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February 2016
Message from the Founder
As a governor appointed board member for the Silver State exchange, and as the current chairwoman I have seen access to healthcare improve in the state of Nevada. We have gone from one in five to approximately one in ten without insurance. There are still approximately 300,000 without health insurance. Many of these individuals are struggling or will fall on hard times, and they are sick or will become sick. Often at Volunteers in Medicine we see the medically ill who also have significant mental health as well as social issues which can become a barrier to them seeking and continuing to receive their much-needed healthcare services.
As a representative to the American Medical Association for Nevada, one of the most frequently discussed topics at our annual convention was the need, the absolute necessity for medical clinics and providers of low-income populations to offer social and mental health services. It is simply not enough to provide medical services alone as research has indicated that working with the whole person leads to better success and overall outcomes! Volunteers in Medicine, is so grateful to The Greater Good Council for their incredible generosity. They graciously gave us a Grant of 112,000 dollars to launch and sustain our Social Mental Behavioral Health Integrated Services.
The program's critical elements are a social worker in the first year and the ability to provide clinical psychological services in the second year. These are the cornerstones of our social service and mental health program as we go forward in years to come to create an ideal, most effective FREE and CHARITABLE Medical Clinic for the most vulnerable members of our community. Because every human being has a right to the best medical and mental health service and treatment available!
Dr. Florence Jameson,
Founder and Chairman of the Board and all our Volunteers at VMSN
 Providing Health to Mother & Hope to Daughter


   Anne M., 62 & Daughter, Freda

Many people come to VMSN when they have no other health care options. Anne M. was one such patient who found VMSN when she was not yet eligible for Medicaid. Her visit to VMSN revealed many health issues including renal artery complications, and extremely high blood pressure which had resulted in several strokes.  

Anne's daughter and caregiver, Freda, brought her to the Ruffin Family Clinic where VMSN Volunteers Dr. Robert Shiroff (Cardiology) and Dr. Charles Bernick (Neurology) provided care for Anne's health issues. 

Without health insurance,  Anne could not afford the multiple medications necessary to treat her stroke related seizures, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Through Volunteers in Medicine, Anne went home with all of her needed medications free of charge.
Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Judy Chen
Judy Chen NP-C
Dr. Judy Chen,
Thank you  
for all you do
 for our patients! 
Dr. Judy Chen came to VMSN as a much needed Primary Care Physician.  An RN since 2005, she received her MSN  at UCLA in 2009 and brings a wealth of medical experience to VMSN's patients.
"My favorite part about volunteering is the patients."   ( Read More About Dr. Chen

For more information or to join our "Culture of Caring" as a volunteer, visit:
Volunteer Spotlight: Frantia Jones

Frantia Jones
          Ruffin Family Clinic Front Desk

VMSN Volunteer Frantia Jones has been with VMSN for 5 months and is the face our patients see when they check out of the Clinic.  Frantia is pursuing a career in Health Information Technology and is applying her skills from her studies while volunteering at VMSN. "I feel the hands on experience at VMSN is crucial to the success of my future career in the medical field. The patients at VMSN are so wonderful to help. I love being able to give back to the communityand helping those in need."   
Thank you Frantia for donating your time. VMSN could not do what we do without you!  
Thank you! 
VMSN is honored to be the recipient of the Greater Good Council's "Collective Impact" Healthcare Grant.   The Greater Good Council consists of a small group of local philanthropists who invest in Las Vegas nonprofits to make our community a better place to live. The grant for $111,625.00 will launch VMSN's Social and Behavioral Services program which will provide patients with another level of expert care.
Pictured: Dr. Robert Shiroff, Laura Donahue, Gard Jameson, Dr. Florence Jameson, Diana Bennett, Tom Thomas, Myra Greenspun, Angela Edgeworth, and Julie Murray.
Thank you from VMSN!
Sarah Ning, Commissioner of her Fantasy Football League the "Wine Receivers," dropped by the Ruffin Family Clinic today to donate her winnings ($1,000) and told VMSN to use it where it's most needed! 
Thank you, Sarah (and the Wine Receivers) for your generous donation!
Pictured: Amy Schmidt, Executive Director, VMSN & Sarah Ning

Dr. Jameson and Gard Jameson with children from St. Jude's Ranch
Children from St. Jude's Ranch had a great time at Mystere!

SAVE October 1st, 2016
for the 8th Annual 
Volunteers in Medicine Ball 

8th Annual Ball Committee is now forming.
If you have a passion for seeing that everyone in our community has access to quality health care, please join us and make the 2016 Volunteers in Medicine Ball the best ever! 
Contact  Esther Green, VMSN Development Manager
at (702) 912-0020 or egreen@vmsn.org for more information today!


We're excited to be a part of Nevada's Big Give!
Nevada's Big Give is a 24-hour online giving event for charities and we'd love your support for our "Patient Fund for Emergency Care."  

Can't wait for March 10, 2016?  Schedule your Big Give donation today! 

Thank you for your support! 

Welcome, Tabatha Pederson
VMSN Social Services Director

Tabitha Pederson recently moved to the Las Vegas area from the Midwest.  Tabitha has a Master's degree in social work from University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration and a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern College in Iowa where she studied Business Marketing and Management.  Tabitha worked for many years in the corporate sector as a trainer and project manager before pursuing work in social services. She spent the last 7 years working in agencies that provided employment, housing, substance abuse, and mental health services for people living with chronic illnesses and she understands the impact integrated healthcare has on those in need.  Tabitha is very excited to be working with VMSN on the implementation of the Social, Mental and Behavioral Health Intervention Services department in order to help fulfill our mission to provide quality health care and support to the uninsured

VMSN Board Members
Florence Jameson M.D.

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Gard Jameson

Robert Shiroff M.D.

Aron Rogers D.O.

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Courtney S. Warren PhD

Matt Milone Esq.

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Lydia Wyatt D.D.S

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