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January, 16 2018.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Accountable
Discussion Point : What does it mean to be accountable during arrival and dismissal at school? Who are we accountable to in the parking lot and pick-up areas? What can we do to help model accountable behavior?
Kindergarten Preview Day
Please share our Kindergarten Preview Day with families who are interested in Laguna Road
Daughters Of Laguna Road
Last day to sign up is 01/19.
Click HERE for the flyer.
Film Festival
Roadrunners!  The 2nd Annual Laguna Road Film Festival is February 28, 2018!  The official rules and guidelines are now available. Please read through the guidelines. Students can enter as individuals or in a group of 5 or less. Guidelines are available  here
Tech Corner
As we prepare students for the Laguna Road Film Festival, they are learning a lot of exciting new skills for filming! These kindergartners used green screen technology to film weather forecasts and reports. Using programs like Do Ink, kindergartners are able to transport themselves to an actual weather desk when filming their broadcasts!
Writing Workshop
1st grade students are learning about partner sentences in Writing Workshop. In this lesson's teaching point students are learning that partner sentences to give supporting details. Students strengthen their writing by adding partner sentences to help their readers learn more information and see a clear picture of what they are describing. At home, you can help your child strengthen their writing by reminding them what a partner sentence is!
Choir Registration Form
Last day to register for choir with the 10% discount is Friday, 19th 2018.
Click HERE for the registration form.
All The Arts
Speech And Debate