louise School this coming Fall. You surely remember back when you were newly enrolling in our school and needed to make all the preparations to transition to this wonderful community - and with it came many questions!
  Join the Mentor Team and support new families with comforting basic information. Be that familiar face and easy-to-turn-to online support to assist as needed during their integration from May through the Fall, and beyond.
           Mentor hours count towards your volunteer commitment (for this school year or next), and it is a great way to meet and welcome new friends. For more information on how you can mentor a family - preferably with a child in the same grade level as your own - please reach out to one of our Mentor Coordinators right away: Daisy Mendes  or Laura Bonner
 St. Louise Mom Wins Archdiocesan Award
Dear CYO Athletics Community,
In almost every sport, CYO coaches are parents coaching their own children. This time together is a fun environment where parents and kids can strive for victory while learning important lessons and developing lasting friendships. Other times, it is a non-family member who steps in as CYO coach, and becomes a mother-figure or father-figure in the lives of young people, and provide strong adult role modeling during these important developmental years of adolescents.
In both cases, these volunteer coaches give of themselves to devote time and energy to help kids grow in love with sports, get them physically active, and often times challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. In an age where sports professionalism is creeping younger and younger, CYO Athletics can take great pride in the countless volunteers that make sports accessible and possible for over 9000 kids annually in the Greater Seattle Area.
Although I wish I could personally thank each one of our volunteers in CYO Athletics, I do have the great honor and privilege to thank a few of them at this year's Champions of Faith Celebration. We will celebrate with this year's Play Like A Champion Today Coaches of the Year this week with mass at St. James Cathedral followed by the awards dinner. Nominated by their own communities, many of these coaches have been coaching in CYO Athletics for well over 10 years, and they may be familiar names to you as well.
2018 Play Like A Champion Today COACHES OF THE YEAR: 
* Soccer - Peter Byerlein, Lakeside 
* Cross Country - Amy Wilken, St. Louise
* Basketball - Bill Walsh, St. Matthew/OLL 
* Volleyball - George Shioyama, St. Anthony 
* Baseball - James McDowall, OLF 
* Track - Greg Hearron, St. Anthony
The Champions of Faith Celebration is only one night, but it gives us an example of gratitude with which we can take forward, and continue to remember to thank our coaches and volunteers in CYO Athletics all year long. 
Scott Bailey
Director, CYO Athletics
Summer Camp Comes to St. Louise

July 30 - August 3 - Sports Extravaganza (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Kaitlin Casey (8-12);Jacintha Vimal (12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • Get ready for a week filled with opportunities to exercise the body - and mind - in a non-competitive setting. We'll have classic games like dodgeball and capture the flag. We'll also have traditional sports such as baseball, volleyball, cross country, basketball, and more!
August 6-10 - Island Escape (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Terry LB (8-12); Jacintha Vimal (12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • We are seeking for talented dramatists, mask makers, shadow puppet performers, artists, singers and dancers to present a culminating Island Escape performance on August 10th.  Family and friends will be welcome to this great show!  Artist will also have a blast as we make icy tropical fruit drinks; sing Hawaiian welcome songs; design tissue paper Leis; learn the Hula; dance the Filipino Tinikling; play games such as Hula Hoop till you drop, Pass the Coconut, Limbo, and more!
August 13-17 - Wacky Water (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Nicole Howell (8-12);Marilu DeLaTorre(12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • Get ready to splash! Wave bottles, water relay races, sponge ball toss, beach ball races, water balloon sheet toss, clouds in a jar, shaving cream rain clouds, walking water experiments, and more!

Need more info?
We would love to answer any of your questions.

Hello, St. Louise Families!

Procurement Contest Winners
Congratulations to KA, 2B, and 3A on reaching their 100% Procurement goal first! They will enjoy a Krispy Kreme doughnut party on Monday!
Last Call for Raffle Tickets
Alright - so some of you have calculated the odds and know exactly what chance you have of winning 1/2 Tuition for the 2018-2019 School Year - and that is one way of looking at your raffle ticket purchase....but, I'd like you to think of it in a different way, consider it a donation to support St. Louise with the possibility of winning a great prize. So, even if you have already purchased 1, 3, 6 or 10 tickets (okay no one has actually purchased 10, but I can dream!), consider making another purchase and help us sell out this week! Send a quick note to  with the number of tickets you would like to purchase and we'll coordinate. We will also sell them outside of Charger Cards this Friday morning and in carpool on Friday afternoon. The drawing will take place on Friday, June 15th! Oh - and we will be selling any that remain at New Parent Orientation on Monday night, so purchase before they sell out Monday night. Thank you!
Charger Blessings
Our one-of-a-kindness glassybaby, Charger Blessings, will arrive tomorrow afternoon. If you have already purchased one, you are welcome to stop by the Auction Office and pick it up on Friday, any time. (As a side note, my oldest is graduating from St. Louise on Thursday - yay!, so the Auction Office will be closed today!). You may also purchase one tomorrow. They really have been going fast and I anticipate that there will only be a handful left by the time we get back to school in the fall.
Procurement/Purchase/Donation Update
Wow! Thank you all for your incredible generosity during Procurement/Donation Month! One of the goals we always have is to underwrite the cost of the auction event. I'm happy to share with you today that we are solidly on track to do so -- we have reached 70% of that goal by way of cash underwriting and sponsorships, and that number does not even include all of the wonderful items and Charger Cards our families have donated during May!
We have exceeded $42,000 in items to put together incredible packages including trips to Disneyworld, a Ski Vacation in the French Alps, 320 Ranch Vacation in Montana and more! Not to mention our many other fabulous packages like: STL Teachers Favorites Library, Date Night for a Year, and the many ways you can do all of your Christmas shopping at It's a Wonderful Life at St. Louise!
Save the Date
If you haven't marked your calendar yet, please do so now! We encourage everyone to attend the auction - so, remember the big event takes place on Saturday, November 10, 2018!
Thank you so very much for all you do for our community - in prayer, in time, and in giving - you are appreciated.
Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Cross Country Sign-Ups Begin

Registration is now open for CYO Cross Country for all upcoming K-8th graders.  Practices will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 4, and will be every Tuesday and Friday for one month, immediately after school at Robinswood Park.  The Cross Country meets will be held at Lake Sammamish State Park on Sunday, Sept. 23, Sunday, Sept. 30, and Sunday, Oct. 7.

You may sign up your upcoming grade K-8 (current grade PK-7) student-athletes HERE.
If you are interested in coaching or have any questions, you may contact the Cross Country Coordinator, Amy Wilken.

Sign Up for Soccer Now

Registration is now open for CYO Soccer to any St. Louise children who will be entering Kindergarten through 8th grade in September.
It's not too early to begin planning for soccer, since teams must be registered before school starts! Soccer practices and games for all grades will begin on or before the first week in September.
You may sign up your upcoming grade K-8 (current grade PK-7) student-athletes HERE.
Parents who are interested in coaching soccer at any grade level, please contact St. Louise Soccer Coordinators, Christie Allemand and Maria Kelly-Doggett at and register as a coach HERE.
Please reach out to Christie and Maria if you have any questions.
Graduation of the Class of 2018 Is Tonight

          The entire St. Louise community is invited to tonight's Commencement Ceremony of our Class of 2018. We are graduating 47 outstanding students! The evening begins at 7:00PM in the church, followed by an 8:00PM reception in the parish hall. (Thanks to our 7th grade parents for the reception, to which all are invited.) Next week, we'll share with you the names of those 8th graders who received special awards at Graduation.
Check Out All the Summer Programs for Your Kids
         St. Louise Parish School provides families with a list of some of the area summer programs and resources. Check it out here.

 Volunteer Opportunities to Finish Up Your 40 Hours
Thank you for logging in a minimum of 40 volunteer hours by the end of the school year (June 15) by going HERE and clicking on the "Submit Hours" link. Still need hours? Check out these opportunities...
  • We can always use more "Adopt a Garden" volunteers, as the east end of the school building and school lawn near 156th is in dire need of upkeep with weeding. The good thing about this volunteer job is you can come on evenings or weekends to do the work, and you don't have to check in with anyone. Just bring your yard tools and put the weeds in the green yardwaste cans.
  • We need a full day's help on June 12th for field day supervision. You would contact Chris Evans to sign up to help.
 Now That You're Done Volunteering in 2017-18, Plan Ahead for Your Favorite 2018-19 Volunteer Jobs
        Parents of current PreK through 7th graders can get a jump on choosing which volunteer jobs they'd like to perform next year. We have opened up our online sign-up form for the various jobs, committees, and programs that need your help.
        By June 18, please sign-up for your volunteer job(s) you're interested in for the upcoming school year - noting that we'd like both mom and dad to sign-up separately. If you don't find the "perfect" job of the dozens listed, remember that the teachers will explain at September's Curriculum Night how they will need volunteers in their classrooms during the year. Plus, this Parent Bulletin will list newly developing volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Please go HERE to get started signing up for your 2018-19 preferred volunteer jobs.
        Each parent is asked to complete his/her own unique form by June 18. You will be notified in the coming months by the faculty member or volunteer chair heading up the committees/programs for which you checked the boxes, of when you''ll be needed and/or of which specific work days/times/jobs you'd prefer.
        Thanks in advance for all the time and talent you'll be giving to the children and faculty!  If you have any questions about this sign-up form or other volunteer questions, please contact the Parents' Club's new coordinator of volunteering, Jen Sharp.

 Track Season Finishes Strong
         The St. Louise (grade 4-8) track team had a great day at the CYO Track & Field Championship last Saturday, even though they weren't able to win the whole thing as they did last year. Our St. Louise 5th grade boys won the AAA Overall Grade Trophy at Highline Stadium. The 5th grade boys team included: Zach Brosche, Noah Carolan, Matthew Glass, Anthony Lama, Sean McMenamin, Charlie Peters, Ethan Read and Ben Shaules. St. Louise also had these 1st Place medalists at the championship meet:
  • 4th Grade Girls 800 Meter - Jane Clinton
  • 5th Grade Girls 1600 Meter - Annie Wilken
  • 5th Grade Girls Turbo Javelin - Annie Wilken
  • 5th Grade Boys 4x100 Relay (Charlie Peters, Matthew Glass, Anthony Lama, Ben Shaules)
  • 6th Grade Girls Long Jump - Justine Utz
  • 7th Grade Girls 800 Meter - Jenna Wilken
         Here are the new St. Louise School track records set this year:
  • 5th Grade 800m - Ben Shaules (2:35)
  • 5th Grade 1600m - Annie Wilken (6:12)
  • 5th Grade Turbo Javelin:  Annie Wilken (60 feet)
  • 5th Grade 75m - Matthew Glass (11.03)
  • 8th Grade Boys' Sprint Medley - Sebastian Heinitz, Hayden Kosiara, Colin Shaules, Joaquin Galindo-Navarro (1:52.96)

See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page