March 5-11, 2018 / Adar 5778
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THIS WEEK______________________________________
Shabbat candles
  Friday, March 9
  7:30 p.m.
Our Oneg will be sponsored by Rich Goldman and David Goldman, in honor of their mother Joanna Lee's 90 th  birthday.
Please bring Kosher-for-Passover food donations with you this Friday (in addition to any donations for Mom's Pantry); we'll have our kosher food bin out!  
See the complete service schedule here.
  Saturday, March 17
  10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon
  At the home of Arlene Maletta; click here to RSVP.
  See the complete Torah Talk schedule here.
  Sunday, March 18
  late morning/early afternoon
  Tuesday, March 20
  Save the date, and watch for details!  

 MEN OF KEHILLAH (MOK) (formerly Brotherhood)
  Sunday, March 25
  9:45-11:45 a.m.
  Our first meeting of the all-new Kehillah men's group was a great success!  
  See the latest info flier here .  
  Sunday, March 25
  9:30 a.m.-12:00 noon  
  See the complete YEP! schedule here
  Sunday, March 25
  10:00 a.m.
  At the home of Davie Glaser; click to RSVP.
  Click here for updated information. 
  Sunday, March 25
  6:30 p.m. tour; 7:00 p.m. program  
  At Franciscan Renewal Center. 
  Please see the special section below for details. 
  Thursday, April 5
  6:00 p.m.  
  At Congregation Kehillah.
  Women of all ages (mothers and daughters, too!) are invited to attend. Click here for more information
  and to RSVP.
 Saturday, April 7
 9:30 a.m. Yizkor
10:00 a.m. Shabbat morning service 
 Passover Kiddush luncheon following, in honor of the 13th anniversary of Jared Erman's Bar Mitzvah.   
 Please RSVP to Renee by Wednesday, April 4.   
Come to Israel with us in 2019!  
Is visiting Israel with your family on your wish list?  
Well, now is the time to make it happen!     
Rabbi Sharfman is busy planning a wonderful family trip to Israel right after school ends in 2019. The dates are  
May 29-June 11, 2019 (non-stops to and from LAX on El Al). Imagine 12 nights in Israel and you can do Bar/Bat Mitzvahs on Massada while we are there!  
Kids and adults will have a great time discovering the beauty, culture, history, and modernity that is unique to Israel. Fellow travelers of all ages find Rabbi Sharfman's joy delightfully contagious; and her ability to relate and share her knowledge is unmatched. Rabbi lived in Israel for many years and was a licensed tour guide there!     
We can't wait to share this experience with your family, so let us hear from you!
Please let Rabbi know of your interest no later than March 11 (we need at least four families) and Rabbi will be in touch to discuss further. 
A Note from Rabbi:
Dear Congregants,
As many of you know, I do quite a bit of interfaith outreach work. On Sunday evening, March 25th, I will be leading a program together with my longtime dear friend, Father Joe Schwab, head of Our Lady of Grace Church and the Franciscan Renewal Center (Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley), starting at 7:00 p.m., for the start of their Holy Week, that is geared toward their community. I'm teaching on a text from the Prophet Ezekiel and a bit of our Holiness Code/Kedoshim, linking all to the confluence of Passover, Easter and the 50th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
Our Lady of Grace recently built and dedicated an absolutely amazing worship space, different from any Catholic church I've visited. Father Joe has invited any of our congregants who might like to experience this together to join in. He has also offered to lead a tour of the facility for us at 6:30 p.m. I do need to have firm commitments from enough congregants by March 11th in  order to be respectful of Father Joe's time. If you are interested, please let Renee know.
Are you hosting a seder?  
Please let us know if you have space at your table for another guest or two.  
Passover begins at sunset on Friday, March 30.
Will you have an empty seat or two 
at your seder table? Or do you need a place  
to go for your seder this year? Let us know so we can 
do a match! (Congregants only, please.)  
We don't want you to be alone on the holiday!  
Please contact Renee.
YEP!'s "Shabbat Box"
Did you know that YEP! families can take home a "Shabbat Box"? For the next few weeks, we'll share photos and stories of their experiences celebrating Shabbat with the help of this handy Shabbat-in-a-box kit.  
Here's what YEP! parent Scarlett Allison wrote about sharing Shabbat with her daughter, Rebecca.   
"Rebecca brought home the class Shabbat Box for two weeks. Although Rebecca has been fortunate to have many Jewish friends at school, and in her dance company, she is beginning to see, for the first time, that being Jewish means being 'different,' in some way. At age 10, Rebecca can't begin to imagine what her Jewishness will mean in her life, but she can easily understand that being Jewish is something shared only by Jewish people. As obvious as that sounds, concrete evidence helps a lot when learning to embrace what it 'is' to be Jewish. The Shabbat Box was a fun tool for illustrating something we share. 
"The first weekend we had the Shabbat Box, we were in CA for a wedding, so we lit our candles in our hotel room. Rebecca decided it was great to have what we needed for Shabbat in a portable box, however, the picture-perfect Shabbat, it was not.  After riding for six-and-a-half hours in an SUV full of suitcases, alongside two much older brothers, a brother's girlfriend, a dog, and two frazzled parents, it was difficult to contemplate letting go of daily cares, and to feel peaceful while welcoming Shabbat. However, it made it obvious that Shabbat is extremely special!
"The following Friday it turned out that Rebecca and I were alone, at home. We aimed for a celebration that resembled a vision of Chagall, rather than our previous week's experience. The Shabbat Box was just the thing for this, as well. The Shabbat box made this the first time Rebecca had her own candles, her own Kiddush cup, and her own Challah cover, so, aside from being blessed by me, she felt very grown up. It seems like just last week Rebecca was struggling to merely pronounce the prayers. Suddenly, she is at the age where she not only knows the prayers, she demands that I transliterate them. This Shabbat, via the traveling Shabbat Box, we discussed how the flames of the candles connect us to those who came before us, to others in our time, and to those who will follow us. It's as though time stands still and is held in the candlelight, and we are all together, watching it, feeling its warmth. 
"While we ate, we mentioned all the friends in Sunday School. Rebecca told some funny stories, and we talked about how these friends also have Shabbat, and will share Shabbat by sharing these candles, using the Kiddush Cup, Challah cover.... Rebecca even sang along to Zemirot [Shabbat songs of thanks sung after meals], thanks to an included CD! On Saturday, Rebecca wondered if she ought to pack some besamim [spices] in the Shabbat Box, 'in case anybody ran out.' I'd say she definitely grasps our shared experience!"
Scarlett, thank you for sharing this lovely story with the whole congregation!  

Kehillah Care Kits
Thank you all who helped assemble Kehillah Care Kits during our Purim celebration. Many of you already donated to Social Action and took bags with you. Kehillah Care Kits will be available for you to take on Friday nights when we have Kabbalat Shabbat as well as Sunday mornings when there is YEP!

We encourage you to take Kits to keep in your car and hand out as you see fit to those in need. Each Kit contains a pair of socks (one of the most requested items), a mini-bottle of water, and a Nutri-Grain bar.

This is an ongoing Social Action/Mitzvah project. We are requesting a donation of $18 for six bags (on the honor system). To make a donation and support this important project, please  visit our donation page . Then, under "FUND," choose "Social Action." In the message section, type in "Kehillah Care Kits." 

For questions or to help with this project in the future, please email Renee.
Remember "Mom"!    

Reminder: There are hungry neighbors and families experiencing food insecurity throughout the Valley, throughout the year -- even if we can't always see it.   Our food collection bin for Mom's Pantry is always in our lobby. 
Please bring food donations whenever you come to Kehillah.    

Mazel tov . . .  
. . . to Naomi Clemente-Shrader, daughter of Dani and Rich Fox, one of 10 winners of The Symbol of Freedom Art & Essay Contest, sponsored by The Phoenix Suns and Southwest Airlines and open to Maricopa County 7th graders. Naomi won a trip to tour Memphis' Symbols of Freedom.
. . . to Dave and Leona Goldfarb on the wedding of their daughter, Liz, to Chad Palmer.
We send prayers of healing to . . .
Esti Simhi
Jennifer Schaeffer
Ellen Lerman
Emmie Riffle
Davie Glaser
Meir ben Chanah 
Kimberlie Rich
Jeff and Denise Noll
Shmuel Ben Chaim
Mary Beth Pratt (Miriam Elisheva)
Mark Engelsman
HaRav Shlomo ben Rut  
Kitty Nagy
Bonnie Karfeld
David Stern
Howard Glick
Gittel bat Deborah

Tom Bartkus    
Colleen Carney
Shoshanna bat Phyllis
Gedalya Nachum bar Bayla Rivka
Rose Sobel,
    mother of Bruce Sobel
Judy Sahid, 
    sister of Cathy Michel
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I am available to all Kehillah members in times of joy and sadness. Please let me know when I can extend support and comfort to you and your family.
~ Rabbi Sharfman
Kehillah's "Helping Hearts and Hands" (HHH) volunteers are  
ready to assist you with life's complexities. Click here to find
out how HHH can help you -- and how you can volunteer
to become part of Kehillah's caring brigade. 
Names are added to the top of the Mishebeirach list  
in the order they are received. 
Oneg and Hospitality Fund     
Rich Goldman and David Goldman, in honor of their mother, Joanna Lee, on her 90th birthday 
General Fund    
Bonnie and Art Cikins, in memory of Dorothy Kreider, beloved stepmother of Luann (Paul) Lavin
Bonnie and Art Cikins, in honor of Joanna Lee's 90th birthday  
Dan Sommer , in support of Men of Kehillah
Social Action Fund
Robin Koehler, in honor of the marriage of Dave and Leona Goldfarb's daughter, Liz, to Chad Palmer
Rudy and Paulette Fraenkel, in honor of the marriage of Dave and Leona Goldfarb's daughter, Liz, to Chad Palmer 
For Kehillah Care Kits:  
Howard and Lesli Friedman
Ellin Chariton
Scott and Joanna LeBlang
Melissa and Marshall Price
Craig and Rachel Scheinerman
Tiffany and Justin Whalen
Bruce and Sheryl Kirschenbaum
Vicki Bates
Feli Van Deman
Allen and Scarlett Allison
Pete and Jen Catalano
David & Sara Fabricant
Lindsay and Henry Fleet
Karyn and Russ Hendrickson
Andrew and Ashlyn Pohl
Mitch and Lindsay Resnick
Howard and Megan Schatzberg
We apologize for any names inadvertently left off.  
Your donations in any amount are genuinely appreciated. 
Please help support Congregation Kehillah by donating to Kehillah's various funds  
-- to celebrate, honor, remember, give thanks, to assist, or simply to do tzedakah.  
You can donate through our website in any amount or send a check. Congregation Kehlllah is a 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax-exempt to the fullest extent allowable by law. (Please consult with your tax adviser.) 
General Fund 
Caring Fund 
Torah Fund 
Social Action Fund
Gottlieb Music Fund 
Education Fund 
Oneg & Hospitality Fund 
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund 
Adopt a Prayer Book  
Memorial Plaques 
You can also plant trees in Israel directly through Kehillah, shiny-tree-button.jpg  
and Jewish National Fund will send a certificate out on your behalf.  
Each tree is $18 and a portion of your donation stays with Kehillah.  
Contact Renee for more information or to place your tree order. 
Arizona Biltmore Hotel, 7-9:30 a.m.
We Remember - Extraordinary Stories of Holocaust Survivors, on exhibit through May 1 Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center

CompleteScheduleKabbalat Shabbat   |    Torah Talk   |   YEP!
Shabbat candles

Kabbalat Shabbat begins on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
March 9:  
Oneg sponsored by Rich Goldman and David Goldman, in honor of Joanna Lee    
March 23:
Oneg sponsored by Robin and Scott Rudin in honor of their 30th anniversary  
April 7: 
Shabbat morning service and Passover Yizkor, 10:00 a.m., with  
Kiddush luncheon following, in honor of Jared Erman   
April 13:  
Oneg sponsored by Jen and Pete Catalano in honor of Isabel's Bat Mitzvah on May 5
April 27:  
Oneg sponsored by Sara and  David Fabricant in honor of Katie's Bat Mitzvah on April 28
May 18:
Pre-service Oneg at 5:30 p.m. sponsored by Renee Joffe and Tom Hrlevich, in honor of Marsha Joffe; and by Richard and Sharon Cohen in honor of their 50th    wedding anniversary. Service begins at 6:00 p.m.  
June 1:   
Final Kabbalat Shabbat before we take a break for summer   

Torah Talks are held Saturday mornings from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon at Kehillah members' homes. Please RSVP to Ellen Lerman by the Thursday before each Torah Talk. 

March 17
April 21
May 20 (Sunday) -
Congregational Shavuot 
  Youth Education Program 

YEP! sessions are held on Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon unless otherwise noted. Schedule listed below is subject to change.

March 25
April 8  
April 22
May 6
May 20:
Shavuot for YEP! and Congregation   

For details, please see the corresponding items on the left.        

Friday, March
Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, March 17
Torah Talk

Sunday, March 18
Movie Time

Tuesday, March 20
Girls' Night Out

Sunday, March 25
Men of Kehillah
Book Group
Interfaith Opportunity

Friday, March 30
Passover, first night

Thursday, April 5
A "Taste" of Passover: Women's Passover Seder

Saturday, April 7
Passover Yizkor and Shabbat morning service followed by Kiddush luncheon

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Sponsor an oneg  
Celebrate a lifecycle event or other wonderful news. To reserve your oneg date, please contact Renee at 602-369-7667 or
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Information for Seniors 
The Senior Concierge Project (through Jewish Family and Childrens Service) can provide information and help with socialization, education, transportation, home care, living facilities, legal assistance and more for those over age 60. Contact Janet Arnold, Senior Concierge, at 480-599-7198 or
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Send your news to Connections

Please send your news or photos to Renee in the Kehillah office before Shabbat for the following Monday's issue.
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Need a hand?  

Need a ride to services or to an event? Have an odd job that might need an extra hand or two? Give Kehillah Brotherhood a shout! Brotherhood members are ready to help out.  
Email Rich Fox at    
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Congregation Kehillah Leadership 

Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
Rich Goldman, President
Renee Joffe, Administrator

Board of Directors:
Rich Fox,
  Member at Large and
  Brotherhood President
David Goldfarb,
  Member at Large and
  New Building Chair
Leslie Goldman,
  Programming Chair and
  Girls' Night Out Co-Chair
Arlene Maletta,
  Hospitality Co-Chair
Ilene Malka,
  Education Chair
Jane Neely,
  Hospitality Co-Chair
Paul Stein,
   Member at Large

Additional Support:  
Paulette Fraenkel,
  Social Action
Stephanie Kirklin,
  OLC Director 
Paul Lavin,
  Finance Manager
Vicki Mardell,
   Membership Co-Chair
Elaine Schiff,
   Membership Co-Chair
Judith Clancy, Davie Glaser,
Ilene Riffle,
    Helping Hearts and
    Hands Co-Chairs
Ellen Lerman,
  Torah Talk and Special  
Marilyn Morris,
   Movie Time
Sherry Siegel,
   Newsletters and Book

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