February 15, 2018
Dan's Blog
         Oh, boy! Did you procrastinate?! Did you put off completing the various tasks?! If you procrastinated, it might end up costing you $125.00!
         What am I talking about?...


If you complete the process and pay the $95 fee by today, you're all set! But if you forgot or are delaying, you need to understand that this special lowered fee was only offered to you current school families during the first two weeks of February, and it increases to the regular rate of $220 starting tomorrow, February 16.
          Please see the article below for a checklist to use to verify you've done everything properly for re-applying for admissions. Thanks for continuing to invest in your children by giving them the gift of a PK-8th Catholic school education!

          We had a terrific start to the Lenten Season yesterday, with a meaningful Soup Lunch and an inspiring Ash Wednesday Liturgy. The Lenten Season is guided by the three principles of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, and yesterday was a special day that incorporated all three! Our 7th graders are helping lead their fellow student body this season in the Fasting & Almsgiving principles, as they oversaw the Soup Lunch, and are promoting the idea of students and/or homerooms participating in Operation Rice Bowl for the coming 40 weekdays and 6 weekends. You may find out more about Catholic Relief Services' Operation Rice Bowl HERE. The 7th graders under the direction of Mr. Weiss and Mr. Gallant reported that $1,039 was donated to Catholic Relief Services by the student body (and you parents) at yesterday's Soup Lunch! Thank you! And thanks to the parents who helped the 7th graders by serving the lunch yesterday. I've listed their names further below. Classrooms will continue collecting coins and cash in their class Rice Bowls through the end of March, and individual families are encouraged to do the same almsgiving at home. 

          This time of year is when I typically send out another Parent Survey. I want to thank you for participating in the first survey I sent you in October. Your input in that fall survey provided the School Commission's Policy Committee with vital information on which areas of the school's Uniform Policy you see as running smoothly, and which areas may need updating. Based on your input from that last survey, expect some slight, yet yearned-for, modifications of the Uniform Policy to be announced later this spring.
          So realizing your participation in these Parent Surveys is indeed valuable, please fill out the winter Parent Survey which I'll be emailing you tomorrow. It will only take you a few minutes to complete the survey, and the deadline will be one week from today. Be looking for my email Friday.


          Speaking of deadlines, I'm guessing a few of you did indeed procrastinate and forgot to complete the re-application process for admissions by today's deadline. Thus, I'll quit writing, so you can now immediately begin completing this process before the deadline comes at 11:59PM tonight. The clock is ticking...

Thanks for reading,
Mr. Fitz
As we have this upcoming 4-day weekend to honor George Washington's Birthday, please notice that a 3-day weekend is approaching not far after. We have two more weeks remaining in this 2nd trimester of school, and then we have a no-school day on March 3, when the trimester ends. That day of no students/classes, gives the teachers extra time to work on tabulating final grades and preparing report cards. Of course, our dedicated teachers will also be spending evenings and weekends to continue working on grades and cards. The 2nd trimester report cards will be distributed on March 16.
Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Early-Application Period ends for 2018-19 admissions; current families must re-apply by today's deadline in order to avoid the re-application fee increasing from $95 to $220.
  • Parents should expect the 2nd trimester PARENT SURVEY to be emailed by Mr. Fitz today; please complete the online survey by February 22.
Monday & Tuesday, February 19 & 20 - NO SCHOOL DAYS
  • School and Kid's Club are closed for George Washington's Birthday
Wednesday, February 21
  • "Teachers for the Day" - this Auction-purchased event takes place today, starting with each homeroom's "student teacher" having hot chocolate in the faculty room at 7:45AM with Mr. Fuerte and the teachers, and including each "student teacher" teaching a lesson.
Thursday, February 22
  • Reconciliation Service for Grades 3-5 at 10:30; parents are invited to the first 20 minutes of this liturgy, and then only students will remain to be able to make their Confessions with the priests
  • Altar Serving Training, 3:00-4:30 in church.
  • Please complete Mr. Fitz's Parent Survey by today.

Friday, February 23
  • Flavorful Friday Treats on sale for $1; proceeds benefit the 5th graders' sponsorship of orphans in Central America.
Sunday, February 25
  •  Speech Team's end-of-year party.

Friday, March 2 - NO SCHOOL DAY
  •  School and Kids' Club are closed.
  •  End of 2nd trimester; teachers' workday on report cards.

  Deadline Today for Early Re-Application Period
TODAY ENDS THE EARLY PERIOD FOR CURRENT FAMILIES TO RE-ENROLL IN ST. LOUISE FOR THE 2018-19 SCHOOL YEAR. Parents have previously received your re-application paperwork and instructions for how to re-apply for your current kids in St. Louise, and also how to newly apply if you have children who will be enrolling for the first time with us (such as in PreK or Kindergarten). You may also find directions HERE.

Current parents also received a separate email from the school office, explaining how to complete a portion of your re-application virtually through our Skyward database system. If you did not receive this email, please immediately call Lola and Mindy in the school office: 425-746-4220.

As the new Parent Contract reveals, St. Louise School continues to be the least expensive tuition of all the Catholic schools on the Eastside, and most likely, of all the private schools, period! By the way, we also charge the least expensive re-application fee - only $95.

But that low fee only applies to this early application period. The fee increases to $220 tomorrow - the same amount we charge newly applying families to apply. BEAT THE INCREASED FEE BY COMPLETING ALL YOUR INFORMATION BY TODAY'S DEADLINE.

Please use this checklist to make sure you have followed all the proper steps for re-applying for admissions for the 2018-19 school year:   

Please use this checklist to make sure you have followed all the proper steps for re-applying for admissions for the 2018-19 school year:   

____ Paid the online $95 Re-Application Fee.

____ For newly-enrolling child who is not currently attending St. Louise, completed the virtual Student Application and Emergency Information Form via the "Enrollment for 2018-19" section in Skyward. (See your February 1st email from the school office.)

____Also, for newly-enrolling child who is not currently attending St. Louise, completed the Addendum form

____ For returning child, completed the virtual Student Application and Emergency Information Form via the "Enrollment for 2018-19" section in Skyward. (See your February 1st email from the school office.)

____ Returned the completed Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments  (AKA EFT form).

____ Returned the completed Parent Contract.

Speech Team Brings Home Yet Another First Place Trophy  
          The St. Louise Speech Team wrapped up the speech season with another big win by taking 1st place at the Archbishop Murphy HS Speech Tournament last Saturday! We are so proud of all our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who helped us earn the top award of the tourney! Congratulations to our Speech Team students who finalized or placed in their events:
  • Teresa Akers -4th place in Senior Expository
  •  Daniela Castillo - 4th place in Senior Humorous and2nd place in Senior Impromptu
  •  Ellie Charles - 2nd place in Junior Humorous
  •  Katie Goett - 2nd place in Senior Expository
  • Jack Kehoe - 1st place in both Junior Humorous and Junior Oratory earning him two $500 merit scholarships!
  • Frances Kowal - 1st place in both Senior Dramatic and Senior Impromptu earning her two $2000 merit scholarships!
  • Jonah Kowal - 2nd place in Junior Humorous and 4th place in Junior Oratory
  • Raizel Lagunero - 3rd place in Junior Dramatic
  • Erin Tylutki - 2nd place in Senior Humorous and 1st place in Senior Expository earning her a $2000 merit scholarship!
  • Alice Vimal - 3rd place in Senior Oratory and Most Inspirational Award
          Thank you to our parent judges:  Margie Clinton, Gail Cunneely, Stasia Kehoe, Tami Kowal, and Stephen Vimal. Pictured at right is the award-winning St. Louise team, along with their teacher moderators, Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Gallant.

Fifth Graders and Older Invited to Serve
          Altar Serving is not just a service but a prayerful celebration of Jesus Christ!  Parish youth in grades 5 or older are welcome to join the Altar Server ministry team. Training is scheduled for Thursday, February 22, from 3:00-4:15 in the Church. Parents are not required to stay for the training but are asked to return by 4:15 for crucial scheduling information.
         If your child is  interested in becoming an Altar Server, but cannot attend this training, contact Mary Anne Baradi or Mary Herridge.
They had to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early - due to Ash Wednesday falling on the 14th this year - but that didn't deter our 2nd graders from having a fun, early Valentine's Day Party on Tuesday.
There Is Still Time to Voice Your Opinion
          In his January 18th blog, Dan Fitzpatrick wrote about the Washington State Catholic Conference (WSCC) and their leadership in getting involved in various Catholic-centered legislation in Olympia. The WSCC's newsletter this week gives many updates on the status of bills being debated, and still needing Catholics to voice their opinions to their legislators - ranging from abortion to the death penalty. The newsletter opens with the following message:

 "Five weeks into the legislative session it is clear that involvement by Catholics is increasing.  Your respectful engagement in the process is critical in shaping the numerous bills that are continuing to be considered.  This past week, one of the Catholics involved was Yakima Bishop Joseph Tyson.  His testimony on both the abortion insurance mandate and the reform of legal financial obligations for released offenders highlighted the key role the Church plays on a range of important issues..."
You may sign up HERE to receive the WSCC's newsletter and legislative alerts.


Our 1st and 2nd graders performed their Winter Concert - Flakes - last week in the parish hall.

Support the Special Olympics

          The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games are coming to Seattle this July 1-6, and t he Seattle Archdiocese Catholic Schools are excited to announce our partnership and commitment to supporting the Special Olympics!  Other ministries within the Archdiocese are also coming together to serve, including the Fulcrum Foundation and the Knights of Columbus.
          If you and your children want to
witness and possibly volunteer at any of the venues, you are encouraged to do so. The volunteer opportunities include these three choices:
Choice 1: Friday, June 29 - SEATAC AIRPORT WELCOME
Help welcome and assist the Special Olympics athletes, coaches, and their families as they fly into Seattle.

Choice 2: Saturday, June 30 - MASS FOR THE ATHLETES
Provide hospitality support for and attend the evening Mass that is being offered to the Special Olympic athletes, coaches, and their families. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain is celebrating this Mass on the University of Washington campus.

Choice 3: Sunday, July 1 - CHEER
Join fellow parents and students from all the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools in building a mile long  "cheer line" starting at 9AM, to honor all Special Olympics athletes as they gather for their Parade of Athletes in UW's Husky Stadium. Families who volunteer for the cheer line will have access into the Opening Ceremony - you can sit in the stands for the Opening Ceremony at 12:30.

          Please go HERE for more information on the Special Olympics USA Games and how to get involved this summer.

Thank You, Volunteers!

          We want to thank the following parents who helped cook and serve yesterday's Soup Lunch: Didi Burrington, Joe Sollars, Araceli Santiago, Angeleigh Gregorios, Cheryl Sutton, Amy Manne, Victoria Bermel, Lilibeth Tiotuico, Wendy Blank, Laura Bonner, Erin Aitken, Elizabeth Armenta, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Teresita O'Beirne, Sarah Pierce.
          Students entered the parish hall in silence to donate their cash to Operation Rice Bowl and pickup their cup of soup and a roll to carry back to their rooms at lunchtime. Our special helpers - the 7th graders - even ate in darkness and silence at tables set up in the parish hall, as they participated in spirit in solidarity with those who have little in this world.
New Menu Items for Hot Lunch
Dear St. Louise Parents,
Just an update on what's new with our hot lunch program. We are now offering some new menu items for your children to try.
  • Pasta and Pizza on Tuesdays.
  • Nacho's with or without chicken (with black beans and cheese sauce) and fresh fruit.
  • Thursday is our Sandwich and Salad Day - as well as two hot items.
  • Pizza Fridays with carrots and a cookie.
You can order daily up until 8pm the evening before, or order weekly or monthly ahead of time.
No minimum orders amount are needed.
Its easy to set up your account online.  Just visit the school website and follow the ordering instructions.
We welcome any suggestions on our program via email.
Lunch Ladies Catering

Last week, you were sent home a hard copy of the calendar of Lenten events at St. Louise.  Please note the corrected version above.
The copy you were sent incorrectly listed our two Reconciliation Services in the "School Activities" section. The correct date for the grades 3-5 Reconciliation Service is next Thursday, February 22, at 10:30AM. The grades 6-8 Reconciliation Service is on March 15, at 10:30AM.
See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page