Trailways 2023 Annual Conference
Trailways 2023 Annual Conference co-located with UMA Expo in sunny Orlando and was well attended! Thank you to all!

Check out the video below from our keynote speaker, Steve Gilliland!
Congratulations to Our Spirit Award Winners!
Bob Crescenzo
Lancer Insurance
Lifetime Support of Trailways
Motor Coach Industries (MCI)
Outstanding Affiliate Support
Fullington Trailways
Team Player
Congratulations to Our Driver of the Year Award Winners!
Delevan Smith
Trailways of New York
Guy Phelps
Capital Trailways
Edna Whitmyre Susquehanna Trailways
Congratulations to Our Safety Award Winners!
Adirondack Trailways
Hurley, NY

Fleet Service Safety in the Scheduled Route Division in the category more than Two Million Miles Traveled and...

Most Improved Overall for Fleet Service Safety for Scheduled Route Service.
Martz Trailways
St. Petersburg, FL

Fleet Service Safety in the Scheduled Route Division in the category less than Two Million Miles Traveled.
Arrow Trailways
Killeen, TX

Fleet Service Safety in the Charter & Tour Division in the category less than Two Million Miles Traveled.

*Martz Trailways and Arrow Trailways were not in attendance to accept the award. Both awards were accepted by Jonathan Berzas.
Congratulations to Pat Ziska,
Outstanding Industry Support
Pat Ziska
Motor Coach Industries (MCI)
We wish her the best of luck in her retirement!
Team Trailways Stockholders
Team Trailways Board of Directors
Once Again, Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors!
Member News
We would like to welcome our new Affiliate Vendor Member, Betterez Canada Inc.!
Betterez founded in 2011 provides a Software-as-a-Service for Bus Operators to increase revenue, optimize operations and analyze and reconcile their data. Betterez works with Inter-city Line Runs, Airport Shuttles, Commuter/Transit, and Employer/Employee services.

Visit their website here.
We would like to welcome our new Affiliate Vendor Member, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing!
Looking beyond the present, SMFL is committed to contributing broadly to the sustainable growth of their customers and society by providing high value-added services.

Visit their website here.
2023-2024 Trailways Charter Directory
We are preparing the 2023-2024 Trailways Charter Directory. Please refer back to the email we sent out with your previous listing to review for changes. Please designate one person from your organization to review and submit changes.
If no changes, please reply to the email advising of no changes. If you have changes, please let us know what needs to be updated.
The deadline to submit is 1/25/2023
Thrasher Brothers Saved the Day
Thrasher Brothers Trailways in Birmingham, Alabama, saved the day for a collegiate client after one of its sports teams’ flight was canceled an hour before it was supposed to be picked up. Read More!
Martz Trailways to Revitalize Tour Business in 2023
Martz Trailways is renewing its focus on the tour industry with the hope of capitalizing on an increased interest in leisure travel, entertainment, group, and family outings. Read More!
A Grassroots in Action Profile: Nick Trevino of Aries Trailways
Nick Trevino, Finance manager at Aries Charter Transportation, Inc. in Naperville, Ill., and Trailways member, has helped bring in a number of Congressional co-signers for CERTS Tax Relief. Read More!
Goodbye Greyhound, Hello Megabus: Trailways of New York Announces New Partnership
Trailways of New York is moving on after its divorce from Greyhound this spring. It's partnering with Megabus, one of the largest bus companies in North America and a major competitor of Greyhound., part of Coach USA, offers intercity bus service across the eastern, southern and midwestern United States and in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Read More!
Brent Maitland Joins Trailways Board
Brent joined MCI in 2004, and during his tenure he has led pre-owned coach sales and MCI Service Center businesses, the redesign and market launch of the new-look MCI J4500 coach in 2013, and the introduction of the 2018 MCI J4500 coach interior redesign.

Brent was named to his current position when MCI merged with New Flyer in 2020. Prior to New Flyer, Brent was a partner in KIMA Consulting and a consultant with Deloitte.
Special Pricing Offer From Busie!

Busie is offering special pricing until the end of February 2023 for Trailways members looking to upgrade their business's charter software and provide a modern experience for their charter team and customers.

Email with the subject "Get Online" to learn more about how Busie can help you save time and drive profit in your charter quoting and booking process. Alternatively, you can book a meeting with Busie’s success team here or scan the QR code!
Industry News
Motor Coach Industries announced that Thomas Vik has joined MCI as Private Market Regional vice president for New and Pre-Owned Coach Sales in the Midwest region. Read More!
EPA Finalizes New Derate Schedule, Established New Emissions Standards
Motorcoach operators submitted comments describing a greater sensitivity to any speed derate because of a much greater responsibility for carrying people safely to their intended destinations over longer distances, including their role in emergency response and national defense operations. After consideration of these comments, we are allowing manufacturers to design and produce engines that will be installed in motorcoaches with an alternative derate schedule that starts with a 65 mi/hr derate when a fault condition is first detected, steps down to 50 mi/hr after 80 hours, and concludes with a final derate speed of 25 mi/hr after 180 hours of non-idle operation. EPA is defining motorcoaches in 40 CFR 1036.801 to include buses that are designed to travel long distances with row seating for at least 30 passengers. This is intended to include charter services available to the general public. Read More!
The U.S. and Europe are struggling to make enough diesel to heat homes, a situation that looks set to become even more acute as winter approaches. Read More!
The new Commercial Driver's License test, based on a joint effort between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), reflects evolving vehicle technologies and components. Read More!
DOT Gets Funding Increase in $1.7 Trillion Federal Budget
The $1.7 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 — which advanced through the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 23 after moving through the Senate the day before — allocates $106.3 billion to DOT and its agencies, $3.4 billion more than the agency received a year ago and $1.9 billion more than the White House requested. The funding will support, among other things, national infrastructure improvements via grants to states, municipalities, Tribal authorities and metropolitan planning organizations. In particular, the bill includes $800 million for national infrastructure investment grants. Read More!
CERTS - Tax Exemption Act
Even with an unprecedented lobbying effort, legislation to exempt the 2021 CERTS grants from taxation was NOT included in the final, end of year FY 2022 Omnibus spending bill that closed out the 117th Congress. The CERTS tax legislation retained strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, and our champions fought for its inclusion; however, partisan differences on other tax matters held up agreement on including any tax measures in the final Omnibus bill beyond a popular retirement savings bill. Read More!
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