St Paul's Church
First Sunday after Christmas
Today at St. Paul’s       
Sun., December 30th
9:30 am          Holy Eucharist Rite II
9:30 am          Church School/Nursery Care during service
11:00 am        Coffee Hour
12:00 pm        NLM Services in Church
7:00 pm          NIANA Meeting in Parish House
This Week at St. Paul’s
8:00 am-7:00 pm  The Church is open for prayer
8:30 am-12:30 pm Parish Office is open
Mon., December 31st  Office Closed
7:00 pm      NIANA Meeting in Parish House
Tues., January 1st  Office Closed 
10:00 am    Sherburne Commons Worship 
Wed., January 2nd
8:30 am     Holy Eucharist Service
7:00 pm    NIANA Meeting in Parish House
Thurs., January 3rd 
11:30 am    Lectionary Group
Fri., January 4th
7:00 pm     NIANA Meeting in Parish House
Sat., January 5th
9:00 am     Centering Prayer   
10:00 am   Youth Choristers Rehearsal in Parish House
4:00 pm     Choir Rehearsal in Parish House
7:00 pm     NLM in Church and Gardner Hall
Sun., January 6th
9:30 am      Holy Eucharist Rite II
9:30 am      Church School/Nursery Care during service
11:00 am    Breakfast
12:00 pm    NLM Services in Church
7:00 pm      NIANA Meeting in Parish House
Happening Soon
Hospital or Home Visits
If you or a loved one are in the hospital or home bound, please let us know if you would like a visit. Please notify Father Max at 508-228-0916 ext. 11 or 302-542-5587.
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St Paul’s Church in Nantucket -Episcopal
Breakfast, Jan. 6th
Breakfast cooked by men will be served after the 9:30am service
Collection for Food Pantry
Our next collection for the Food Pantry will occur Sunday, January 6th. You are encouraged to bring a brown grocery bag containing your favorite non-perishable items that you would purchase for yourself. In addition to food stuffs, needed items include those not eligible for food stamps –for example, laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo and cleaning supplies.
Epiphany Sunday, January 6th
Known as Three Kings Day or Little Christmas celebrates the revelation of God to man and the presence of God in human history. We read that the kings brought gifts to the infant in the stable of gold, frankincense, and myrrh;    
symbols of power, deity and death. Mary and Joseph may well have used these gifts to help them escape from Herod’s search to find and kill this infant rumored to be the newborn king. Herod wanted no challenges to his throne.
On January 6th, at St. Paul’s you will see kings and queens processing to offer gifts of a different kind. They bring gifts of diapers, baby food and warm  blankets which will be locally donated. As a star led the wise men to the baby, we must be open to all the ways the Spirit leads people to Jesus Christ.

Save the Date!
Jan. 20th
Annual Meeting after the 9:30am service.             
Brunch to follow
Jan. 21st
Interfaith service and celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
At the Summer Street Church beginning at 6:00pm. Food and refreshments to follow.
Jan. 25th
Luminary Service beginning at 6:oopm refreshments to follow
Feb. 15th
BBQ, Bingo and Board games in Gardner Hall, Time to be determined .
Buildings and Grounds committee
We kindly ask if you see some aspect of the campus in disrepair or in need of attention please report via email to “St. Paul’s Office Manager” will attend to it as soon as we can. Thank you!

Christian Education Opportunities

 Holy Eucharist Service
Wednesday at 8:30 am in the Chapel.  
Thursday Bible Study
Based on or lectionary : readings from Scripture appointed to be read the following Sunday. St. Paul’s Bible Study Group meets on Thursdays, 11:30-12:30 in the Parish House. For more information, contact Father Max, or Lucy Bixby,
ALL are welcome!
Centering Prayer Group
Saturdays, 9:00 am -10:00 am
St. Paul’s Parish House
Led by Sister Susanna Margaret 
This weekly group includes an opening prayer or meditation, a 20-minute practice of Centering Prayer (silent sitting), a scripture reading, and a time for discussion.
National Alliance on Mental Illness
For support, education, and advocacy for mental illness please contact Nantucket’s Program Coordinator Suzanne Fronzuto at
508-221-6202 or
We pray for: Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael our Presiding Bishop; Alan, our Bishop; Gayle, our Suffragan Bishop; Max our Priest and Susan, our Deacon. 
We pray for : Anne, Sheila, Georgia Ann, Siobhan, Randy, Jerry, Dirk, Jim, Howard, Gil, Blair, Molly, Jeff, Judy, Pamela, Ray, Priscilla, Philip, Betsy, Beverly, Sandra, Jenn, Marianne, Felix, Joan, June.
The Anglican Cycle of Prayer : The Rt. Rev. Luke Ken-ichi Muto,  Bishop of Kyushu.
The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:
Church of Our Redeemer, Lexington; St. James’ Church, Somerville; Christ Church, Waltham; Anglican Congregation of St. Peter at Christ Episcopal Church, Waltham; Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown. 

We pray for: The men and women serving in our Armed Forces; easing of racial tensions in our country; those with mental illness and their families; healing and peace among peoples and nations throughout the world; the President of the United States, the United States Congress, the Supreme Court and all in authority; our brothers and sisters from other faiths; our Companion Church: San Juan Evangelista, in Vertientes, Cuba; our local Food Pantry, the Rental Assistance Program .
St. Paul's By-Laws
The Constitution and By-Laws that govern our church are posted on the St. Paul’s website in the About Us section. In addition, hard copies of it are available in the sanctuary

P.O. Box Discontinued
Effective March 31, 2018, St. Paul's will no longer be maintaining a U.S. mail box. Please address all mail to the church at 20 Fair Street, Nantucket, MA 02554