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Thank you for reading this week's edition of the Tuesday Bulletin,
October, 24 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Thoughtful
Discussion Point : This week, let’s discuss how we can be thoughtful during arrival and dismissal from school. How can you be more thoughtful when getting picked up or dropped off at school? What does it mean to be ready to get in or out of the car?
Red Ribbon Week
Monday - Wear Red : Show your drug free spirit by wearing red

Tuesday - Super Hero Day : Be a Super Hero! Dress up as your favorite hero or as your own! Save the day by encouraging a drug free life!

Wednesday - Crazy Day : Let’s go CRAZY! Wear your shirt back words! Do your hair wacky! Wear mismatching socks but don’t ever go crazy to do drugs!

Thursday - Minion Day “ Dress like one! Bring a banana or anything minion like! Remember that a minion’s favorite food is a banana at Laguna Road! Eat healthy and stay healthy! 

Friday - Career Day: Dress up to go to your dream job! Live up to that dream and don’t do drugs! 
Laguna Road Turkey Trot
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5th Grade Fundraiser
Math Field Day
Laguna Road Family Movie Night
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
Thanks to the unique opportunities STEM offers, our fourth graders got the extremely exciting task of dissecting their own squid! This was the culmination of almost two months of our studies in life science involving structures and functions. What better way to observe these principles in action than a hands-on activity like this? Prior to the dissection wet lab, the students performed their own virtual dissections to familiarize themselves with a squid’s anatomy and did research on how even today humans mimic a squid’s biology to produce some goods and services. This has been one of my most enjoyable exercises to guide the students through as we extensively built on knowledge week after week and they were rewarded for their hard work with an activity their peers might not attempt for several years. None of this would have been possible without funds raised by the Laguna Road SOS Foundation which made all of this possible and continues to support our students!
Tech Corner
This year for International Dot Day, Kindergarten had a special visitor, District TOSA Ann Kozma came in to read The Dot and teach the kindergarten students how to make their own dots using Doodle Buddy. Doodle Buddy is a fun, interactive application where students use their fingers to create images.
Writing Workshop
These second grade students are publishing their narrative pieces this week! They have been drafting several writing pieces, editing and revising and now they are ready to publish! These second grade students are learning about perseverance in completing their writing after going through several drafts. It is great to see them excited about their final pieces!
Laguna Road Flyers