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August, 29 2017.
No School - Labor Day
Back To School Night
PTA Membership Drive
    We are excited to kick-off the 2017-2018 school year with our annual PTA Membership Drive. Don’t miss out on your chance to purchase yearbooks at a discount while showing your Roadrunner school spirit by joining the PTA. Every member of your family is eligible to be a PTA member (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles too). 

     Our PTA Membership goal this year is 700. Together, we can do this !!                      
             PTA Membership/Yearbook Bundle
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
            With our first week back in the STEM Lab the Kinders got their first taste of engineering in practice with a STEM challenge of building the tallest stable tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows in pairs of two. The concept was to reinforce their knowledge of shapes and how solid shapes provide more stability than amorphous structures. This is a nice activity to introduce Kinders to the idea of STEM and familiarize themselves with a new environment that supports their creativity and desire to be hands-on. I was blown away by the cooperation shown between groups and the resulting structures created! It was a wonderful to start a brand new year in the STEM Lab!​​​
Tech Corner
All 4th graders learn about California history and the different California regions. These fourth graders use green screen technology to take virtual visits to the different regions in our great state of California! This technology has made a great impact on students' learning!
Writing Workshop
This week 3rd grade students practiced using their storytelling voice. Small moment writers use a storytelling voice instead of a reporting voice. In this lesson, students had to identify elements of a writing piece that made it sound like a story, and elements that made the writing piece sound like a report. 
Volunteer/Room Parent Breakfast
Chinese Language at Laguna
Laguna Road is now partnering with "Easy Chinese Language Academy" to offer introductory Mandarin to our elementary students.