State Legislative Update
CASA Sponsoring AB 1672 (Bloom) to Address Wipes Labeling
CASA’s sponsored bill related to labeling single use wet wipes is now in print! Author Assemblymember Richard Bloom has a proven track record on consumer protection and environmental legislative issues. View the full text of the bill.
Check out the CASA "Wipes Clog Pipes" Webpage
We are pleased to announce CASA’s Wipes Clog Pipes webpage ! It hosts useful resources and information about issues surrounding nonflushable wet wipes. Materials include:

  • Wipes Clog Pipes logo
  • Process infographic about what wipes do to the sewer system
  • Links to agencies, programs, and media coverage of wet wipes issues

We encourage you to post, share and spread the word on wipes. Don’t forget to tag us on social media using @CASA_CleanWater and #WipesClogPipes #CASAConnects

Please join us in the fight against wipes!
Over the next several months, the CASA Communications Committee will be engaging in a statewide outreach campaign, “No Wipes in the Pipes” to help better educate the public on the impact of wipes on sewer systems. The first big push is needed beginning April 1.
A Closer Look at SB 332 (Hertzberg & Wiener): Ocean Discharge Ban
CASA is opposing SB 332 by Senators Hertzberg and Wiener. The bill requires mandated reductions in ocean and bay discharge. We are actively opposing the bill and leading a coalition of statewide water and utility associations which are opposed. This bill is a top priority for CASA and our member agencies. More information regarding the bill and submitting letters of opposition on behalf of your agency are available here .
CASA State Legislative Committee Meets to Discuss 2019 Bills of Interest
There were 2,744 bills introduced in the California Legislature for the 2019 session. CASA’s State Legislative Committee met on March 15 to discuss and take positions on all of the bills that may impact our members.

In addition to our top priority bills, the committee discussed and took positions on a variety of bills relating to recycled water, water quality, local government, bonds, accessory dwelling units, climate change and housing and land use. The full list of bills and the positions the committee adopted are available online . The next meeting will be held via teleconference on Friday, April 5.
Federal Update
Congressman Garamendi Introduces NPDES Permit Term Extension Legislation
On March 14, Congressman John Garamendi introduced legislation to address extending NPDES permit terms for a fixed period of up to 10 years. This CASA priority bill gives USEPA and delegated states the authority to grant extended permit terms to public agencies. The legislation is consistent with CASA’s advocacy during the recent Washington D.C. Policy Forum and long-term federal legislative priorities. The bill is supported by a number of national groups .
Trump Administration Introduces Federal FY 2020 Budget Proposal
Last week, the White House Office of Management and Budget released a limited FY 2020 budget request for congressional consideration. The limited request will be followed by a detailed 2020 fiscal year budget. The proposal includes significant cuts for domestic spending while boosting defense spending. The budget is a starting point for negotiations.
Deadlines Approaching
Call for Award of Excellence Nominations!
CASA seeks to recognize members who provide essential public services and go above and beyond to protect public health and the environment. Member agencies and associates are invited to submit an Award of Excellence application by May 17. More information about the award criteria and categories is available on the website .

Award recipients will be honored at the CASA Annual Conference in San Diego. 
CASA Education Foundation Deadline Upcoming
Does your local college or university know about CASAs financial aid to students interested in a career in water? The CASA Education Foundation is accepting scholarship applications through April 28, 2019. For information on how to apply, who is eligible and the scholarship guidelines, visit:
US Water Alliance Prize Nominations Deadline
Awarded on an annual basis, the US Water Prize celebrates outstanding achievement in the advancement of sustainable, integrated and inclusive solutions to our nation's water challenges. It is the preeminent national recognition program for exemplary efforts to secure a sustainable water future for all. Nominations are due April 15.
May 21-22, 2019
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