March 1, 2018
Dan's Blog
With the attention nationwide on school security, note that we have an Emergency Preparedness Committee which helps us decide on improvements or enhancements to be a safer school. This has usually centered on how to be prepared in the event of an earthquake, but now we are discussing how to be more prepared in the event of a violent intruder. This could include more advanced training for our teachers and staff, and it could include changes to how we currently secure the campus. If you have interest in helping the Emergency Preparedness Committee, please contact current chairperson, James Szrama, or incoming chairperson, Joe Dickinson. Please know that the teachers, staff, and I are extra vigilant.

Parents can help provide a more secure campus by remembering to check-in immediately at the school office when visiting and/or before stopping by their children's classrooms. When you check-in with Mrs. Bazan or Mrs. Morgan at the office, you will be given a bright yellow sticker-nametag. If you see adults on campus whom you do not recognize and don't have on a yellow nametag, please remind the person to check-in at the office, and please let Mr. Fuerte, Mrs. Bazan, Mrs. Morgan, or me know.


I'm excited to announce that St. Louise School is starting summer camps this July and August! Under the direction of our Kids' Club and extra-curricular programs director, Maria Zambrano,
CHARGERS' ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMPS will run in weekly sessions each Monday through Friday from July 30 through August 24. Kids entering grades K-5 in the fall will be eligible to sign-up, and camp is open to both our school students and other kids who go to church here and/or live in the neighborhood. Perhaps you can encourage one of your child's neighborhood or sports-team friends to attend?!

Whether you need one week of camp to "keep your kid busy" this summer, or if you could use all four weekly sessions so your child is cared for when you're at work throughout August, you can register your child for St. Louise's Chargers' Adventure Summer Camps

Along with Mrs. Zambrano, she'll have some special guest teachers helping her each week of camp. It's going to be a safe, friendly, and positive place for your kids to be in August. Please note space is limited each week! So sign-up soon!
We are in the progress of families re-enrolling their children to St. Louise School for the 2018-19 school year, and this is also the time I check in with my teachers and school staff to see if they, too, are coming back for another year. Sadly, two teachers have announced they won't be here in the fall.
Our 5th grade teacher, Mary Talevich, will be retiring this summer, after completing her 28th year as a 2nd grade and 5th grade teacher at St. Louise. Mary previously taught a few years prior at two other Catholic schools, so she has a long career of over 33 years! She is famous for running memorable Pioneer Farm fieldtrips and impressive History-Maker projects. And if a student had Mrs. T. for social studies, that's when the student became an expert at the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We will miss Mrs. T. as our everyday teacher, but fortunately, she said she'd like to come back and be a substitute teacher as needed!

Karen Salmon is going to transition to being a full-time, at-home Mom starting this summer, and won't be returning next year as our PreK teacher. Karen created our preschool curriculum when she was hired in 2011 and began our PreK program. She not only built a super program, but she has now positively impacted about 100 little ones who are scattered throughout our grade levels. Previously, Karen had taught middle school, so she's putting a hiatus after a total of 15 years as an educator. We're glad the Salmons will continue being a St. Louise School family with their two girls attending here, but we're sad to see Karen leaving us as a teacher.

I've posted these upcoming teacher-openings at the Seattle Archdiocesan  employment site . Just as I did 28 years and 7 years ago when hiring Mary and Karen, I expect to find quality applicants to join our faculty in 2018-19. We'll officially say farewell to Mrs. T. and Mrs. Salmon at our end-of-year liturgy on June 15.

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Fitz

I appreciate how faithful parents are to reading this Parent Bulletin each Thursday. It's important to stay informed and engaged! If you're doing a thorough job reading through the Bulletin, you'll be reading this paragraph now, and thus, you'll have a chance to win a Starbucks Charger Card. The 5th, 10th, and 15th parents who email me today with the message, "I read the bulletin. Did I win a Charger Card?" will each win a Starbucks card. I have three to give away today! Thanks for being engaged parents!

Upcoming Calendar of Events  
Tomorrow -  NO SCHOOL DAY
  • School and Kids' Club are closed.
  • End of 2nd trimester; teachers' workday on report cards.  
  • Parish' 24-Hour Prayer Vigil begins today and runs through Saturday; see the schedule below and pick a time for your family to visit the church
Wednesday, March 7
  • Guest Author, Eric Ode, visits in library - paid for by the Walk-A-Thon fund raiser proceeds!
  • 8th Graders take their Graduation photos today
  • Auction Committee Chairs Kick-Off Event, 7PM; contact Julianne Read for more information
Thursday, March 8
  • School Commission meeting at 6:30PM in faculty room; all parents are invited

Tuesday,, March 13
  • Vision & Hearing Screenings for students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7; contact for more information

Wednesday, March 14
  • Parents' Club Meeting at 6:30PM in faculty room; all parents welcome

Thursday and Friday, March 15 & 16
  • HONK JR. performed at 7PM at the Interlake HS Theater (16245 NE 24th St.); tickets will NOT be sold at the door, so please pre-purchase tickets now, using the order form sent home last week or stopping by the school office
Thursday, March 15
  • Reconciliation Service and Individual Confessions for grade 6-8 students, 10:30AM
Friday, March 16
  • St. Patrick's Day/Free Dress Day for all students & staff...provided they wear green (regular rules apply for proper free-dress-wear)
  • Report Cards sent home with K-8 students

Auction News
Dear Parents,

Things are rolling here in the Auction Office, and I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude to everyone who has reached out to volunteer and support the BIG event this year! There are three things I wanted to share with you this week:
1. A quote from a St. Louise community member.
2. The Committee Chair Kick-Off
3. A request for one final Committee Chair
Parent of St. Louise Alumni, and Instructional Aide, Maria Zambrano wanted to share the following thoughts about the Auction and what it means to her:
"The St. Louise Auction is such a vibrant evening!   It's inspiring to see the staff, families and friends come together to celebrate our children. I feel this event ignites our bond as a Catholic community by sharing our blessings to support the spiritual and academic growth of the children.  Thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful cause either through their talents or financial resources.  When we give, we not only invest in our future as a school and community; but we also grow as humble servants of God. I look forward to Auction 2018!"
"La subasta de St. Louise es una noche tan vibrante.   Es una inspiración ver el personal, las familias y amigos reunidos para celebrar nuestros niños. Siento que este evento enciende nuestro vínculo como comunidad católica al compartir nuestras bendiciones para el apoyo del crecimiento espiritual y académico de los niños.  Gracias a todos los que contribuyen a esta maravillosa causa ya sea a través de sus talentos o recursos financieros.  Cuando damos, no sólo invertimos en nuestro futuro como escuela y comunidad; pero también crecemos como humildes siervos de Dios. ¡ Espero con ansias la subasta 2018"!
Each year, the Auction Committee Chairs get together in March for an annual Kick-Off meeting. The theme of the event is unveiled, and we share some fellowship before the detail and planning of the event gets underway. I would just ask that everyone please pray for these dedicated volunteers as they take on these roles as Committee Chairs:
Amy Thielman, Amy Wilken, Anais Fawcett, Andrea Matt, Ann Marie Sweeney, Anneliese Kertson, Arlene Isaksen, Dan Kirby, Diane Sloss, Erika Mervin, Esther Magnotti, Gabby Schmidt, Ingrid Flaat, Janey Rabon, Jen & Peter Newton, Jennifer Magnusen, Jon & Jennifer Sharp, Jon D'Costa, Joni Hoffman, Joy Tran, Juan Posada, Karen Reed, Kristy Charles, Margie Clinton, Mary Anne & Elwell Baradi, Megan Kirk, Megan Swilley, Mika Walker, Mike Kirby, Nancy Tribolet, Nikki & Todd Craig, Paul McCulloch, Rachel Rivera-Wong, Rebecca Nightingale, Rebecca Ort, Rena Piercy, Renee Craddock, Rich Barth, Shannon Stevens, Sheldon Sequeira, Tom Brennan, Wendy Blank.
We have one more Committee Chair position open, so see if you fit the description below:
"Desserts? They are my favorite! I love purchasing and procuring desserts from a list of local businesses who contribute to our Auction every year. Me and my friends would pick up the desserts on Auction day, deliver them to the hotel, and set them up in a beautiful way to encourage attendees to bid high on the delectable treats!!"
If this sounds like you, or you and a couple of friends, please consider taking on the Dessert Dash this year. Annually, the Dessert Dash earns over $9,000 at the Auction and is an integral part of the fun that night. This volunteer role takes up to 15-20 hours, but can be divided between 2 or 3 people.
If you are able to support the Auction in the role noted above, or if you want to know more, please send an email to You can also give me a call at 425.214.5441 or 425.761.9996. Looking forward to hearing from you!
~ Julianne Read 

Have You Done Your Part Yet?

At right is a visual of our current amount collected for the 2018 Annual School Gift Campaign, as of last week.. As you can see, we are still waiting to hear
from a large portion of our school parents.
Thanks to all those who have already done their part by giving to the Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC). Remember, this is a required fund raiser which every school family committed to in their Parent Tuition Contracts.
Please give thoughtful consideration to your gift level for our 2018 ASGC. This is a vital fund raiser that provides much needed revenue and requires the participation of every school family. Your generous contributions to our Annual School Gift Campaign helps us target a significant priority - ensuring competitive teachers' salaries. The ASGC also keeps our tuition at the lowest possible level.
Thanks for donating to the ASGC right now with your one-time donation, or at least by sending in an initial pledge if you'll be paying monthly or periodically through credit card or check/checking account. You will save yourself a phone call from our development office if you work on this commitment ASAP! Thank you for donating today!
By the way, you may use your credit card or set up monthly/quarterly payments from your bank account through our secure site giving page on our  St. Louise website. You may use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to support St. Louise School.
If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Wagner at



Mariajose and Amelia "prepare the altar"

during their free-choice time in PreK.

Take Everyday Preventative Action to Stop Spread of the Flu
Dear Parents,

There has been an increase number of students calling in sick with the "flu." Also known as "influenza,' this is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the flu virus. Anyone can get sick from the flu and spread it to friends - even if you consider yourself to be healthy.  Getting the flu vaccine and washing hands is the best ways to protect yourself and your family from this serious disease. The CDC recommends anyone 6 months or older to get the flu shot. 
People who have the flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:
  • Fever or chills;
  • Cough and sore throat;
  • Runny nose and headache;
  • Muscle or body aches;
  • Vomiting and diarrhea - more common in children than adults.
Most people who get influenza will recover in a few days to less than two weeks, but some will develop complications (such as pneumonia) as a result of the flu, some of which can be life-threatening.  Bronchitis, sinus and ear infections are also examples of complications from the flu.
Please take these everyday preventative actions to stop the spread of the flu - and teach these actions to your children:
  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.  Cough and sneeze into your elbow;
  2. Wash your hands often with soap and water.  If not available use an alcohol-based hand rub;
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  Germs spread this way;
  4. Practice good health habits:  clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home, work, and school - especially when someone is ill;
  5. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food;
  6. Stay home for at least 24 hours after vomiting or diarrhea;
  7. Stay home for at least 24 hours after fever has subsided - without the use of fever-reducing medication to bring down the fever.
Email me if you have any questions. Let's stay healthy in 2018!

Jane Reynolds, RN
School nurse



No, it's not a science project where a student recreated Mount Rainier. This is our Lost & Found Bin - located on the 1st floor near the 5th grade classrooms.


Please check it out to find your child's lost sweater, jacket, gloves, p.e. clothes, etc.


All unclaimed items will be donated to Used Uniform Inventory or St. Vincent de Paul next week.

Pray, Fast & Give this Lent

Dear Almighty and Loving Father,
          So many times I turn away from you, and always you welcome me back.  Your mercy and love gives me confidence.  Thank you for the invitation to pray, fast, and give, so that you can form a new heart within me.  Your powerful compassion for my weaknesses leads me to ask for mercy and await with great hope the Easter joy you share with us.
"Lent is like a long 'retreat' during which we can turn back into ourselves and listen to the voice of God, in order to defeat the temptations of the Evil One. It is a period of spiritual 'combat' which we must experience alongside Jesus, not with pride and presumption, but using the arms of faith: prayer, listening to the word of God and penance. In this way we will be able to celebrate Easter in truth, ready to renew the promises of our Baptism... Lent stimulates us to let the Word of God penetrate our life and in this way to know the fundamental truth: who we are, where we come from, where we must go, what path we must take in life..."
~Pope Benedict XVI

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