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General Election 2018 Chamber Endorsements
Yes on Measure 103 - Grocery Tax
Yes on Measure 104 - 3/5 vote on revenue raising measures
No on Metro Housing Bond  
State Representative
District. 49 - Justin Hwang
District 51 - Lori Chaves DeRemer 
City Council
Mayor Shane Bemis
Position 2 Councilor - Janine Gladfelter
Position 4 - Ryan Johnson
Position 6 - Councilor Kirk French
Metro Council
Joe Buck

Thank you Gresham Barlow School District for reaching out to Chamber members to be Principal for a Day. A few students were surprised to see their parent’s name on the reader board. “Wonderful experience” was the general feeling from all who participated.

Nine Chamber members met new friends on the Agri-Tourism tour Friday. Erin Beggs, Golden Ticket Travels, quickly made friends with a llama at the first tour stop. Thanks to Claudia, our Tourism Director, for putting together the tour.
See you at this year's
Economic Summit: Puzzle Pieces!

November 8, 2018 7:30 AM to 11:15 AM
Registration begins at 7 AM

Keynote Speaker: John Tapogna, EcoNW
Also Speaking:
Todd Davidson, CEO from Travel Oregon
Janet LaBar from Greater Portland Inc.
Mayor Shane Bemis
And more!
Sponsored by
Axis Design Group Architecture & Engineering, Inc.
Gresham Sanitary Service Inc.
Edward Jones/Christina J. Price
Warren Allen, LLP
This Week's AM
Friday, November 9, 2018 | 7:22-9:00 AM
Meals on Wheels
600 NE 8th Ave #155, Gresham
A great networking opportunity to meet more than 100 Chamber members and prospective members.

New faces are always welcome!
Member Tips, Tools & Press Releases
Are you storm-ready? Here’s an easy-to-follow plan to help you prepare for severe weather. If your power goes out, you’ll be ready — and we’ll be swinging into action quickly so you can get back to business. Learn more at

Did you know?

Parts of the Great Wall of China are made
with sticky rice.
Switch Applications

If you're like me, hotkeys are a must and being able to switch applications without leaving the keyboard is a blessing. Mac does this by pressing “Command” plus “Tab”.

Explain Credit Cards and ATM Cards

Younger grade-schoolers may think that money comes out of ATM machines and you can simply pay for things with a credit card. Older grade-schoolers may not fully understand what it means to use credit and pay interest.
A business plan is a roadmap for your business. It lays out the key milestones and routes to grow your business. Taking the time to chart a clear sense of direction will improve your prospects for success.

National November Diabetic Awareness Month

Did you know that by having a dilated eye exam yearly or more, 95% of diabetes-related vision loss could be prevented? Share these tips with your friends and family to help them save their sight.
Health and Wellness
Handy suggestions for helping your elderly loved ones through the holidays .
Set realistic goals
Visiting family and friends is always on the to-do list during the holidays season, but traveling and meeting with people all day can be physically and mentally exhausting. Be sure to schedule a realistic number of visits each trip and allow enough time to rest in-between.
Keep Set Schedules
If your senior parent or friend is used to waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time and going to bed at a certain time, make sure to respect those schedules. Staying up later to accommodate family visits or eating later than usual can be difficult and stressful for a senior to adjust to. So, be sure to know what their normal day is like and stick to it as often as possible.
Keep expenses to a minimum
Most seniors are on a budget, so keeping costs low can help ease any financial stress associated with the holidays. Traveling, buying gifts and meals can add up quickly, making it important to help with planning ahead.
Plan activities around your loved one
Shortening gift and grocery shopping trips when seniors are along will make it more enjoyable for everyone. Walking and standing for long periods can be difficult so be sure to have a walker or wheelchair available when it is unavoidable.
Keep Friends and Family around
Many elderly people have lost loved ones and the holidays bring sadness, so staying close to family and friends is especially important. If that isn’t possible, churches and other organizations have holiday gatherings and parties. Volunteering at a local organization also helps in making your loved ones happy and feeling useful.

Health and Wellness Presenting Sponsor:

The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse sits abandoned on a rock about a mile off the Coast at Ecola State Park, just south of Seaside. It earned the moniker “ Terrible Tilly ” due to the challenges in construction and operations during its tenure. The lighthouse sits 133 feet above sea level and is 62 feet tall.
Commissioned to guide ships entering the Columbia River, Tilly operated from 1881 to 1957. Since it was decommissioned, it has changed hands several times, and was most notably used as a columbarium (a storage place for the ashes of the deceased). It is currently privately owned and has no public access.
The best views of Tilly are found from the Oregon Coast Trail on Tillamook Head, between Ecola State Park and Seaside. It’s also visible from the parking lot in Ecola’s Indian Beach. You’ll need a day-use parking pass.
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