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October, 31 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Accountable
Discussion Point : What does it mean to be accountable for what we do online? What is a digital footprint? What do we need to be mindful of when we use our devices or go on the internet?
Veterans Day
Laguna Road Turkey Trot
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5th Grade Fundraiser
Math Olympiad/FUNctional Math
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Laguna Road Family Movie Night
Youth Truth Survey
As you all have heard, the Fullerton School District is using the Youth Truth survey again this year to solicit feedback from staff, parents/community members, and students. Each survey is about 15 minutes long and is anonymous. Click on this link to take the survey for parent and community members:
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
Students time in the STEM Lab these past two weeks have been spent exploring the amazing world of computer science and coding! Both lower and upper graders were exposed to hands-on coding with robotics, some for their first time ever. Every student at Laguna Road was given the opportunity build, refine and test their code in a way that let them see meaningful gains from their hard work. Computer Science and Engineering are two of the quickest growing industries worldwide, and it is never too early to teach their fundamentals. With every grade level receiving instruction I hope this can become a grassroots effort of sorts which leads to the school adopting even tougher resources and tools in the future as the students become more versed in coding and computer science! 

“The United States ranks 20th among all nations in the proportion of 24-year-olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering, paving the way for a large amount of growth in grassroots programs in the next decade.”
Tech Corner
Did you know we have new animation studios on campus? Mrs. Nguyen's 5th graders and Mrs. Curley's 3rd graders have teamed up with Wonder Media to implement StoryMaker, an innovative animation program that enables students to storyboard, record, animate, and produce original stories! These students were visited by a production manager from Wonder Media to help them start managing the program. Look for our productions coming out soon
Writing Workshop
These 2nd grade students are learning about hooks--no, not fish hooks! Narrative writers use exciting introductions to hook their reader. These students are discussing how they can add a hook to their stories to grab the reader's attention. Some examples they are using are dialogue, onomatopoeia, or starting with a question
Laguna Road Flyers