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November, 07 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Accountable
Discussion Point : What does it mean to be accountable in the bathroom? Do you use water wisely? Do you keep our bathrooms clean?
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Holidays
Laguna Road Turkey Trot
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5th Grade Fundraiser
Math Olympiad/FUNctional Math
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Lower Grades to start Robotics in 2018 ... Stay tuned for more information
Youth Truth Survey
As you all have heard, the Fullerton School District is using the Youth Truth survey again this year to solicit feedback from staff, parents/community members, and students. Each survey is about 15 minutes long and is anonymous. Click on this link to take the survey for parent and community members:
Pathways Of Hope
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
Third grade made their way into the STEM Lab this week to begin their lessons on Earth science. We began by examining different cloud formations and made booklets that we will use to help predict weather over the following weeks based on what we observe today. Afterward the students engineered their own weather vanes and anemometers! These are invaluable tools for meteorologists even today to guide their predictions by measuring wind speed and di. Allowing the students to engineer their own versions of these tools empowered them and really made them feel like part of the Scientific Process. Ultimately the third graders stepped into the shoes of a true-to-life meteorologist to use their new tools and investigative reasoning to forecast the weather of the future!

“The United States ranks 20th among all nations in the proportion of 24-year-olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering, paving the way for a large amount of growth in grassroots programs in the next decade.”
Tech Corner
Third grade students have new learning buddies this year! These little guys are called Kamigamis and they are learning alongside these third grade students! These students are vlogging about what they learn every week using the Kamigami robots and green screen technology to post and share their learning on See Saw. 
Writing Workshop
In Kindergarten, students are working on their opinion pieces for Writing Workshop. These students had to form an opinion on whether they preferred the slides or the swings and then had to justify their position. Students loved crafting their pieces and coming up with reasons why they preferred one or the other!
Laguna Road Flyers