Trailways 2024 Annual Conference
Trailways 2024 Annual Conference co-located with ABA in exciting Nashville. Thank you to all who attended!

If you did not complete the post-conference survey, please take a minute to submit your feedback. The survey was sent via email to all attendees. In case you missed it, here is a copy of the survey.

We appreciate your feedback!
Click here to access all professional photos. We thank ABC Companies for sponsoring the photography!
Keynote Speaker, Jenna Armato
Thank you to Prevost for sponsoring our Keynote Speaker, Jenna Armato. Jenna is a growth & success coach.

Her topic was relevant to all attendees and we left with tools to navigate through the different generations.

If you were not able to attend the conference, Jenna has allowed us to share her presentation slides.

To access her presentation, "Bridging the Multigenerational Gap", please click here.
See You in Oklahoma City Next Year!

We hope to see you at next year's Annual Conference in Oklahoma City.

The dates are February 18-20, 2025.
We will be co-locating with United Motorcoach Association (UMA).
Bob Brisman Voted in as Board Chair
Robert (Bob) Brisman, President of West Point Trailways, was voted in as chair of the Trailways Board on January 10th at the annual Stockholders meeting in Nashville. Brisman has served on the Trailways Board since 2022.

Brisman is the third generation to run West Point Trailways. He started in 1987 under the tutelage of his father, Jerome Brisman. He now runs West Point Tours with his brother Jay, and their focus is on technology. They know that internal and systemwide technology are important to a company’s future.

Read the Press Release here.
Congratulations to Our Spirit Award Winners!
Tom Bazow
Exceptional Organizational Support
Alex Berardi, Trailways Ticketing & Marketing LLC
Team Player

Amanda Thibeau
Aimbridge Hospitality
Outstanding Affiliate Support
Congratulations to Our First-Ever "Bob Crescenzo"
Driver of the Year Award Winners!
Charter & Tour - Full Time
James Lewis
Thrasher Brothers Trailways, Alabama
Charter & Tour - Part Time
Jeff Cousins
Dean Trailways,
Congratulations to Our Safety Award Winners!
Martz Trailways
Wilkes Barre, PA

Fleet Service Safety award in the Charter & Tour Division in the category less than One Million Miles Traveled.
Huskey Trailways
Festus, MO

Fleet Service Safety award in the Charter & Tour Division in the category over One Million Miles Traveled.
Burlington Trailways
West Burlington, IA

Most Improved Overall award for Fleet Service Safety for Scheduled Route Service.
Martz Trailways
Wilkes Barre, PA

Most Improved Overall award for Fleet Service Safety for Charter & Tour Division.
Adirondack Trailways
Hurley, NY

Fleet Service Safety in award the Scheduled Route Division in the category over Two Million Miles Traveled.
Martz Trailways
Wilkes Barre, PA

Fleet Service Safety award in the Scheduled Route Division in the category less than Two Million Miles Traveled.
Peter Pantuso Honored with the
 Outstanding Industry Support Award
Amy Brooks Honored with a
Special Leadership Award as Outgoing Chair
Team Trailways Stockholder's Photo
Board of Director's Photo
Once Again, Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors!
Trailway Member News
Congrats to Two Fullington Trailways Team Members Who Received Awards! 
Driver of Distinction Honoree: 
🏆 George Snedeker 
Employee of Distinction Honoree: 
🏆 Claye Knepp 
We're so proud of their hard work and dedication!
Julie Huskey Named to UMA Board

Julie Huskey of Huskey Trailways, Festus, MO. was named as one of the newly elected New Operator Board Members for UMA. Julie will serve a three-year term on the UMA Board.
Passing the Torch at Viking Trailways

Gale Webb started a journey with Viking Trailways that he is now turning over to Jerry Varner (his son-in-law) and Greg Varner (his grandson). These gentlemen are excited at the amazing opportunity of carrying Viking Trailways into the future. Read more...
Trailways Forges Strategic Alliance with Greyhound Bus and FlixBus to provide Customers More Travel Options

The new alliance will add hundreds of Greyhound and Flixbus destinations to and, giving customers even more access to convenient, comfortable, and affordable bus travel. "This is a historic moment for Trailways. Read more...
ABC Companies Proudly Announces the Appointment of Ryhan Cornell to the Board of Directors of Trailways.
ABC Companies is delighted to announce the appointment of Ryhan Cornell to the Board of Directors of Trailways. As a board member, Ryhan is poised to apply her extensive industry experience and knowledge to help guide Trailways toward a future that balances business success with community engagement and environmental stewardship.
Industry News
Congestion Pricing Hearing Dates & Public Comment Period
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced details of a public comment period of the tolling structure that has been proposed for Central Business District Tolling, New York’s congestion pricing program.

The agency will accept written and audio comments until Monday, March 11, 2024, and will hold four hybrid virtual/in-person public hearings in February and March.

Members of the public may submit written comments online and by email, mail and fax, and may submit audio comments by leaving a voicemail message. All comments will be recorded and submitted for review.

Mail: CBD Tolling Program, 2 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10004  
Phone: 646-252-7440  
Fax: Send to (212) 504-3148 with Attention to CBDTP Team. 

ABA Announces Future Marketplace Dates, Locations
The American Bus Association (ABA) – the leading industry trade organization representing the motorcoach and group travel and tourism companies – today announced the future dates and cities of the #1 motorcoach and group travel annual event – Marketplace for the next four years. Read more...
Electronic ID Proposal Moves to FMCSA’s Back Burner
From speed limiters to automatic emergency braking systems, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will spend much of 2024 working on several controversial mandates. One rulemaking that operators may not have to worry about for a while, however, is a proposal to require electronic IDs on commercial motor vehicles. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fall 2023 Unified Regulatory Agenda, the rulemaking has been moved to the agency’s long-term actions, and no movement is expected in the next year. Read more...
FMCSA Increases Fine Amounts for Inflation
The cost of violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations will increase in 2024. In a final rule that is scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday, Dec. 28, the FMCSA announced its new civil penalty amounts. New fine amounts also were announced for other U.S. Department of Transportation agencies. Read more...
FMCSA Looking to Increase UCR Fees by 25% for Next Year
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is proposing to increase registration fees that participating states collect from motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders and leasing companies for the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan and Agreement for the 2025 registration year and subsequent years. Read more...
FMCSA Warning: Drivers Who Drug-Test Positive Will Lose CDLs
Late next year truck drivers who test positive for drug use will not only be placed on prohibited driving status, but will lose their commercial driver licenses and not be issued learning permits until they complete the federal return-to-work process. Final rule goes into effect in late 2024. Read more...
Greyhound Bus Stops are Valuable Assets. Here’s Who’s Cashing in on Them
You can’t get here from there. That’s the increasing problem facing around 60 million people who depend on intercity buses. Intercity bus lines like Greyhound, Trailways and Megabus, an overlooked but essential part of America’s transportation system, carry twice the number of people who take Amtrak every year. But the whole network faces a growing crisis: Greyhound and other private companies’ bus terminals are rapidly closing around the country. Read more...
Groups Traveling to Canada by Bus: What You Need to Know
If you are a Tour Operator or Coach Operator traveling to Canada, you must be prepared before leaving. Our team has prepared the following tips to help you with your trips and to ensure there are no surprises at the borders or during your visit to Canada. Read more...
Inspector General Report Casts Doubt on Biden's Ambitious Electric Bus Program as 'Delays' Could Last Years
President Biden's ambitious plans to accelerate the adoption of electric school buses in coming years is facing significant barriers, according to an inspector general report. Read more...
New Way to Access DOT’s Drug and Alcohol Management System
Click here for more information.
New MirrorLESS Camera System Seeks Exemption
On Nov. 16, FMCSA published a notice for comment on an exemption request from Safe Fleet Bus and Rail to allow motor carriers to operate vehicles equipped with the MirrorLESS camera monitoring system installed as an alternative to rearview mirrors. Read more...
New Traffic Control Device Manual Released by FHWA
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released the 11th edition of the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways” or MUTCD traffic control device manual released by FHWA. Read more...
New York City is Suing Texas-Based Transportation Companies Over Migrant Busing
New York City is hitting back at Texas over Gov. Greg Abbott’s migrant busing program.The city filed a suit against 17 transportation companies contracted with Texas to send migrants from border towns to New York City and other Democrat-led metropolises. Read more...
Senator Stec Calls for Lifting of Electric Bus Mandate, If Not, Stec Says State Should Fund School Bus Conversion
State Sen. Dan Stec, R-Queensbury, has signed onto a letter with 14 other state Senate Republicans calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to either lift the electric school bus mandate for public schools or fully fund the conversion process. Read more...
Speed Limiter Proposal Misses Target Date
Another target date has passed without the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issuing its proposal to require speed limiters on most commercial motor vehicles. Read more...
State Group Sues Biden Administration Over Emissions Rules
A consortium of 21 states has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that President Joe Biden and his administration have overstepped their authority in taking steps to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Read more...
Tackling The Cost of Motorcoach Insurance Post-COVID
As motorcoach operations continue to climb out of the pandemic's rubble, many are more focused on making prudent business decisions than ever before. One way they can control costs is through making sound decisions around the insuring of their vehicles. Read more...
Transit Agencies Lay Groundwork for Zero Emission Bus Fleet Overhaul
The country’s transit agencies are preparing for the most sweeping and complex transformation of bus fleets in history.The dramatic shift to achieve 100% zero-emission bus (ZEB) fleets will involve massive capital investments. Among the challenges, agencies must overhaul aging storage and maintenance facilities to accommodate new battery charging or hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Read more...
Transportation Tech, Challenges on Agenda for New US DOT Advisory Committee
The U.S. Department of Transportation established a committee to advise DOT and the secretary of transportation on transportation innovation plans and approaches. Read more...
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