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Try Local opportunities are all different. This month it includes girls with hard hats and permanent markers. What they left behind is NOT graffiti, but memories.
A big thank you to Jeff Nakashima of Fortis Construction, Inc. and to Mike Schofield, CFO of Gresham Barlow School District. What a spectacular Try Local Tuesday. The attendees saw the new Gresham High School under construction up close. Thanks to Gresham Ford, Try Local sponsor, for making these events possible.
Saturday with Senators. Thank you Senators Monnes Anderson and Dembrow for meeting with Chamber members. It was a powerful 90 minutes of conversation, listening and understanding different points of view. A wide range of membership was at the table sharing their experience perspectives.

Activity on Major Issues:

Business Tax Increase - A pure gross receipts tax (old name Measure 97, new name Commercial Activity Tax) is in the works. It is a new business tax adding more than $2 billion in revenue each biennium to the General Fund. The goal is to fund K-12 however unless it is in the state constitution, funds collected can NOT be dedicated to any specific pot. The $2 billion will go into the general fund, where it goes from there will be decided each session.
  • At this point it does not appear the PERS reform or any other government cost savings will accompany this tax proposal.

Marijuana Accommodation - (SB 379) would undermine and nullify all employers' workplace drug-free policies and would require employers to accommodate off-duty marijuana use.

Paid Family Leave - The bill gives the Employment Department the authority to levy up to a 1% payroll tax on employers and a 1% income tax on employees to implement a 26-week per year paid family leave program.
This bill would apply to all employers with at least one employee.

This Week's AM
Friday, April 5, 2019 | 7:22-9:00 AM

at Salt Academy 333 N Main Ave, Gresham
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.

New faces are always welcome!
Health and Wellness


    Seeing a loved one suffer from any disease or sickness is one of the hardest things we face in life. You feel like if there was anything you can do to help them, you would do it without question. With Alzheimer’s disease, it can be a struggle to understand the best way to help loved ones. But, knowing exactly what Alzheimer’s is, what to look for, and how to get help, will make you be more equipped to face the challenges ahead. Read more here.

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Oregonians are at the forefront of a transformation toward a future powered by clean energy. Along with our partners, the communities we serve and you, we’re committed to this future.
We’re proud to announce a groundbreaking project that combines wind and solar generation with battery storage in a single, integrated facility. Learn more at .

Business Startup Tips

Devote enough time. Juggling a new business and another job, a family, or simply the rest of your life will be a challenge. Make sure you’re ready.
With easy access to the ocean, the bay and the vast woodlands of the Siuslaw National Forest, Waldport makes an ideal base for outdoor recreation year-round. Play a round of golf, go kayaking, satisfy your seafood cravings and peruse antiques all in the same day. If you’re lucky, in winter you might catch some epic storm-watching.
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