Coming Up This Week @ CATCH
MONDAY (1/22)
Our Weekly Assembly Fosters Culture And Community

TUESDAY (1/23)
We're Focused On Academic Excellence All Week Long

Please See The Information Below For Details

Please See Miss Pat This Week About Tryout Information @ Dorsey

FRIDAY (1/26)
Teachers Are on Campus Until 4pm Or Later Every Day
FAMILIES OF SENIORS --->> On Wednesday, beginning at 9am, CATCH Prep will be providing a comprehensive FAFSA Workshop in which a dedicated Financial Counselor will be on hand to complete your student's Federal Application For Student Aid with you. It is imperative that you download this form of what to bring , and come with following documents and information:

1. You And Your Child's Social Security Number
2. Your 2016 Tax Return (And/Or Your 2015 Return)
3. An FSA ID For You And Your Child ( Get One Here )

The workshop will last all morning, and the expectation is that you will leave with a complete FAFSA Form for your child to received Financial Aid in college.
Group Work Sparks Friendships
In Ms. Redman's Biology class, students are connected to each other by much more than just content alone. By working in groups, students who may otherwise not be as social can develop lasting relationships for years.
Back In The Lab
Mr. Pierce's Chemistry students take their science seriously. Details matter when it comes to making observations and predictions, and this graduated cylinder is telling the story of chemical properties about to become unleashed.
One-On-One Time Is Essential
Perhaps one of the best ways to make use of one-on-one time with your teacher is to visit them during Office Hours. From 3pm-4pm, every CATCH Prep teacher is available for individual help and assistance, as well to be a listening ear for anything and everything that's going on in our students' lives.
Check  POWERSCHOOL For Updated Grades...
Grades are updated weekly at CATCH, and we encourage families to check our Powerschool Portal to learn about their child's academic achievement. As we prep students for life in college, knowing one's overall GPA is key.
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In The Zone
Studying can be an art form. Whether it's with your headphones on, or your feet kicked up, or draped in pajamas, the way we each hit our books is distinctly our own. However you get in the zone, the goal is to stay there :)
Freshman Open House
Tell a friend... CATCH Prep's Open House for prospective new students beginning in September 2018 is coming up soon. There'll be important registration information for families, and if you know of anyone looking to be a part of the CATCH family, send them to our website for all the key details.