I apologize for the broken links in our Happy Toolidays List sent this morning. The links in this copy of "Your Happy Toolidays List of Hock Tools $50 and Less" should work just fine. You will see the list below.

In the meantime, here's the greeting I wrote in our previous send of the same newsletter:

Linda tells about how when she would, as a child, anticipate a future event, saying, “I can’t wait until…”, her mother would caution, “Don’t wish your life away” -- a sage maternal reminder to live in the moment. 

I gratefully acknowledge that Linda and I are more fortunate than so many who are struggling these days. But despite my MIL’s admonition, I will be happy to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

In the meantime, though, good things are right in front of me; I hope good things are right in front of you, as well. Our last newsletter told you all about our sale on the Hock Tools Slicing Knife Kit – a good 25% off! 

Today? It is time for the annual Hock Tools Toolidays List of our products $50 or less. Just read and click through on the marking knife below. 

We’ve also included three, short Highland Woodworking videos featuring master instructor Jim Dillon. Jim provides tips, method, his experience, and wisdom as he helps you sharpen your handplane blades, chisels, and shows the benefits of a simple side clamp honing guide for improving both. Jim does a great job in these videos!

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.