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Thank you for reading this week's edition of the Tuesday Bulletin,
February, 20 2018.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Courageous
Discussion Point : How can we be courageous in the restroom area? What does it mean to follow the rules when no one is watching? What do brave boys and girls do when using the restroom facility?
Kinder Coffee With The Principal
Sons Of Laguna Road
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Innovation Experience
This week students in Mrs. Wilson's 5th grade class and Mrs. Curley's 3rd grade class had a special opportunity to show their learning at the Fullerton School District's Innovation Experience. These two classes partnered together to create a Neuroscience Lab to teach visitors about the science of learning. As you visited these booths, students were able to express their learning process on two very different projects. For 5th Grade students, they were given a choice in how to showcase their knowledge of the different Acts from the American Revolution, and in 3rd grade students shared their vlogs featuring their Kamagami Robots. Amazing work from these two groups of students--we are proud of you!
Film Festival
The 2nd Annual Laguna Road Film Festival is 
Wednesday, February 28th from 4:30-6:00pm.
Details about the event itself will be released this week.
Project Impact:STEM & Innovation at Laguna Road
This week Laguna Road fourth graders got the chance to examine how sounds are transmitted! Students examined how sounds moved as waves and how these waves interacted with materials other than air. We saw first-hand how sound waves can vibrate through rubber balloons to gain a better understanding on sound waves and energy!

“The United States is internationally ranked 29th in math and 22nd in science among industrialized nations.” Per a study conducted by the White House for an Educational Address. 
Film Festival Prep
Students in this 2nd grade class were excited to share their Film Festival projects with our special guest, Dr. Pletka! These 2nd grade students were eager to explain how their film focuses on recycling and keeping the earth healthy! Students have been hard work dreaming up ideas to express how they can impact their world, and their films are a great expression of their learning!
Tech Corner
This past week the students at Laguna Road had a very special visit from our Superintendent, Dr. Pletka! Students in this 5th grade class were excited to share with our Superintendent how they were embarking on a virtual field trip to explore the American Revolution. Using technology to explore the New American Revolution Museum in Philadelphia, students were guided by a docent through the displays. Students were given important exposure to elements of the American Revolution and followed up by answering critical thinking questions about their experience.
Writing Workshop
This week's Writing Workshop Spotlight is for 6th Grade Student Francine Vudoti, a writer and contributor to the Fullerton Observer. Check out Francine's work as she explains her passion and what it means to make an impact on the world!
OSS Update
Girl Scout Book Drive @ Laguna Road