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September, 25 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Courageous
Discussion Point : This week, let’s discuss how we can be courageous in the lunch area. What are some things you can do to be courageous during lunch time? How can you stand up for those around you?
Conference Week Schedule
Laguna Road Annual Book Fair
Howdy, Cowboys and Cowgirls! 

Round up your fellow readers and swing on by to the Wild West Scholastic Book Fair coming is going in at the Sullivan Center

Sept 25-29!  
   PTA national arts program "Reflections" launches this week. 
The theme for this year is WITHIN REACH .  

The students can use one or more of the following categories to showcase their talents.

Deadline to submit your art work is October 12, Thursday.  
More Questions? Contact Cathy Carley
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
            Third grade was in the STEM Lab this week to learn all about herd mentality. Every student broke into herds of different size and with differing numbers of “young” and “adult” members represented by small and large tools for the activity. Through simulations of food-gathering exercises the students learned about positive and negative factors that affect animals that choose to live in herds. The exercise also allowed the students to problem-solve in real time by finding multiple solutions to aid the “young” members in getting more food back to their home. This was a wonderful exercise to challenge the student’s perspectives and motivate them to think in new ways they often would not have to.
Tech Corner
These second grade students are using our Tech Lab to complete "All About Me" presentations. The work students do on the iMacs allows them to be more detailed in their presentations thanks to the larger screens and keyboards. This is a nice compliment to the work normally done on the iPads in the classrooms.
Writing Workshop
2nd grade students are working on writing stories that come from their heart. Writing Workshop allows our students to fall in love with writing their stories and helping them find their voice. By writing stories that come from their hearts, students are developing their passion for writing their own story.
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Event
On Friday, September 15th Laguna Road students welcomed cancer survivor Sydney Sigafus, a 16-year old girl who shared her story with the students during an assembly. Students were inspired by here story of grit and hope and were able to make capes to give other children affected by cancer.