January 29. 2018


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Regional Opportunities


Concrete Slab February 12, 2018  
Transformer, Utility and Plant Operations February 7, 2018
Birmingham Waterworks Board Bid Listings
City of Birmingham
Vehicle Procurement March 14, 2018
Engineering Services February 28, 2018
City of Tuscaloosa Professional Engineering Services for Transportation Standards February 15, 2018
Bid Listings
Electronic Health Record/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System
March 1, 2018
UAB Electronic Bid Bulletin Board January 30, 2018
University of North Alabama Engineering Instruction Equipment January 30, 2018
University of South Alabama New Boiler and Building February 22, 2018


No Open Bid Postings
Purchase and Delivery: Mason Sand November 30, 2017, still awaiting bids
Airport Commerce Park Demolition and Asbestos Abatement Services for P'cola Int'l Airport February 22, 2018
Lake Bradford Road at Gamble Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement March 1, 2018
FL Department of Transportation Intersection Improvement - Lee County February 28, 2018
Okaloosa County Destin- Fort Walton Beach Airport Fuel Farm Expansion February 21, 2018
Panama City Oakland Terrace & Daffin Park Resurface Basketball Court Project February 15, 2018

Building Automation System (BAS) February 20, 2018
City of Kenner Annual Contract for Electrical Supplies February 5, 2018
City of New Orleans Electronic Health Record System and Dental Software System February 12, 2018
Gibbs Construction Services St Michael's Special School February 6, 2018
Louis Armstrong International Airport North Terminal Advertising Concession Program February 26, 2018
LA Procurement / Contract Network Web Template Design RFP March 13, 2018
Central Bidding Painting to Sugarland Elementary School
Iberia Parish School Board
February 7, 2018
Radiant Heating System February 6, 2018
Sewerage and Water Board Restoration Gravity Flow Sanitary Sewers by Point Repair, Various Sites February 16, 2018
LA Department of Admin Construction of New Restroom Building, LaSalle Park March 6, 2018

No Open Bids
MS Bid Network Sale and Removal of Timber On Future Baseball Complex Lot March 6, 2018
MS Development Authority Register in SAM
MS Department of IT Service Crash Scene Robotic Total Station (or equivalent) and to establish a manufacturer standard for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. February 9, 2018

MS Department of Transportation Overlay Approximately 1 mile on US 49 from US 49 W to Coahoma Co Line February 2, 2018
Miss State University Magruder Hall parking lot adn sidewalk improvements. Plans and specifications may be obtained from our website plans.fm.msstate.edu. February 27, 2018
University of Mississippi Deaton and Hefley Hall Elevator Refurbishment
February 8, 2018
University of MS Medical Center
Broadcast & Medial Production Equipment Upgrade February 13, 2018

February 9, 2018
City of Knoxville
February 7, 2018
City of Nashville
Out-of-School Youth Training Services
February 7, 2018
Trustee and Custodian Services RFP
February 9, 2018
Bid Listings

Bid Portal

The on-call concrete pavement repair at various locations on various Interstate and State Routes.
February 9, 2018

This weekly report has been created to give valuable information and resources to WBEs to help broaden their scope of Supplier Diversity opportunities. It features resource links from all areas of your region , as well as time sensitive procurement opportunities. We hope this will be a valuable tool to help leverage your certification. NOTE: Information collected from 3rd party sources and subject to change without prior notice.

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