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Thank you for reading this week's edition of the Tuesday Bulletin,
November, 14 2017.
PBIS Thought For The Week
Focus : Be Courageous
Discussion Point : How can we be courageous in the walkways at school? What’s the right way to treat people when walking the hallways? What does it mean to do the right thing in the walkways?
Thanksgiving Holidays
A huge congratulations to all our Reflections art entries that will be competing at the district level. For complete list, please refer to the weekly email. We are so proud of our students and their amazing work for this year’s Reflections art exhibit:

Primary (K -2nd)
Avery Carley - Visual Arts
Ethan Seunghyo Lee - Visual Arts
Charles Polder - Music Composition
Cameron Kim - Literature
Intermediate (3rd -5th)
Hannah Oh - Visual Arts
Aubrey Kaneko - Visual Arts
Ved Patel - Literature
Mikel Cho - Literature
Lincoln Yoo - Photography
Christina Kharrat - Photography
Olivia Ko - Dance Choreography
Naomi Coulter - Dance Choreography
Tylo Pak - Film Production
Brendan Barnett - Film Production
Dani Cobb - Music Composition
Middle School (6th - 8th)
Madison Lew - Visual Arts
Israela Kim - Visual Arts
Isabella Colicchio - Photography
Sammy Howell - Photography
Summer Siddiqui - Dance Choreography
Francine Vudoti - Music Composition and Literature
Katie Lee - Literature
Subin Park - Film Production
Morgan Ang - Film Production

Don’t forget to attend the open house and award ceremony on Wednesday November 15th at 5pm at the Fullerton Joint Union HS boardroom.
5th Grade Fundraiser
This is a reminder to order your holiday gifts and yummy treats, featured in the Holiday Wishes and Heavenly Delights catalogs! Proceeds support our 5 th  grade Land & Sea Revolutionary War Experience field trips. You can order online ( ) or through the catalog that went home with last week’s Tuesday Folders. Please submit your orders this Wednesday, November 15 Thank you for your support!
Click HERE to download the form.
Pathways Of Hope
STEM and Innovation At Laguna Road
Sixth grade made their way into the STEM Lab this week to be greeted with a scientific and engineering challenge! The sixth grade students were tasked with designing and constructing a pipeline that would simulate water being transferred from the Colorado River all the way to Fullerton, California, with some being diverted to Arizona. The students had to engineer ways for different amounts of water to reach each location, similar to its real-world analog. Not only does this lesson tie in to Social Studies with its background on California’s complex aqueduct and reservoir systems, but it gives the student a chance to learn and appreciate how water gets to their faucets. This lesson also gives students valuable insight into the scarcity and conservation of water and ways they can positively impact the future with their efforts.

“ In five years, California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois will be the leaders in creating the most STEM jobs. [Per a 2015 National Survey]”
Tech Corner
Third grade students have new learning buddies this year! These little guys are called Kamigamis and they are learning alongside these third grade students! These students are vlogging about what they learn every week using the Kamigami robots and green screen technology to post and share their learning on See Saw. 
Writing Workshop
hird grade students are learning that small moment writers revise by combining sentences. In this mini-lesson, students are practicing taking two sentences and combining to help their narrative writing flow.