Your Website
No video recap this week since Olivia and me are still recovering...but here are some resources for creating a website:

With all these, depending on your technical skill, you can have site built in a weekend.  Use trusted sources for information, such as, and site your sources.  Need help?  Let us know!  (800) 689-2800

Scheduling Services:

These allow your prospects and clients to automatically set appointments with you.  This is great for email communication and prevent emails back and forth!

National Senior Sales Summit

Make sure you join us for the National Senior Sales Summit May 15-16th in St. Louis! The largest agent focused summit in the nation! 

Tickets are 25% off through February!
Got a Question?  Some Great Advice?

Is there a topic or a question you have for Olivia and Mike?  We now have a link for you to submit your question!  

Plus, give your advice to new Sales Summit agents and help them prepare for this year's event!
Questions, comments, concerns, threats or promises...let us know!

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