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Baby goats are next. Free lunch. Free tour. Free fun. Spring Agri-farm tour is April 12th. Register today while space is still available.
Thank you Mayor Bemis. The luncheon was (to use a March Madness term...) "nothing but net!" Mayor Bemis went out of his way to share details, plans, and visions with those members who attended the sold out Business and Leaders Luncheon. Thank you again, Mayor Bemis.
ValleyScapes is a hard working local company. Check out the Capitol Communications Corner in this newsletter. Members of all employee sizes will be impacted by new taxes this legislation. Stay informed.

Activity on Major Issues:

  • Business Tax Increase - Remember Measure 97, the Gross Receipts Tax that Oregonians rejected 2 years ago? It's on its way back with a new name. The Democrat leadership is leaning toward selecting a Commercial Activity Tax, which is a pure gross receipts tax, as the basis for implementing a new business tax to add more than $2 billion in revenue.

  • PAID FAMILY LEAVE - Would SIGNIFICANTLY alter Oregon's business climate. Two of the bills under consideration:
  • HB 3031
  • Applies to employers with 1+ employees
  • Mandates 32 weeks of paid and protected family and medical leave each year
  • Creates state-run family insurance program administered by DCBS
  • Establishes new payroll tax up to 1% to pay for the family-leave insurance
  • SB 947
  • Expands OFLA eligibility to 1+ employees
  • Mandates 24 weeks of paid and protected family leave AND and additional 24 weeks of protected family and medical leave for some types of leave each year - total leave could be 48 weeks!
  • Requires employer to pay 100% of employee wages while employee is on paid leave
Networking at Noon TODAY

Bring your lunch and network.
It's that simple!
But Register soon because space is limited!
This Week's AM
Friday, March 29, 2019 | 7:22-9:00 AM

(Accessories Building)
36936 Hwy 26, Sandy, OR 97055
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.

New faces are always welcome!
Try Local

We Are in the Top Ten – UGH!
“Try Local” is about making our community a better place and when we are in the top ten for the wrong reasons we need to take action!
We are asking for your help on behalf of all our community and it will not cost you a dime…just some time.  Take the time to read the report from Mayor Bemis. We have posted on our Gresham Ford Facebook page.  This document points out how thefts have increased in the past few years because of a loophole a big truck could drive through. Unless you say you stole the car – you have just borrowed it without permission, thus not a car theft-thus you are not prosecuted per a judge’s interpretation of the law. 
This interpretation started around 2014-15. And guess what? Car thefts have increased dramatically. Since prosecution is not in the picture for the people stealing car  Gresham is now 8 th in the nation for thefts and Portland is 5 th . This hurts all of us. When insurance claims go up – guess what insurance rates do also.  There are additional costs associated with this problem, such as deductibles, costs for repairs not covered by insurance and just the time and wages lost when folks are having to handle the horrible inconvenience of having their car stolen.
So what can you do?  Contact your local State Representative. The legislation to correct this loophole is in HB2328. And be sure to state you want it passed unamended so there are consequences for car thieves actions! While we would all think this is a no brainer…it did not get passed in the last legislative session because of lack of focus! So please help – our community does not need to be in THIS Top Ten Category! Thank you!

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Join us for Earth Month. PGE employees volunteer throughout the year, and every April our focus turns to the environment during our Spring into Action month of service. We’ll pull invasive plants, pick up litter, plant trees and much more. Why? Because, like you, we’re proud to call this beautiful place home, and we want to help build a better, brighter tomorrow. Learn more at .

Business Startup Tips

Cover all the details. Prepare for all aspects of running a company, from strategy and management to marketing and sales, to day-to-day administration. And be sure to consider all applicable legal and licensing requirements

says that 70% of hand injuries happen when you're not wearing a glove. That means that the solution is to put a glove on your hand.
Did you know?

Actual human skeletal remains were once used in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.
It’s home to the state’s first registered National Historic District and has been rated one of the top 10 best antiquing towns in the nation. Easy to access but just off the beaten path, Aurora is surrounded by farmlands, wineries, galleries, championship golf and tasting rooms. This is a detour you might like taking.
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