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23rd October 2020
During the past couple of days, Chamber Members may have received an email from Sam Edwards of Runway Training, introducing himself as a fellow Member and offering Leadership & Management online courses. We would like to advise you that Runway Training is not a Member of Mole Valley Chamber.
Should you ever wish to verify whether another business is a Chamber Member, please do check here.

Richard Keel
Chamber President
Mole Valley Chamber
T: 01372 376 358
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'Virtual Coffee'
Customer Retention v Customer Acquisition - is there a choice?
Wednesday 28 October - 9.45 to 11am
BUSINESS EVENT 23 Oct 9am-3pm
Chessington Business Expo 2020
Online Event - Please click HERE
SURREY CHAMBERS 5 Nov 10.00-11:30am
What 2021 Holds for the Tourism Sector
via Zoom - Please click HERE
SURREY CHAMBERS 6 Nov 9.00-10:00am
Mental Health Coffee Morning - Monthly
Topical Networking - Please click HERE
SURREY CHAMBERS 11 Nov 10.00-11:00am
Countdown to Change - 50 Days to Go
Free Webinar - Please click HERE
From the Immediate Past President's Pen
Leatherhead Rotary, a Chamber Member, has put forward a scheme to help local businesses by promoting the sale of vouchers from them, enabling members of the public to purchase the vouchers in return for services or products in the future - rather like a gift voucher. The idea is that people will buy now, even if they have no immediate need, thereby helping local businesses, of any type. Purchasing the vouchers now, for themselves or as gifts, would help local businesses to survive in the longer term.

The scheme will only work if businesses wish to take part and offer vouchers, or provide other offers. Mole Valley Chamber and Leatherhead Rotary would like to gauge the reaction of businesses, ahead of launching the scheme to the public across Mole Valley, if the response is positive. Please see full details in News on our website.

Jeremy Webb
Immediate Past President
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