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Willamette Falls. Local history. Local investment. The splash will be felt even in Gresham. How? Come hear about the $35,000,000 project.  Business and Leaders luncheon at Persimmon Country Club on July 16th, 11:30 am - 1 pm.
Have fun with duck and dancin’ by volunteering to help at the Art Festival.  (Click here) The city needs about 50 more volunteers.  Help for few hours and have a lot of fun.
Anniversaries are important. Congrats Able Watch for your first year of business in downtown Gresham! Celebrate with him and take your watch to be repaired.   
July 26, 2019 is the Golf Tournament!
This Week's AM
Friday, July 12, 2019 | 7:22-9:00 AM

14127 SE Stark St, Gresham, OR
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.
New faces are always welcome!
How do we decide?
Once a year we formally remind our members of the painstaking process we have in place which guides our political involvement.  
Taking positions for any organization can ruffle feathers. Therefore it is important to have a process in place that is reliable and representative of our membership makeup to limit the feather ruffling.

Here is an overview of the Chamber process .
Government Affairs Council (G.A.C.):   15 representatives from 15 different industry sectors meet monthly and are an advisory council to the Chamber board. Issues (both sides) and candidates are vetted at this level. The majority of our membership is small business. Our focus reflects that statistic and the issues are kept to a manageable number. Advocacy actions are determined at this level. (Actions can be as simple as a yes or no on a measure to a full plate of awareness activities.) Oregon State Chamber of Commerce is one of our resource partners on state issues.

The G.A.C. forwards recommendations, along with advocacy level decisions, to the Chamber Executive Board . Adjustments can be made at this level. Then the Executive Board votes and forwards the recommendations on to the full Chamber board.

The full board, comprised of 20 representative members , receives the information. At this level, they may accept, edit, or reject recommendations and advocacy levels. Once the vote is taken and based on the advocacy level, actions are then put in place.

All said, 30 different chamber members have had the opportunity to review, discuss, and decide on political questions. The Gresham Chamber does not have a PAC , so no money is involved in any decision.  While it is helpful that I (Lynn) have personal experience at the state level and understand the process in Salem, it is the reliable and representative process the Chamber has established and used that sets everything in motion. 

The Chamber board is elected to represent the membership and are more than willing, as am I and our chamber team, to listen and be your sounding board. 
Member Tips, Tools & Press Releases
Business & Safety Tips

The best business leaders are approachable, honest and committed.
Can new lighting really pay off for a small business? Just ask Kyle Anderson, manager and co-owner of iParts & Phone Repair in Gresham. He won an energy-efficiency consultation with PGE in 2017. “It’s definitely a good move,” said Anderson, who significantly reduced his lighting costs.
Credit Tips for Business Owners

Adjustable interest rate is an interest rate that is tied to an index, such as The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, and may fluctuate during the term. 
Ready - Set - Grill (safely)

The top three causes of grilling fires are failure to clean the grill, leaks in gas hose lines or breaks in the grill body itself, and proximity to flammable objects.
Natural Health Tips

Self-care tools that improve your health: Taking Epsom salt baths, Practicing deep breathing a few minutes a day, Drinking calming tea, Doing stretches every morning, Drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning, and Writing down nagging thoughts at the end of every day.

Nineteenth-century pioneers would settle for nothing less than Sublimity as the name to celebrate the beauty of this town in the rolling farmlands at the foothills of the Cascade mountain s. A century later, Sublimity delights locals and visitors alike with scenic vistas and a warm welcome. Visit historic Saint Boniface Church, take a picnic to the park or make your own sublime adventure in nearby Santiam Canyon, where boating, fishing, camping and hiking opportunities abound. To learn more, Click Here.
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