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November, 28 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Thoughtful
Discussion Point : How can we be thoughtful on the playground? What does it mean to consider and think about other people who want to play? What does it mean to be a good sport?
Pathways Of Hope
6th Grade Holiday Boutique
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
Second grade began learning about Earth science in the STEM Lab recently by investigating where rivers come from and they are formed! The students investigated maps and different landforms before finally deciding that a mountain would be the best formation to see the flow of water. As the students engineered and tested their own mountains they were able to concretely visualize how gravity causes water to flow down the mountains and eventually carves out the rivers, lakes and ponds we have today. We will continue by talking about weather that causes natural disasters and attempt to design and engineer solutions that could safeguard against these disasters.

β€œIn five years, California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois will be the leaders in creating the most STEM jobs. [Per a 2015 National Survey]” ​
Tech Corner
Third grade students have new learning buddies this year! These little guys are called Kamigamis and they are learning alongside these third grade students! These students are vlogging about what they learn every week using the Kamigami robots and green screen technology to post and share their learning on See Saw. 
Writing Workshop
In Kindergarten, students are becoming stronger writers by using a rubric to evaluate their work. In this class the rubric has students check for sounding out words, spacing, capitals, and punctuation. As students work on their writing conventions, they are also learning how to reflect on their work so they can improve in the future!
District Event - Find Your Fit