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Our flag does not fly because the wind blows it; it flies with the last breath of every soldier who died defending it.

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Chamber in Pictures
What do these photos have in common? Baseball and plane flights. The Port of Portland. Register for the business and leaders luncheon. Come with questions for Jayson.
The 2019-2020 Chamber Magazine is a few weeks away from arriving at our members' doorsteps.  It is not only a quick (and colorful) way to access members, it has informative and interesting articles. Check out “Unstoppable Women”. Love Umeda, Party Surprise, is one of the four highlighted women.
The Salvation Army Gresham Corps' Major Dianne Madsen and husband Matt will be leaving the Gresham Army location and transferring to new Army responsibilities in the San Francisco area. Best wishes to you both. We all will miss you. Let the San Fran Chamber of Commerce (if they have one) know how fun and productive the Gresham Chamber is!
Super Majority in the legislature = a Runaway Train
  • Cap-and-Trade (HB 2020) - now estimated at $0.22 per gallon in 2021. OSCC has been working hard on a solution that protects businesses and ratepayers as well as the transportation sector. These efforts (-102 amendment) would protect local businesses and consumers from the negative impacts of cap-and-trade and give the Legislature time to sort out numerous constitutional challenges before cap-and-trade is fully implemented. The amendments are just now getting traction, but this bill is being fast-tracked. If the Legislature adopts the -102 amendment, it is our business amendment. 

  • Paid Family Leave (HB 2005) The draft policy under consideration is modeled loosely on Washington and includes:
  • 12-week paid family and medical leave annually
  • All employees are eligible after they've earned $1000
  • New state-run insurance program, funded through payroll tax contributions
  • Payroll tax of up to 1%:
  • 60% employee paid
  • 40% employer paid
  • Requirements come into effect after 90 days of employment
This Week's AM
Friday, June 14, 2019 | 7:22-9:00 AM

610 NE 181st Ave, Gresham
(Chamber Exclusive Discounted Shopping after meeting)
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.
New faces are always welcome!

Chamber Catalyst

The Gresham Chamber of Commerce is hosting the new annual "Breakin' on Main" break dance competition to be held during the Gresham Arts Festival. Make it a date with your family and friends!
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Natural Health Tips

The sun is coming out, but are you really protecting yourself? These common sunscreen ingredients mess with your hormones, so they shouldn’t be put on your skin:
Parabens, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Homosalate
Can new lighting really pay off for a small business? Just ask Kyle Anderson, manager and co-owner of iParts & Phone Repair in Gresham. He won an energy-efficiency consultation with PGE in 2017. “It’s definitely a good move,” said Anderson, who significantly reduced his lighting costs.
Credit Tips for Business Owners

Learn how credit reports work, how credit scores are generated, and what considerations typically go into a lending decision, such as the 5 Cs of credit.
Did you know?

There are many beautiful sights to behold in Yangon, Myanmar, but perhaps the most breathtaking of all is the Shwedagon Pagoda. The gilded stupa (a structure containing relics that’s used for meditation) features an umbrella crown covered with 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies. At the very top is a stunning 76-carat diamond.

It’s no secret that the Willamette Valley is famous for its pinot noir. With more than 500 wineries and counting, the valley is a destination for wine connoisseurs from around the globe. With so many great pours to choose from, there are bound to be some hidden gems ripe for discovery. Junction City is one such happy surprise, tucked away between the Coast Range and the Willamette River just north of Eugene. Here’s your guide to sipping wine around Junction City.
To learn more, Click Here.
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