La Mesa Chamber News | November 11, 2020
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Your Weekly News from the La Mesa Chamber

To our soldiers, both past and present.
We owe you our thanks,
but more than that, we owe you our freedom.

We appreciate all of your sacrifices.

The Board of Directors of the
La Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Local Coronavirus Update

By Mary England
Tuesday, November 10th the County announced that San Diego County officially moved to the most restrictive tier of the State’s Coronavirus Tier – the Purple Tier. The reason for this shift is that San Diego County’s case rate remained above the 7.0 threshold for two consecutive weeks. The County’ case rate increased to 8.9 over the past two weeks; therefore, the region must limit activities based on the risk of spreading COVID-19. The county is going to increase enforcement, as well as education on the perils of not following the basic guidelines to stop the spread and wearing a mask is crucial in this effort. The county is giving 40,000 masks to law enforcement to carry in their vehicles. As they encounter people NOT wearing masks, they are to offer them as a way to help our citizens, as well as educate them about the need to wear the masks. The County is working with all of the cities and law enforcement to help monitor and enforce the current safety guidelines. The County has established a Complaint Line for people to call to respond to people that are not in compliance and have staff standing by to take your call – 858-694-2900.

Statistics show that wearing facial coverings, practicing social distancing, NOT attending social gatherings, minimize mixing, and always washing your hands will have a dramatic impact on slowing the spread of this virus.  We are all in this together. Let’s make sure that we ALL work together to move our County to the red tier as soon as practical.

We have 3 days to adjust to this new tier and effective Saturday, November 14th at 12 midnight the purple tier officially goes into effect. The County will remain in the Purple Tier for at least three weeks. We won’t be able to advance to the Red Tier unless we post a case rate below 7 case per 100,000 residents two weeks in row.

Some of the changes that will happen are:

  • Restaurants must cease indoor dining and can still offer outdoor service (if they are set up for that service) and can continue to offer take-out meals. 
  • Places of worship can offer outdoor services but need to stop indoor services.
  • Gyms and fitness centers must move services outdoors and stop all indoor services.
  • Retail stores and bookstores can stay open with a maximum 25% capacity.
  • Grocery stores, which are essential, can continue operations with a 50% capacity.
  • Breweries, bars, distilleries and wineries where meals are NOT provided must close.

REMEMBER – Restaurants and retail stores offer gift cards. Support them by purchasing gift cards for yourself and gifts for friends and family. 
Current San Diego County Coronavirus Statistics
Five new community outbreaks were confirmed on November 9th were: One in a restaurant/bar setting, one in a business setting, one in a retail setting, one in a grocery setting and one in a TK-12 school setting.

9,325 tests were reported to the County on November 9th, and the percentage of new laboratory – confirmed cases was 5%.
  • The 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases is 3.5%. The target is less than 8.0%.
  • The 7-day, daily average of tests is 12,541.

People with and without symptoms who are at higher risk for COVID-19 should be tested. Health care and essential workers should also get a test, as well as people who had close contact to a positive case or live in communities that are being highly impacted. 

483 new cases were confirmed among San Diego County residents on November 9th. The region’s total is now 61,053.
  • 4,084 or 6.7% of all cases have required hospitalization.
  • 944 or 1.5% of all cases and 23.1% of hospitalized cases had to be admitted to an intensive care unit.

Seven new deaths were reported in the County on November 9th. The region’s total is now 915.
Do You Need to Place/Use Propane Heaters for Outdoor Dining with the Weather Changing and We Move to the Purple Tier?
The California Fire Code regulates the use of propane heaters and our local Heartland Fire Department enforces those regulations. During these challenging times, winter weather on the horizon and with our movement to the Purple Tier, Heartland will work with individual businesses to evaluate temporary outdoor storage options for the use of propane heaters. Propane heaters are allowed as long as they are utilized in a way that meets the individual manufacturer’s specifications for clearances and location placement. The most significant and obvious concern of the use of propane heaters is the proximity to flammable structures, such as temporary tents or coverings. There are options and our Heartland Fire Department understands the need to make outdoor dining comfortable during the cooler months. They also want to ensure the safety of everyone. They will work with our local businesses. For more information and to discuss the particular need of your restaurant, please contact Shaun Richardson at Heartland Fire:
California Awards $80 Million in Tax Credits Projected to Create More than 6K Jobs
On November 5th, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) announced $80 million in tax credits that are projected to create 6,535 new, full-time jobs in California. The funding from the California Competes Tax Credit, will bring more than $400 million in new investments across the state.
#GratefulTable Dine Out Campaign
This November, the Governor is asking people to support your neighborhood restaurants and show gratitude for the restaurant workers who make our meals possible. It’s that simple! By dining out, you’ll be helping your favorite restaurants and their crew members.

The Grateful Table Dine Out is also raising awareness and donations for the nonprofit Restaurants Care relief fund for struggling restaurant workers.

How it works:
  • Dine out in November! Dine out alfresco, order take out, get delivery – just dine out.
  • Able to do more? Chip into the Restaurants Care relief fund. The fund is 100% donation based. 
  • You can win $500 to your favorite restaurant! To enter, post a photo of your meal, tag the restaurant, and use the hashtag #gratefultablesweepstakes. If you win, you will get $500 to that restaurant! You eat, our treat.
The La Mesa Chamber Encourages You to Join Us this Holiday Season as We Adopt La Mesa Homebound Seniors
Let’s join together and make the holidays “brighter” for our La Mesa homebound seniors. We are now accepting items to pack and prepare for delivery to these wonderful members of our community. Donating items from your pantry? No problem – just make sure that you check the expiration date on those items to make sure they have not expired. Items can be delivered to Fran Smith at 8080 La Mesa Blvd., Suite 214, La Mesa, Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. REMEMBER: The office is upstairs and canned items and other donations can be heavy and bulky, you can contact Mary England at 619-251-7730 and she can arrange to meet you to pick up your items.
Suggested items to purchase or donate:
Canned soups/vegetables/fruits, crackers, pasta, marinara, macaroni & cheese, instant cereals, bars of soap, tooth paste, tissues, hand soaps, hand sanitizer, socks, pens and pads of paper. Gift cards in any denomination from the following locations: Walmart, Target, or any grocery store.

If you have another item you believe will put a smile on their faces, by all means drop them off! We want to make this a memorable holiday for our home bound seniors again this year.
Welcome to Our New La Mesa Chamber Members!
Union Bank
Union Bank is a full service bank with retail branches fulfilling consumer, business and commercial customer needs.
530 B St., #1690, San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 230-3087 |
Julie Boyadjian Realtor
La Mesa realtor helping clients achieve their real estate goals whether it’s buying their first home, selling and moving up or down in home, purchasing investment properties, or moving out of state.
8310 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 250-1129 |
Free Paper Shredding Event in La Mesa
Don’t discard – shred your household documents in a quick and easy way.

The City of La Mesa is sponsoring another free paper shredding event for La Mesa residents on Saturday, November 14, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at La Mesa’s EDCO Station, located at 8184 Commercial Street.

Limited to two bankers boxes (10”x12”x15”) per household and the shredding will be done onsite. No appointment necessary.

A limited amount of free mulch will be available on a self-loading, first-come, first-served basis.

This City event is made possible through the generous support of the EDCO Disposal Corporation. Questions can be directed to 619.667.1338 or 619.287.7555.
Community Police Oversight Board Recruitment
Applications are now being accepted for the newly created Community Police Oversight Board (“CPOB”). The deadline for submission of applications is 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, December 1, 2020, in the City Clerk’s office at La Mesa City Hall, 8130 Allison Avenue. Applications may be obtained at City Hall or from the City of La Mesa website.

The CPOB will provide recommendations to the Chief of Police, Mayor, City Council, and City Manager on the La Mesa Police Department procedures and policies and on matters of public safety within the City. The CPOB will consist of an 11 member panel (must be residents of the City of La Mesa) as follows:
  • A citizen from each of the four police beats
  • A citizen from each of the 4 communities: faith based, business, young adult (18 to 30 years of age), older adult (62+ years of age)
  • Representatives from Helix Charter High School and La Mesa–Spring Valley School District
  • Advocate for people experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, mental health or other social issue.

Applications may be submitted by mail to the City Clerk’s Office, 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942 or email to

For more information and to apply, visit:
Business Updates
Voters’ OK of Prop 22 a Big Win for Uber, Lyft
Facing mounting legal pressure for classifying their vast workforces as contractors rather than employees, gig economy companies put forth what they argued was a better solution – one that would provide some benefits for workers without forcing them to alter their business model. So how will Proposition 22 function in practice for ride-hailing drivers and delivery workers? What are the consequences of carving out a new category of work to fit the form of the gig economy? Once Proposition 22 goes into effect in mid-December, the law will require that companies provide an hourly wage for time spent on rides equal to 120 percent of either the local or a statewide minimum wage. The measure grants workers driving at least 15 hours a week a stipend for health insurance coverage, and a larger one for those putting in 25 hours a week. Drivers will also have access to occupational accident insurance to cover on-the-job injuries, which would include coverage for medical expenses and disability benefits. For customers, the companies have indicated much will remain the same. Source: The San Diego Union Tribune – Suhauna Hussain & Johana Bhuiyan.
Stocks Sees Increase After Passage of Proposition 22
With the passage of Proposition 22, Uber’s stock saw a 14.6% increase and Lyft saw an 11.3 percent jump. Source: U-T News Service.
751K Seek Unemployment as Coronavirus Surges
The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell lightly to 751,000, a still-historically high level that shows that many employers keep cutting jobs in the face of the accelerating pandemic. A surge in cases and Congress’ failure so far, to provide more aid for struggling individuals and businesses are threatening to deepen Americans’ economic pain. Eight months after the pandemic flattened the economy, weekly jobless claims still point to a stream of layoffs. Before the virus struck in March, the weekly figure had remained below 300,000 for more than five straight years. The financial aid package that Congress enacted in the spring has run out of money. Without additional federal aid Americans likely will lose all of their jobless benefits in coming weeks and months, forcing them to scale back on spending. Source: The San Diego Union Tribune – Paul Wiseman.
Trick or Treating Sparse But Hershey’s Sales Up
Hershey says its Halloween candy sales were up slightly this year despite a lower turnout of trick-or-treaters amid the pandemic. Marketing messages suggested ways to celebrate and even included maps showing community coronavirus risk levels, as well as delivering earlier shipments of candy to stores. Investments in online sales capacity also helped move more candy. Hershey’s e-commerce sales grew 80 percent in the third quarter. The company had sales rise 4-percent to $2.2 billion in the July-September period. That was ahead of Wall Street’s estimates. Hershey reported net income of $447.4 million for the quarter. It is thought that Hershey’s results should give retailers more confidence to put up holiday displays despite the pandemic.
Source: The San Diego Union Tribune – Dee-Ann Durbin. 
Tips for Sharing Food During the Pandemic
Cooking, baking and sharing what you’ve made is one of the few ways we can tangibly connect right now, but is it really safe? The answer is “yes.” The risk of transmitting or catching the coronavirus from the act of sharing food or from the food packaging itself is very low, but you should still take precautions. The virus should not be your only concern. Here are some tips for preparing, delivering and receiving food that will reduce the risk of transmitting or contracting the virus or a foodborne illness:

Adhere to food safety guidelines and consider allergies
Follow the core four practices-clean, separate, cook, chill. Check on allergies prior to preparing your food dishes. Remember, don’t show up with or cook with foods that certain groups shouldn’t be eating. Ask before you deliver.

Arrange for contactless delivery or pickup
According to the CDC, the coronavirus is thought to spread mainly through droplets produced when a sick person coughs or sneezes. So, the biggest risk comes with the in-person delivery. When delivering food, wear a mask and place the food in a neutral location, 6 feet or more away, then let your friend or loved one pick it up.  

Pack and unpack it smartly
Wrap foods in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, or in a washable, reusable container. This prevents it from becoming contaminated during transport. If you’re concerned about receiving a food delivery, consider how you’re going to open and handle it. Bring in the food and clear off counter space for your containers. Open the containers in the designated spot, and transfer the food to a bowl, plate or one of your own storage containers. Throw away the bag, and wash the containers in hot, soapy water if they are reusable. Dispose of them if they are not. Clean the counter. Wash your hands. Eat.  

Try not to stress
Take a deep breath and remind yourself that the chances of catching or transmitting the virus from food or its packaging are low. So, bake that batch of cookies or simmer a pot of soup and deliver it to someone you love. It will do you both good. Just don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home. 

Source – The San Diego Union Tribune – Margaux Laskey.
From Senator Jones: Updates: COVID Tests, DMV & I-15/SR-78
Dear Neighbor:

I hope you’re doing well. As we all catch our breath after an intense election year‚ I just wanted to share a few important resources that could be helpful to you and your family. They include:

  • A list of free COVID-19 testing sites in our community
  • A DMV announcement: Seniors are now eligible to renew their driver’s licenses online
  • An opportunity to provide input on the important I-15/SR 78 Managed Lanes Direct Connectors Project

It’s an honor to serve as your Senator. If there’s anything that I can do for you‚ please call me at 619-596-3136.

Thank you‚

Brian W. Jones
State Senator
FREE COVID-19 Testing Sites In Our Community:
CVS Health has provided my office with a list of several free COVID-19 testing sites (by appointment) in Senate District 38 which I wanted to share with you:

  • 997 Woodland Pkwy‚ San Marcos‚ California‚ 92069
  • 1302 W Mission Rd‚ San Marcos‚ California‚ 92069
  • 1655 S Centre City Pkwy‚ Escondido‚ California‚ 92025
  • 1299 Broadway‚ El Cajon‚ California‚ 92021
  • 572 Fletcher Pkwy‚ El Cajon‚ California‚ 92020
  • 1385 Tavern Rd‚ Alpine‚ California‚ 91901

For more information about CVS Health’s COVID-19 testing program‚ including how to make an appointment and answers to frequently asked questions‚ click here.
Just in from the DMV: Seniors Now Eligible to Renew Driver’s Licenses Online

Californians age 70 and older with a noncommercial driver’s license are now eligible to renew online or by mail‚ eliminating the need to visit a California Department of Motor Vehicles office. Licenses with an expiration date between March 1‚ 2020‚ throughout the COVID-19 emergency are eligible.

For more information‚ please click here.
Your Input Needed: I-15/SR-78 Managed Lanes Direct Connectors Project
The I-15/SR-78 Managed Lanes Direct Connectors Project is designed to “bring relief to an area of the region that has experienced tremendous residential and job growth over the past 25 years and improvements are expected to improve connectivity and traffic flow on and between two major travel corridors‚ increase local access to homes and jobs‚ and improve overall quality of life in North San Diego County.” You can read more about the project by clicking here.

You have an opportunity to weigh-in on this important project during the public scoping period which is currently open and runs through November 20, 2020.

There are several ways that you can provide your input:

Ellen Renker
c/o Caltrans District 11
4050 Taylor Street (MS 242)
San Diego‚ CA 92110
From DA Stephan's Office: Weekly News Update 11/05/2020 -
Stand with Us Against Domestic Violence...
DA Objects to Early Release of DUI Driver in Chicano Park Crash

In strongly worded letters to both Governor Gavin Newsom and CDCR Secretary Kathleen Allison, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan called the early release a “miscarriage of justice,” arguing that Richard Sepolio should not receive extra credits and an early release due to COVID-19. Read more.

Law enforcement officials from across the county warn the public about a sharp increase in overdose deaths connected to the highly potent and often deadly drug, fentanyl.

The flyer here can be downloaded and printed or shared with others to help prevent more fentanyl-related deaths. You download it in Spanish too.
Stand With Us To End Domestic Violence

Intimate partner violence doesn’t just affect adults, but also any children that are exposed to violence. Studies show that children who have witnessed domestic violence have trauma similar to that of a soldier who has witnessed war. Home is not always a safe place, but it's never too late to reach out for help. Visit for local resources that are available even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DA Summer Stephan joined the District Attorneys of Sacramento, Alameda and Ventura counties, and the United States Attorneys for the Eastern District of California, Central District of California, and Southern District of California, along with the national nonprofit organization Childhelp, to launch a video PSA and an social media outreach campaign to help victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.
From Sycuan Casino Resort: Celebrating 37 years ALL November long!
Celebrate All November Long

Win your share of $600,000 in cash, FREEplay and prizes ALL MONTH LONG! Catch special editions of Mega Mystery Multiplier and Sunday Surprises, your chance to win a 2020 Dodge Challenger GT Coupe in Bingo and so much more!

Every Wednesday in November | 2PM-2AM
Play with your Club Sycuan card every Wednesday in November for your chance to win up to $1,000 CASH!

Friday, November 13
• Tanya Mackenna Duo: 3PM – 7PM | Top 40/Dance | Hotel Lobby Bar
• Dj Danny: 8PM – 1:30AM | Top 40/Dance | Hotel Lobby Bar

Saturday, November 14
• Dynamic Duo: 2PM – 6PM | Top 40/Dance | Hotel Lobby Bar
• Dj Miles Stokes: 8PM – 1:30AM | Top 40/Dance | Hotel Lobby Bar

Sunday, November 15
• J. Dean: 11AM – 3PM | Acoustic R&B | Hotel Lobby Bar

 SDG&E Releases Sustainability Strategy to Advance Carbon Neutrality
Amid the growing urgency to address climate change and its impacts, San Diego Gas & Electric released a comprehensive sustainability strategy with aspirational goals in the areas of environmental stewardship, clean transportation, grid modernization, community engagement and company operations to support California’s clean energy ambitions.
The company’s holistic approach to sustainability builds on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, as well as its accomplishments to date. Titled “Building a Better Future: Our Commitment to Sustainability” (available at, the document will serve as a foundation for SDG&E to work toward key sustainability goals in the years and decades to come. Similar to climate action plans developed by local cities, SDG&E aims to update and evolve its “living” sustainability strategy to reflect stakeholder feedback, regulatory policies and technological breakthroughs.
“It’s imperative that we move more quickly to address climate change with strategic investments and partnerships because the stakes are so high if we fail to take collective action now,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s chief executive officer. “As an energy company, we have an important role to play in the fight against climate change by not only doing our part to reduce emissions from our own operations, but to also develop and encourage the use of energy innovations that can make a difference.”
American Pickers to Film in California
Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to California! They plan to film episodes of the hit series American Pickers throughout your area in December.

We understand that with the proliferation of COVID-19, we are all facing very uncertain times. We at
American Pickers are taking the pandemic very seriously and will be following all guidelines and protocols for safe filming as outlined by the state and CDC. While we plan to be in California this December, we will
continue to re-schedule if conditions change for the worse. Regardless, we are excited to continue to reach the many collectors in the area to discuss their years of picking!

AMERICAN PICKERS is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique “picking” on History. The hit show follows Mike and Frank, two of the most skilled pickers in the business, as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. They are always excited to find sizeable, unique collections and learn the interesting stories behind them.

As they hit the back roads from coast to coast, Mike and Frank are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics. Along the way, the Pickers want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items. The pair hopes to give historically significant objects a new lease on life, while learning a thing or two about America’s past along the way.

Mike and Frank have seen a lot of rusty gold over the years and are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They are ready to find extraordinary items and hear fascinating tales about them. AMERICAN PICKERS is looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send us your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to: or call 855-OLD-RUST.
Best of East County 2020 Reader’s Poll!
Vote today!
This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard! Vote for your favorite people, places and businesses in East County to help us determine who is the very best in East County. Deadline to vote is November 30, 5pm.

City of La Mesa Launches a Social Media Marketing Campaign -
“Dine In To Chip In” for La Mesa Restaurants
The City of La Mesa would like to spotlight local restaurants during the holidays. If you are a restaurant in the zip code 91942 and 91941 you will want to take a look at this FREE opportunity to market your restaurant. For one-week, participating restaurants will be able to share their specials, photos of their business and showcase your business and connect with the local community/consumer. Don’t wait – Apply now! The link for the application and information is here:
Member Restaurants Offering Outdoor Dining
Anthony's Fish Grotto
Dine by the Lake and enjoy the ambiance from 11:30am - 8pm.
9530 Murray Drive in La Mesa

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
7 days a week from 11am-10pm - Outdoor Dining, Takeout, Curbside Service, & Delivery. Walk-in, first come, first serve service.
5500 Grossmont Drive
(619) 589-7222 |

Brew Coffee Spot
Our patio is open daily from 8am to 3pm! First come first served. No reservations required.
Online ordering through Clover | Take out
6101 Lake Murray Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 246-1244 |

Cucina Basilico
Patio service Tuesdays - Sundays: 4.30pm-9 pm
(619) 825-3171
7200 Parkway Dr. in La Mesa

Hooleys Public House
Dine under the (3) tents right by the restaurant.
Tue - Thur 4 - 9 pm | Fri 4 - 10 pm | Sat 11 am - 10 pm | Sun 11 am - 7 pm
5500 Grossmont Center Dr. #277
(619) 713-6900 |
La Mesa Wine Works
A cooperative Tasting Room featuring Premium Wines from San Diego County Wineries
8167 Center Street, La Mesa, CA 91942
Thursday - Saturday 3-8 & Sunday 12-5
619.714.0700 |

Little Roma
Dine on the patio that surrounds the restaurant.
Mon - Sat: 11am - 9pm | Sun: 4pm - 8:30pm
5575 Baltimore Drive, Suite 104 in La Mesa
(619) 461-7000 |

Marie Callender's
Patio dining available!
Mon-Thur & Sun: 11am-8pm | Fri & Sat 11am-9pm
6950 Alvarado Rd. in San Diego
(619) 465-1910 |

Nonno's Ristorante Italiano
Dine in with reservations, or carry out
5314 Baltimore Drive in La Mesa
(619) 337-9559 |

Sycuan Casino Resort
Enjoy the Viewpoint Neighborhood Kitchen patio!
Restaurant & Bar | Thursday - Sunday: 5PM-10PM
Brunch | Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-2PM
(619) 445-6002 |

The Lunch Box Cafe and Deli
Dine-in service, takeout or delivery!
Tue - Fri: 7:30am - 2:00pm | Sat: 7:30am - 1:00pm
8751 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 463-4013 |
Member Restaurants Offering Take Out / Delivery
Anthony's Fish Grotto
Takeout & dine-in: 11:30am - 8pm
Retail market: 11:30am -7pm
9530 Murray Drive in La Mesa

BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse
7 days a week from 11am-10pm - Outdoor Dining, Takeout, Curbside Service, & Delivery. Walk-in, first come, first serve service.
5500 Grossmont Drive
(619) 589-7222 |

Brew Coffee Spot
Patio open 8-3 daily | online ordering | take out
(619) 246-1244
6101 Lake Murray Blvd. in La Mesa

Cali Comfort BBQ
Take out: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. 7 days a week.
8910 Troy Street in Spring Valley

Cucina Basilico
Takeout: 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
(619) 825-3171.
7200 Parkway Dr. in La Mesa

Dream Dinners
Easy, Homemade Meals
5208 Jackson Dr #116 - La Mesa
(619) 460-6800 |

Edible Arrangements
Free delivery! 8237 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 464-1111 |

El Pollo Loco
10 a.m. - 10 p.m. for drive through meals.
4990 Baltimore Drive in La Mesa
(619) 797-1956 |

Himalayan Cuisine
Take out: 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Sunday - Thursday
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 10pm
(619) 461-2503
7918 El Cajon Blvd #P in La Mesa

Hooleys Public House
Patio dining, takeout & delivery
Tue - Thur 4 - 9 pm | Fri 4 - 10 pm | Sat 11 am - 10 pm | Sun 11 am - 7 pm
5500 Grossmont Center Dr. #277
(619) 713-6900 |
Little Roma
Patio dining or delivery.
Mon - Sat: 11am - 9pm | Sun: 4pm - 8:30pm
Delivery hours: M-Sat 11am- 9pm | Sun 4-8:30pm
5575 Baltimore Drive, Suite 104 in La Mesa
(619) 461-7000 |

Los Pinos Taco Shop
Takeout: Mon - Sat 10:30am - 9pm.
Sunday 4 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
(619) 462-5031
5646 Lake Murray Blvd in La Mesa

Marie Callender's
Patio dining,take out and delivery available!
Mon-Thur & Sun: 11am-8pm | Fri & Sat 11am-9pm
6950 Alvarado Rd. in San Diego
(619) 465-1910 |

Nonno's Ristorante Italiano
Dine in with reservations or carry out.
5314 Baltimore Drive in La Mesa
(619) 337-9559 |

Red Lobster
Takeout: Sun - Thurs: 11am - 10pm, Fri & Sat: 11am - 11pm
(619) 463-4449 | 8703 Murray Drive in La Mesa
Free delivery when ordering at:

San Pasqual Winery
Mon - Thur: 12 - 6 PM | Fri - Sat: 12 - 8 PM | Sunday: 12 - 5 PM
Order pick ups and bottles to go. Limited wine service on our patio. Visit La Mesa Wine Works, for service on our spacious patio!
8364 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 462-1797 |

Surf Rider Pizza Co.
Takeout: Tuesday - Sunday 11:30am - 7:30pm
8381 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 340-1270 |

The Lunch Box Cafe and Deli
Dine-in service, takeout or delivery!
Tuesday to Friday: 7:30am - 2:00pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 1:00pm
8751 La Mesa Blvd. in La Mesa
(619) 463-4013 |

Valley Farm Market
Fresh meat, chicken and fish, as well as milk, eggs, bread and fresh produce. Products are available on a “first come, first served” basis.
9040 Campo Rd. in Spring Valley
(619) 463-9595 |
For local La Mesa News, please visit
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company uses good business practices and 26% more effective for communicating that a business is reputable."
Quoted from "The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce"

Not only do we provide members a physical plaque to display at their place of business, we also provide a way to further brand your business by providing a Virtual Plaque to display right on your website. Membership in a chamber of commerce has come to signify corporate citizenship and excellence, and your website is your storefront to the consumer and the world. Just place it on your website with a link back to or to your personal business page in our directory.
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Diamond Member
Grossmont Center
At Grossmont Center, you’ll be reminded why our center has thrived since 1961 because it’s where friendships are made, family bonds are strengthened and memories are created.
5500 Grossmont Center Dr. #213 in La Mesa
(619) 465-2900 |
Platinum Members
Boston Beer Company
Edible Arrangements
Sandra Small/ Photographer
SMIB Management, Inc.
The Little Warehouse
Self Storage
Gold Members
AAA Imaging
American Medical Response
Barnes & Noble -
Grossmont Center
Benchmark Financial
Community Spectrum
Discovering My City Magazine
DMZ Visual Marketing
EDCO Waste & Recycling Corp.
Frazier Farms
Hallman Jewelers
Kostedt Design & Marketing
Magnaglobe Enterprises
Mobility Works
Park Station
PenChecks, Inc.
Productivity Plus Office Support
San Pasqual Winery
Sanctuary Cruises
Studio M.I.F.
The East County Californian
Vision Studio Concepts
William H. Sauls
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President & CEO
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La Mesa Chamber of Commerce ∙ 8080 La Mesa Blvd. Ste. 212 ∙ La Mesa, California 91942