A Word from Mark
Dear Friends of WTLC,
It’s that time of the year – Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month! In the month of October, everyone here at WTLC, along with our brothers and sisters in the DV movement across the nation, are rising up and taking a stand against violence.

By taking a stand, we intend to raise awareness by reminding those in our own community that there are still countless people – victims and survivors, their children and families impacted by domestic violence. We are planning to do some exciting local events throughout the month.

On October 3 rd , we’re inviting couples to have a date night with us at Hopscotch Tavern and learn about the art of healthy conflict. On October 16 th , we are facilitating a ‘men only’ conversation over cigars and whisky to talk about healthy relationships. Then, on October 24 th , we’ll be jamming to some good music at our fall fundraising event, ¾ Time Dueling Pianos. And finally, if you want to get in some exercise during the month, join us on October 27th at bike2thebeat for a spin class dedicated to ending the cycle of violence--all proceeds go to WTLC!

So if you’re looking for great ways to be involved this DV Awareness month, consider coming out to our events. I’d love to see you there! 

With Appreciation,

Lilly's Story: "I wasn't in chains...but I was being trafficked"
Lilly was sitting on a bus on her way to work one day when her life changed forever. “I was just looking out the window, barely paying attention to anything in particular. That’s when I saw the billboard.”

Lilly had passed by that billboard every day. A black and white photograph of a woman in chains, and a phone number to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

“I wasn’t in chains. I wasn’t sleeping in a dungeon. But I was being trafficked.”

Lilly’s husband forced her to work long hours and took all of her wages. She had to work holidays and even when she was sick. When she tried to leave he would become violent with her or threaten to hurt their daughter.

When Lilly first came to WTLC, she was uncomfortable identifying herself as a survivor of human trafficking. “Attending groups and counseling regularly helped me accept and process my past. I was a survivor. What happened to me was wrong. My story mattered.” There are many faces of domestic violence and human trafficking. Though no two stories are the same, each story is valid and each survivor deserves to be heard.
Preventing Violence: Community Engagement Makes the Difference
Families and community members play a crucial role in preventing family violence for many reasons:

  • Studies show that abused women turn first to those closest to them—extended family, friends, and neighbors—before they reach out to an organization or professional service provider. Relatively few access shelter services. And they seek out government institutions—police, courts, and child protection agencies—last.

  • Community members often know which families need help and which services can make a difference.

  • Community members know the cultural values, traditions, and practices that support violence—as well as those that can be used appropriately to intervene and stop it.

Over the years, WTLC has committed itself to community prevention efforts by facilitating three major programs: the personal empowerment program, parenting classes, and an Empowerment Series offered on-site at our partner agency, Colette’s Children's Home. Programs provide community members with a foundational knowledge on understanding the dynamics of domestic violence, providing realistic and trauma-informed support to victims and survivors, and much more. 
Thank you to the Allergan Foundation for supporting our General Operations through our HERO Fund! This support will allow us to remain responsive to even the most unexpected survivor needs, enabling us to H onor, E mpower, and R estart the lives of survivors, and to O vercome the cycle of violence and exploitation.
1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience domestic violence during their lifetime. Make your voice heard this Domestic Violence Awareness Month at our second annual 3/4 Time Dueling Pianos Event as we sing together and call for an end to domestic violence in our community.

Join us on October 24th!
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