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Week of 12/10/19

Seeds to Grow

No matter how old you are, an empty Christmas wrapping paper tube is still a fun thing to bonk someone over the head with.

Thank You
Renewing Members

U.S. Bank

iParts and Phone Repairs

Mt. Hood Insurance
Chamber in Pictures
We’re here to help with the early morning set up at the AM Charity Breakfast on Dec 13th. This AM, hosted by SnowCap Community Charities and My Father's House, will be at Mountianview Christian Church.
Table hosts, check in at 6 AM.
Not elected yet but... Leadership Academy students got a full meal deal from Councilor Karylinn Echols. Through role playing, the students experienced a city council meeting. Gratefully, no new government rules were passed, but the students got a hands on understanding of the process. Mayor, Senator & City Manager, and Councilor were among the guest speakers during the class.
Happy Holidays! Thank you, MetroEast Community Media, for putting on another fun Holiday Showcase!
This Week's AM
Friday, December 13, 2019 | Breakfast starts at 7 AM

@ Mountainview Christian Church
1890 NE Cleveland Ave. Gresham
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.
New faces are always welcome!
Gross Receipts Tax Implementation

Starting Jan 1, 2020 the Gross Receipts Tax (aka Commercial Activities Tax) goes into affect. Rules and regulations have been written. Here are a few:
  1. The law does NOT prohibit any business subject to the tax from passing the tax along to its customers
  2. Law requires businesses with excess of $750,000 to register. Once they reach that threshold, businesses must register within 30 days. 
If you don’t know when the 750,000 threshold will be reached, you may register early if you choose.

Single Use Plastic Bag Prohibition Implementation

Rules from DEQ just came out. Starting Jan 1, 2020 businesses can no longer provide single-use bags and must charge a fee for certain types of reusable bags. Businesses out of compliance will be subject to maximum fine of $250 Class D violation which are enforced by law enforcement officers who may issue a citation to a retailer or restaurant. The $250 fine can be assessed each day.  Click here for more information.

Voice Your Opinion

Mt. Hood Community College is conducting a survey. They are asking for Chamber members to be part of an in-person Focus Group session. All Chamber members are invited to participate. There are 15 spots set aside which will give participants the opportunity to voice opinions in detail. Sign up now.  Click here to see the invitation and details.

Location: Gresham Chamber Board Room
Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Time: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
See you again in 2020 at the Business and Leaders Luncheons! Get ready for another full calendar of terrific speakers.
Thank you to our 2019 sponsors!
Member Tips, Tools & Press Releases
Tips to Level Up your Business

Thank everyone you meet for their time. Time is precious; it is the only resource they can never get back.
Ways to De-Stress (Continued)

Drink calming herbal tea (think lavender, chamomile, holy basil, etc).

Take Epsom salt baths. The salts relax muscles and calm the nervous system.
Food Tips

When fat is eliminated from foods, manufacturers often incorporate other ingredients, like salt, starch, and sugar, to enhance the taste. Obtain healthy fats from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated sources, such as peanut butter, avocados, nuts, seeds, and plant-based oils. 
Chamber Catalyst

A profound idea from a "Church Social"

I love my Church and I love going to Church but there's one part of Church I seldom get excited about and that's a Church Social. That is until we sat with a couple we know who attend these things on a regular basis.

I briefly shared my reluctance to attend "these things" and then asked why they always seemed to be at them. "We come for the success of others," she said. "When you hold a party it's a horrible, sometimes crushing blow, when no one comes," she intimated as I shrank in my already shrunken Church chair. 
Somebody was practicing what they preach at that little Church Social and it wasn't me. It's not about you or me. It's about them and their success.
Then I thought about our industry and all the ribbon cuttings and other celebrations most people miss. We all know the reasons to skip but we forget the real reason to go. "For the success of others."

Message by Patrick H. McGaughey CPF, IOM (
Baker City

Baker City is more than a charming downtown. Sure, you’ll want to visit the Geiser Grand Hotel, built in 1889, the award-winning Barley Brown’s Brew Pub and more than 100 historic buildings. But Baker City is also the centerpiece of Baker County — known as “the base camp for Eastern Oregon” — which includes parts of the Snake River, the Oregon Trail and Hells Canyon, plus the Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. You’re welcome to explore it all. To learn more, Click Here.
Friday AM Meetings

"You at 7:22"
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