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No matter where you are, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) offers courses, lectures, articles, and more, available at any time at classicist.org .

Each week, we will provide new online features that will offer a chance to deepen your knowledge of the classical language, explore destinations around the world, watch lectures and panel discussions, learn about the intersection of architecture, craftsmanship, landscape, and urbanism, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy the chance to turn your thoughts to things both historic and contemporary, academic and entertaining, and aesthetic and rigorous through the ICAA's ongoing online content.
Newly added to the ICAA's library of online lectures, courses, and documentaries: a conversation with Deborah Needleman, Lisa Fine, Miguel Flores-Vianna, and Tom Scheerer on how travel influences and inspires beautiful design today.

Whitewashed retreats in Greece, Indian stepwells, English country houses, and yards of colorful textiles: escape with the ICAA to global destinations where traditional architectural and design languages flourish and contribute to a rich exchange.

How does a city convey its meaning through notable buildings as well as those down the street? Which associations encourage a better life, and which inhibit?

Join Kellen Krause, architect at Historical Concepts in New York, for a presentation that takes a rigorous look at the elements that define how we live in cities in Healthy Cities & Streets.

The second ever domestic edition of the Christopher H. Browne Drawing Tours brought participants to one of America's quintessential classical cities, Charleston, on March 12th through 15th.

Journey with participants to Market Hall, the Miles Brewton House, St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Drayton Hall, and Middleton Place by reading their accounts of the tour, accompanied by their original drawings of Charleston's iconic architecture in a new article on classicist.org .

What choices await the landscape designer when presented with an existing building—perhaps historic, perhaps newly built—and its surrounding terrain? How does one complement the architecture? Address an unflattering view from the approaching drive? Compose a thrilling transition from the formal to the informal?

There are few more qualified to explore these questions than landscape designer Arne Maynard, who here presents a detailed account of properties where he has worked, solutions he has found, and the challenges that a landscape designer is constantly called upon to solve. Part of the ICAA's archive of online lectures and educational courses.

The ICAA is pleased to announce the Foundations of Classical Architecture online educational series was named to the Wall Street Journal s Staying Inside Guide.

The one-of-a-kind, four-part educational video series is led by architectural historian Calder Loth, who provides a thorough introduction and overview of the elements of the classical language, including Greek Classicism, Roman Classicism, Motifs & Details, and Classical Design Principles. View the entire series on classicist.org .

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There is so much more available online at classicist.org : filmed lectures and public programs, panel discussions, and numerous online articles provide an opportunity to stay connected with the ICAA.