CASA Goes Global!
CASA Director of Renewable Resource Programs Greg Kester traveled to Cologne Germany to present a proposal to lift the prohibition on the use of biosolids under the Global Good Agricultural Practices program. GlobalGAP is the world's leading farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements into good agricultural practices in more than 125 countries worldwide. Currently, there is a strict prohibition on the use of biosolids in the GlobalGAP standards.
Legislative & Regulatory Updates
Bipartisan WRDA Bill Wraps Up
Last week, House and Senate negotiators wrapped up a compromise water infrastructure bill that is expected to head to the two chambers for final passage later this month. The compromise bill (S. 3021) is expansive, addressing both fundamental U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issues as well as general water infrastructure programs at USEPA. Several important provisions to CASA were part of the package including: 

  • Designating WIFIA as a permanent program, deleting its pilot status and authorizing funding of at least $50 million for 2019 and $50 million for 2020; 
  • Creating a new SRF-WIN program designed as “WIFIA for states” that would allow for 100% of a project's costs to be funded if run through a state's SRF. Funding of the new program is contingent upon Clean Water and Drinking Water SRF programs being funded at FY 2018 levels or 105% of the prior year's appropriation (whichever is greater);
  • Creation of sewer and stormwater reuse grants for municipalities to manage, treat or reuse stormwater flows. A total of $225 million would be authorized for each of years 2019 through 2025. Within this new program would be authority to fund green infrastructure, water and energy efficiency improvements and other environmentally innovative activities.

S. 3021 now heads for final votes in the Senate and House. The strong bipartisan support for the bill is expected to result in final passage prior to Congress recessing for the elections at the end of the month.
CASA Submits Comments on Draft Ocean Acidification Action Plan
In late August, CASA submitted comments to the Ocean Protection Council on a draft ocean acidification action plan being developed by the Council. The OPC and Ocean Science Trust are working to develop responses to the growing concern about ocean acidification. The draft action plan acknowledges that ocean acidification is a global problem directly due to increasing atmospheric CO2 but also included language suggesting that ocean discharging wastewater agencies should reduce nutrient discharges (a potential localized contributor to ocean acidification).
CASA Submits Comments on LCFS, Pipeline Injection Standards
CASA recently submitted comments on two important proceedings related to renewable fuels and biogas. The first was related to proposed changes to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program. The changes would eliminate some previously adopted pathways and assign them higher carbon intensity values, most notably transportation fuel derived from wastewater biogas for which there is a proposed six-fold increase for large wastewater treatment plants. The comments also attempt to address issues related to co-digestion and feedstocks for fuels produced at wastewater facilities.
Member News/Other
Pollution Prevention Week: September 19-23
Pollution Prevention Week provides an opportunity for individuals, businesses and government to highlight their current environmental sustainability activities and achievements, expand efforts, inspire others and commit to new actions. Pollution Prevention has long been recognized as an effective tool for protecting the environment and the economy by eliminating pollution before it is generated. Please make sure you share your agencies activities around pollution prevention on CASA’s social media pages.

For more information and ideas, visit
California's Views on Climate Change
CASA has kept members informed about important issues and efforts on their behalf. You know our views, we know yours. But, what about average Californians? What are their views on topics such as water, climate change and the environment? The PPIC has released a one-page fact sheet about climate change featuring their survey results conducted over summer 2018. 

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Reminder: California Water Professionals Week October 6-14
Roughly 60,000 people work in the water industry in California. Last October, the Senate launched California’s first ever Water Professionals Appreciation Week. It was established by Senate Concurrent Resolution 80 by Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa). The measure was sponsored by a coalition led by CASA and the Association of California Water Agencies that includes WateReuse California, California Municipal Utilities Association and the California Water Association.

For more information, visit the ACWA’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week Toolkit .
Mark Your Calendar
2018 ACWA Regulatory Summit
The Association of California Water Agencies' Regulatory Summit will take place on October 16 in Sacramento. The purpose is to learn about new and evolving water quality regulatory requirements in California. CASA is working with the AWCA to organize this event. The registration deadline is October 5. Learn more .

Tuesday, October 16
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Hilton Sacramento Arden West
National Clean Water Law Seminar and Enforcement Workshop
CASA has once again partnered with the National Clean Water Law Seminar for their annual workshop. The workshop brings together clean water attorneys, legal professionals and utility leaders to address the critical legal and regulatory issues that impact the clean water sector. The workshop takes place on November 14-16 in San Diego. Learn more .
Sept. 29 - Oct. 3
Nov. 14 - 16
Jan. 23 - 25, 2019