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Classicism at Home offers a weekly opportunity to turn your thoughts to things both historic and contemporary, academic and entertaining, and aesthetic and rigorous through the ICAA's ongoing online content.
ICAA Online Courses & Lectures
The ICAA's Online Offerings Continue via Live Streaming
The ICAA is pleased to announce new opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of classicism and traditional design, with free live streaming courses open to audiences regardless of location.
Tuesday, April 14, 2020 6:30 PM EDT / 3:30 PM PDT

1 AIA CES Learning Unit|Elective

THIS EVENING: Please join the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) for a virtual lecture with Barry Bergdoll, who will be speaking on draftsman and architect Jean-Jacques Lequeu.

Advanced registration required to obtain link:
Eric Osth, principal at Urban Design Associates, and an ICAA Board Member, invites viewers to visit the Frick Park Gatehouse in his neighborhood of Point Breeze, Pittsburgh. Frick Park features four major gatehouses, all designed by John Russell Pope. Join Eric as he describes how these architectural elements elevate a shared public space.

The ICAA is excited to bring attention to the classical and traditional architectural and design elements, decisions, and features that make the places we live more welcoming and beautiful, as part of our new In Your Neighborhood series.

We welcome additional entries, and want to hear from you!

If you are interested in proposing a location, please contact .
Introducing a new series highlighting the film recommendations of noted luminaries in the ICAA community. These recommendations are given with a special eye towards the enthusiast of classical and traditional architecture and design.

For our first week, we are pleased to welcome Richard Economakis, Director of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Notre Dame, whose recommendations take us to country houses, beautiful gardens, and Palladian villas.

In the summer of 2019, the ICAA was honored to host a series of lectures as the educational partner with Sotheby's, for the Treasures from Chatsworth series at their New York galleries. For this series, the ICAA brought renowned lecturers to packed audiences throughout the season who illuminated the history, architecture, landscape, and artistry of Chatsworth, one of England's great country estates.

Join Ben Pentreath, architect, urbanist, and designer, for his entry in the Treasures from Chatsworth series, "Adventures with the English Country House," in which he details his own visit to Chatsworth along with highlights from his recent restoration of a historic baroque country house.

New Social Sketching Activities
ICAA Chapters are bringing social sketching events online, opening them up to participation around the country, and even internationally. This weekend, join friends and colleagues in social sketching events hosted by the Chicago, Southeast, and Southern California Chapters:
The Chicago Midwest Chapter is offering reference images of the ornamentation of Louis Sullivan. View the images here .

Forward a JPG file of your sketch to  by Sunday evening following the sketch date for it to be posted to the ICAA Chicago Instagram account on Monday afternoon. Please include your Instagram handle in the email in order to tag your sketch. Post to your own Instagram account using #icaachicago #connectingthroughsketching #classicalarchitecture #classicismathome #virtualsketching
The Southeast Chapter is journeying to Charleston, and offering Drayton Hall as a subject. View more images here .

Forward a JPG file of your sketch to by Monday noon following the sketch date for it to be posted to the ICAA Southeast Instagram account on Monday afternoon. Please include your Instagram handle in order to tag your sketch.
Post to your own Instagram account using #icaasoutheast #graphiteandgrits #connectingthroughsketching #classicalarchitecture
The Southern California Chapter has announced Los Angeles City Hall as their next drawing subject. View the larger image here .

Snap a photo of your illustration and post it to your Instagram page with your location, a little something about yourself by Monday, April 20th and tag @ icaa_socal and #sketchtogetherathome.
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Additional Resources for Learning Online
There is an abundance of educational materials online for the classical enthusiast. The ICAA offers AIA-approved courses in the Foundations of Classical Architecture , among other courses, along with hours of recorded lectures, panel discussions, and other explorations of the worlds of classicism, design, and fine arts.

Outside of the ICAA, other organizations and firms that value the classical tradition and its potential for elevating our lived environment also offer enriching educational material, which we do not hesitate to recommend. Here are a few:

From The Prince's Foundation comes a two-part online course, Sustainable Urban Design , which uses Poundbury as a case study, and is now available for free through the University College of Estate Management. Learn more .

From architect Francis Terry, a series of online videos is available, which explores the history of architecture, including introductions to the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, the Baroque, the 18th Century, (including Rococo and Neoclassicism), the Victorian and Edwardian eras, through the period between the two World Wars. View the full series .
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Additional Offerings
There is so much more available online at : filmed lectures and public programs, panel discussions, and numerous online articles provide an opportunity to stay connected with the ICAA.