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Classicism at Home offers a weekly opportunity to turn your thoughts to things both historic and contemporary, academic and entertaining, and aesthetic and rigorous through the ICAA's ongoing online content.
The Case Studies seminar series explores the design and execution of new work from the practitioner’s perspective. Contemporary classical and traditional design encompasses architectural work for all building types, at all scales and budgets, and in the allied fields of urban planning, landscape, interiors and the artisan and building trades. The series aims to explore solutions to contemporary design challenges, foster critical discussion of recent work, and demystify the complexities of how unique projects come together.

In this session of the Case Studies series, Andrew Cogar, Ryan Yurcaba, and Clay Rokicki of Historical Concepts lead an in-depth discussion on the rebuilding of the small town of Senoia, Georgia through architectural and planning projects that leverage public and private funding, benefiting the greater good. They talk about how incremental projects can lead to the revival of commercial activity on Main Street, and how that can lead to a new chapter for the town with mixed-use office space and residential units. The presenters share regional design influences and how details and materials were incorporated into new structures to intentionally continue the heritage of Senoia’s built environment.

On Thursday, August 13th, 2020, the ICAA hosted Peter Pennoyer Architects for a special members-only livestream event featuring the firm's innovative approach to designing classical spaces with cutting-edge digital technology.

Although it may be unexpected that a classically-inspired architecture firm could also be an early adopter of technology, Peter Pennoyer Architects believes that classicists are well-positioned to lead the architecture field into the future. While hand-drawing is still a cornerstone of their work, Peter Pennoyer Architects is passionate about using digital tools to advance their work. One of the first residential firms to get a 3D printer in-house and to hire a dedicated 3D Print Technician nearly 10 years ago, they have continually invested in the latest technology, including Virtual Reality, BIM, and 3D Printing.

Join firm founder Peter Pennoyer, BIM Director Colin Slaten, and 3D Production Manager Philip Davis for an in-depth exploration, and visual demonstrations, of the ways they are employing these digital advances in their work and for their clients.

The ICAA is pleased to announce the Foundations of Classical Architecture online educational series has surpassed 100,000 viewers, cementing its place as one of the premier online resources for classical architectural education.

The series has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Marin Independent Journal, and has received abundant positive comments:

"I have never seen an architectural video of this caliber let alone so historic in nature."

"Fantastic! Such detail and presented in a very understandable way."

"Thank you very much for this lecture series! I have never seen such an elaborate, yet accessible explanation of the rules of classical architecture. Hugely inspiring, and a great incentive to investigate more deeply the ancient traditions of the classical way of building."

This one-of-a-kind, four-part educational video series is led by architectural historian Calder Loth, who provides a thorough introduction and overview of the elements of the classical language, including Greek Classicism, Roman Classicism, Motifs & Details, and Classical Design Principles. Each episode is accompanied by a quiz offering the potential to earn AIA Learning Units.

The ICAA Southeast Chapter announces The Kyle Danley Taylor Memorial Scholarship for Architectural Studies, which has been established to honor the life and legacy of Kyle D. Taylor. With the vision supported by his family, the Scholarship was realized by those who affectionately knew and worked alongside Kyle at the architecture firm, D. Stanley Dixon Architect. Kyle, an architect and valuable member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Southeast Chapter, was passionate about classical and traditional architecture of the Southeastern United States. This scholarship seeks to celebrate Kyle’s desire to study and learn from the masters of the past and the precedent they observed.

Please submit your completed application and required supporting documents for consideration by close of business on October 16, 2020.

The following three events are free and open to ICAA Members exclusively. Advance registration is required.
Wednesday, September 23
6:00 PM EDT / 3:00 PM PDT

Please join the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) for a virtual lecture on Wednesday, September 23rd with Las Catalinas founder Charles Brewer, and Town Architects Sarah Picado-Bega, and Juan Carlos Avelar.

Surrounded by tropical nature on land and at sea, Las Catalinas is a beautiful, car-free, fully walkable beach town in Costa Rica. Over the last ten years, developer Charles Brewer has built a robust team of town architects who, together with many international traditional architects and architecture students, have led the design of numerous houses, restaurants, small hotels and inns, plazas, and parks in over sixty acres of construction. Las Catalinas has been the recipient of numerous accolades and has been published in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

In this live conversation, moderated by architect and ICAA Fellow Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro, founder Charles Brewer will be joined by Town Architects Juan Carlos Avelar and Sarah Bega. Together, they will discuss principles and experiences of placemaking at Las Catalinas, as well as provide an inside-look into how an ambitious vision is becoming a built reality.

Thursday, October 15
12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT

Please join the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) for a virtual lecture on Wednesday, October 15th with Arne Maynard.

Arne Maynard is known for his love of plants and uses them to create year-round structure in his garden designs. Pleached fruit creates a wonderful boundary feature, topiary adds drama and geometry and sculpted earthworks provide texture and layers that can be clipped or left to meadow, depending on the season. In this online lecture, delivered live by Arne from Allt y bela, his home in Wales, UK, he will explain how he creates planted structure, talking us through some of his signature plants and explaining how he uses them in his designs. Using photographs and short films from his own garden and some private gardens he has designed that are rarely seen by the public, this lecture will give viewers a personal insight into Arne’s love of plants.

Presented as part of the Bunny Mellon Curricula at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. The ICAA is very grateful to the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation for its generous support of this program, along with the Curricula's Lead Co-Sponsor Edmund D. Hollander Landscape Architecture Design and Continuing Education and Public Programs Co-Sponsor Charlotte Moss.
Monday, October 26
6:00 PM EDT / 3:00 PM PDT

Please join the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) for a virtual lecture featuring Linda Jane Holden, Thomas Lloyd, and Bryan Huffman, who will be speaking on topics related to their new book Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon in a discussion moderated by Architectural Digest's Mitchell Owens.

Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon is for anyone who has enjoyed time spent in a garden, from aspiring garden makers to those who manage large estates. This collection is comprised of extracts from Bunny’s own writings and garden notes, as well as photographs and drawings from her archive.

A late acquaintance, Linda Holden learned that Bunny wanted to write a gardening book but never found the time. Searching the family’s archive after Mrs. Mellon’s death, the editors―whom all shared personal relationships with Bunny―discovered a trove of photographs, illustrations, and writings and have now turned it into the how-to gardening book Bunny had hoped to write.

Linda Jane Holden is a garden historian and the author of Presidents’ Gardens. She first became aware of Mrs. Mellon’s contributions to landscape design while working in the White House during the Reagan administration. She lives in the Northern Virginia portion of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Thomas Lloyd is the grandson of Bunny Mellon and the president of the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation. He lives in Washington, DC.

Bryan Huffman was a friend of Bunny Mellon and is an interior designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mitchell Owens is the Decorative Arts Editor at Architectural Digest, and hosts the podcast The AD Aesthete.

Our special thanks to Presenting Sponsor of the ICAA Book Club:

Presented as part of the Bunny Mellon Curricula at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. The ICAA is very grateful to the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation for its generous support of this program, along with the Curricula's Lead Co-Sponsor Edmund D. Hollander Landscape Architecture Design and Continuing Education and Public Programs Co-Sponsor Charlotte Moss.
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The ICAA is excited to announce that the all-new edition of Henry Hope Reed's revolutionary book, The Golden City, which celebrates classicism in American cities, particularly New York, is now available for purchase.

This 60th Anniversary Edition, published by The Monacelli Press, includes essays by Catesby Leigh and Alvin Holm that situate the book in the current world of classicism and preservation.

ICAA Members will receive an exclusive email offering a 30% discount.

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art gratefully acknowledges the J&AR Foundation for its leading sponsorship of The Golden City 60th Anniversary Edition. Additional thanks to the Philadelphia Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and Seth Joseph Weine for their generosity.

Hosted by the Washington Mid Atlantic Chapter:

Wednesday, September 9
6:00 PM EDT / 3:00 PM PDT

1 AIA CES Learning Unit|HSW

The course will introduce the fundamental philosophy and elements of traditional architecture and their interiors. Participants will learn the design principles that are common to the great buildings and interiors of the past. Topics discussed will include discovering the proportions common to traditional interiors and mastering simple yet time tested methods of designing and configuring char rails, baseboards, wainscoting, cornices, columns, mantle pieces, and door & window casings.

Hosted by the Southern California Chapter:

Thursday, September 10
8:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM PDT

1 AIA CES Learning Unit|Elective

Please join Erik Evens for a dazzling trip into the fractal geometry of nature. Be ready to discover the stunning beauty resulting from simple, iterative mathematical processes, as Erik guides us on a glimpse of the important parallels between this abstract mathematical realm and the processes generating beautiful form in the natural world. Are we hardwired to appreciate beauty? Was there a time when our art and architecture resonated with the geometry of nature? Can we recapture that resonance?

Hosted by PLINTH:

Tuesday, September 15
6:30 PM EDT / 3:30 PM PDT

PLINTH is pleased to invite sommelier Brandon Barcoman of Vin-decision to lead a virtual wine tasting!

For all of us dreaming of our next vacation, come enjoy a taste of Italy and France with PLINTH! The tasting will cover all things wine in addition to highlighting the architecture of the estates.

Tickets are limited so reserve your place now.

This event is limited to PLINTH members. If you are a member of PLINTH and would like the password to register, please contact plinth@classicist.org

Hosted by the Southern California Chapter:

Tuesday, September 22
8:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM PDT

1 AIA CES Learning Unit|Elective

A self-diagnosed châteaux addict, award-winning designer, Timothy Corrigan, is a rare individual who acquires properties out of a love of French stones and patrimony rather then a practical need. His passion for the restoration process has ushered him through the personal purchase and renovation of four historical landmarks, each unique in it’s history, architectural style, and set of challenges, and garnered him an award from the French Heritage Society. Join us as Timothy recounts the lively tales of his restorations and how he has mastered the balance of respecting the past while making these grand homes comfortable, welcoming, and livable for today.

Hosted by the Northern California Chapter:

Part 1: September 23, 2020
Part 2: September 30, 2020

8:30 PM EDT / 5:30 PM PDT

1 AIA CES Learning Unit|Elective per course session

Ornament is defined as "artistic elements added to an otherwise functional structure or object, with the sole purpose of making it more beautiful." This elaboration has the power to both beautify and glorify, and the content does not have to be explicitly understood by the viewer in order to be enjoyed. This two-part free webinar will examine the language of ornament, based on categories rather than geographies. Humans have been creating similar forms across the world for millennia, and this lecture will explore artistic expression that appears to be universal both in origin and intent. Participants will achieve a greater degree of fluency in the language of ornament.

Hosted by the Southern California Chapter:

Wednesday, September 30
8:00 PM EDT / 5:00 PM PDT

2 AIA CES Learning Units|Elective

Architect Steve Bass presents a view of the proportional idea based in the ancient philosophical systems of Pythagoras, Plato and later Neo-Platonists. In this view number and geometry, the substance of proportion, are endowed with qualitative, harmonic, life-like properties. These ideas are then linked to numerical and geometrical methods of application: the methods used to describe the elements of classical architecture in reference literature such as Vitruvius, Vignola and Palladio.

A central theme is the philosophical nature of beauty as a form of the good, beauty's relation to proportion and its significance in classical art. Such a view of beauty not only fully justifies the study of the classical elements today but could even provide a pathway out of the alienation, anxiety and the intentional ugliness of modernism.

Upcoming Awards Ceremonies and Submission Deadlines
Chicago Midwest Chapter

The Acanthus Awards are open to all design professionals, students and artisans practicing within the boundaries of the Chicago-Midwest region of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art which includes: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Projects submitted for consideration may be from anywhere in the world. Any project completed after January 1st, 2011 is eligible.

Acanthus Awards Reception in Chicago – November 21, 2020
Florida Chapter

Any work, regardless of location, completed by members of the Florida Chapter of the ICAA is eligible for consideration. National and International ICAA members are eligible to submit projects built in Florida and the Caribbean. Projects must have been completed within the past ten years.

Submission Deadline – Oct. 26, 2020
9th Annual Addison Mizner Awards – March 6, 2021
National Office

The Annual Stanford White Awards for Excellence in Classical and New Traditional Design recognize achievement in individual projects in architecture, interiors, landscape, urbanism, and building craftsmanship & artisanship throughout New York, New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Submission Deadline – Oct. 4, 2020
2020 Stanford White Awards – December 2, 2020
New England Chapter

The Bulfinch Awards recognize practitioners from across the nation who are committed to promoting excellence in the classical tradition and allied arts within New England.

2020 Bulfinch Awards – June 19, 2021
Rocky Mountain Chapter

Eligible projects must be located within the Rocky Mountain Region (CO, ID, NM, WY, MT) or must be designed by a Rocky Mountain based practitioner. All projects must have been completed between January 1, 2010 and the time of submission.

2020 Jacques Benedict Awards – September 30, 2021
New Social Sketching Activities
ICAA Chapters are bringing social sketching events online, opening them up to participation around the country, and even internationally. This weekend, join friends and colleagues in social sketching events hosted by the Chicago-Midwest, Florida, Rocky Mountain, Southeast, and Southern California Chapters:
Chicago-Midwest Chapter
The Shedd Aquarium (images)

Send a jpg to info@classicistchicago.org by Sunday evening for it to be posted to the ICAA Chicago-Midwest Instagram account on Monday afternoon. Be sure to include your Instagram handle in the email!

Post to your own Instagram account using #icaachicago #connectingthroughsketching #classicalarchitecture #classicismathome #virtualsketching
Rocky Mountain Chapter
Arthur House (images)

Post an image of your sketch to Instagram by Wednesday afternoon. Include a brief description along with following tags: @icaarockymountain #sketchingbenedictrmc
Southeast Chapter
Chateau of the Loire Valley (images)

Send a jpg to icasoutheast@gmail.com byMonday noon for it to be posted to theICAA Southeast Instagram account onMonday afternoon. Be sure to includeyour Instagram handle in the email!

Post to your own Instagram account using #icaasoutheast #graphiteandgrits #connectingthroughsketching #classicalarchitecture
Southern California Chapter

Post an image of your sketch to Instagram by next Monday afternoon. Include a brief description along with following tags: @icaa_socal and #sketchtogetherathome.
Texas Chapter
Marienkirche, located in Fredericksburg, Texas (additional images on the Texas Chapter's Instagram account)

To share your sketches, post to Instagram and be sure to tag @icaatexas and use the hashtag #sketchingandscones.

You may also send images of your sketch directly to michele@icaatexas.org.
Additional Offerings
There is so much more available online at classicist.org: filmed lectures and public programs, panel discussions, and numerous online articles provide an opportunity to stay connected with the ICAA.